Apprehended Madam Hubbers

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Following misfortunate events that took place in her early married life,tha left her mentally and enotionally tormented, she was desperately looking forward to a new beginning. All she ever wanted was a normal and humble life, but what she attained was a life far from normal. After a horrific incident which led to the deaths of both her estranged husband and a loving daughter, she concealed herself in a house built on the sole foundation of secrecies. She was holding on to the very last brink of sanity and as she lost that forceful grip, everything crumbled down alongside her. Madam Hubbers was unknown to the fact that her growing eccentric behaviour and abnormality were the talk of her small town. People were starting to get more and more curious. As the truth was slowly unfolding, they realized it was too late for both them and Madam Hubbers.

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The Hubbers Couple

Submitted: December 23, 2007

Roland Hubbers was a highly educated man. He was a prominent cardiologist. Grateful for healing his daughter, the Mayor rewarded him quarter of a million dollars which he threw away through gambling, partying and drinking. Desperate to reach success once again, he went to work at a local pub. He met his would-be wife there whose obsession with Victorian-styled clothing was distinct. They were married and moved from city to city to find a rightful area to settle in. They eventually found theirs in Dowerton, down south. Mr. Hubbers regained his job as being a cardiologist and Mrs. Hubbers lent a helping hand to the chores in the house. Soon, Mr. Hubbers was very prominent and he was able to support both himself and his wife. They thought their days of happiness and glamour were endless. Read Chapter


Submitted: December 25, 2007

Following his success, Mr. Hubbers became too arrogant and conceited. He followed his friends and soon became a socialite himself. Meanwhile, his relationship with his wife deteriorated and they barely spoke to each other. Mr. Hubbers then gambled and spent all of his fortune away, leaving his wife to work at a local Meat shop, where her salary was small compared to what her husband was gambling away. As if things could not get any worse, they were soon bankrupt, and the only way for them to survive was to borrow some money, which Mr. Hubbers hurriedly did. Jobs turned him down and he was unable to pay off his debts. He was beaten up and has received numerous death-threats. This traumatized both Mrs. Hubbers and her distant relative who both fell severely ill. Mr. Hubbers was not able to calm himself upon knowing the entire town despised him and was willing to erase him from all existence. Read Chapter

Promises & Trains

Submitted: March 25, 2008

Mrs. Anne Hubbers and her husband just arrived to the local train station and following Mr. Hubber's long string of complaints during the trip, he added a new one by wanting to go to the bathroom upon arrival. That day a lot of people, both poor and rich, were on the train station. She watched as a proper woman tried to chase her son and convince him that the train ride is not scary at all. Partly amused by this, she can't help remember the first time she and her mother rode the train. Her mother compared the train to her daughter, Anne Hubbers, and the tracks to herself. Her mother also encouraged her to pursue and guard her dreams no matter what, because all she ever wants is to give her daughter happiness, something she wasn't given at her youth because of an unfaithful husband. She made her daughter promise to this and both shared a happy and touching moment together. Now, Mrs. Hubbers wondered whether she really pursued it or like her mother, made a mistake which will alter the course of her life from her happy destiny. She finally knew that she failed to keep her promise and lost all faith in herself. Read Chapter

Strange Hero

Submitted: March 27, 2008

When Mr. Hubbers emerged from the bathroom, he was greeted by his wife's cheerless face. He tried to ask why and she revealed she missed the kindness and warmth her mother gives her. He understands but is still cold about the topic. He quickly asks that they leave immediately. As they were walking, Mrs. Hubbers saw a poor beggar child sitting on the corner. Having a kind heart she offered him seventy-five Pounds in addition to the fifty Pounds two French women gave him. He was overjoyed stating he would never face his father's wrath this week. He explained that his father blamed him for the misfortunes of his family. She comforts him and leaves. Mrs. Hubbers felt like being watched and she was a mysterious man slouched on a seat. She knew he was a robber and was too afraid to make a reaction. In an instant she was robbed. A man tried to chase after the robber but fails. The robber got away with the money but threw the handbag to the floor. The man saw it and returned it to Mrs. Hubbers who was very grateful. She tried to look for him further pertaining to him as her "strange hero". Read Chapter

Standard Class Encounter

Submitted: July 19, 2008

Mrs. Hubbers faces her husband who gave her a cold scolding. While she was situated in the Standard Class area of the train, her husband was in the First class. A scenery of hills and plains sucessfully, though temporarily, distracts her attention from the cruelty of her real life. As the section offers limited amount of seats, she was left standing all alone. But just as luck strikes her, a man offers her his seat and stirrs up a conversation. She meets someone she hoped for inside the train. Read Chapter