My Short Story :The Vigilante

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
The vigilante is in all of us

Submitted: July 17, 2011

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Submitted: July 17, 2011



The Vigilante

The gruesome murder of the civilian was unanticipated by all who knew him. He was a friendly man and one all who knew, liked.  However, he had committed a crime in his past so heinous, it needed to be punished by the vigilante.  He had broken the heart of a maiden. 

This maiden, sick with grief and anger, had declared with her loudest voice: “I HATE HIM!!! I WISH HE WAS DEAD!!”

And the vigilante heard….

The vigilante moved with his swiftest speed, and appeared right next to the maiden.

“Who is this ‘him’ you refer to? What heinous thing has he done to you?” inquired the vigilante. But the vigilante had no need to ask….

The vigilante knew of the whole scenario, of how the maiden had taken a fancy to this stranger at a party.  Through a mutual friend, they met up and fell in love. 

Yet, the man knew he had her heart, but did not reciprocate, by giving her his heart. 

He soon gained a wandering eye, and sought the love of another, leaving the maiden, forsaking her heart.  The only difference was that now, her heart was rendered into a pile of pulsating shreds, so utterly and completely destroyed by the man that there seemed no way to fix it. 

But the vigilante heard….

The vigilante was swift in carrying out his actions, scoping out the man.  He waited until the man was asleep, then slowly crept into the man’s room.  Gagging the man, he tied the man down upon his bed, and proceeded to slowly slice the man up. Piece by piece, the man’s body fell to the ground, the floor tainted crimson.  Each piece was sliced with the sheer intent behind it, to mangle him as he had mangled her heart, to utterly ruin him beyond repair and ultimately make him transcend the physical, to pay the price. 

The deed continued long into the night, until the vigilante was satisfied.  With a heavy hand, he sheathed the blade, now tainted with gore and wrote a short and simple note: ‘The price has been paid.’

The vigilante returned to his lair, a hollow room isolated from society, where his array of weapons were always kept, save one.  The one he always kept by his side, the one which was defiled by the man’s body. 

In the lair, there was a surprise for him…..

She was there.  The maiden had found him, searched for him relentlessly.  Through directions given by an unknown someone, she had been directed to his lair.

The vigilante was shocked to the core. The deed was done, but why was she still looking for him?

“Thank you.” She said, the slightest hint of a smile on face, “I appreciate what you’ve done, but how am I to fix my broken heart?!?”

The vigilante took her hand in hers, and softly whispered in her ear.

“Like this.”

And he swept her off her feet, locking her lips with his in a kiss of passion.  And in that moment....

The maiden awoke, to find herself in her own world.  There was no vigilante, and he was still alive.  However, she did not feel any sadness in her, or any pain.  Taking a good look at herself, she realised her heart was mended together, but not fully healed, by the feeling of hope the vigilante gave her, through their brief moment together.  And she no longer felt any emotions towards him, for he was dead in her heart. 

Then she looked into herself, and found the vigilante.  He was her own knight in shining armour, a pursuer of justice and freedom. 

“I am yours forever, the one person you can always count upon. I will always be there for you.  If you need me, I will be here, with you. I am always in your heart.” The vigilante made his remarks, and returned to his lair, a dark cave in the recesses of her heart, only to be called upon in dire situations, to bring hope. 

clip_image001.gif\"The maiden suddenly looked ahead and realised that the vigilante was the embodiment of one of her truest and most trustworthy friends, and that deep down, she must have felt this longing to be with him.  The maiden went out to meet with him, for him to heal her heart and so that once more, she may love another like she did before.

© Copyright 2020 the sad life has yet to begin. All rights reserved.

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