i will be there

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

i was there in your ups and downs , in your sorrows, and the very last day of you in this planet. I am regretting that i was unable too do anything except console myself by your thoughts

I was there,  when the end meets our ends
I was there,  where you really tends
to move,
to feel,
to reach
the hill;
where your eyes were covered with the saphron wraps;
where you screamed  your heart out
to find your soul
where your thoughts reciprocates the thoughts of your mind
where you find the empty bowl
of your happiness;
Yes,  I was there.

I was there when you asked the mirror
About your doppelganger on the other side;
To pass you through the stage of this terror
I was holding you tight.
you recognized my freganance 
and closed your eyes,
With you most painful sigh
You whispered "I know";
I kissed  on your neck,
And without any reck
I said "I will be there".

Yes,  I was there when your body
was involuted by a white cloth;
Everyone console others
No one saw me crying
Because I regurgitated my sorrows
my pain, My feelings, My.....words
I was tearing off my soul
from my fake body,
But then you whispered in my ear
with your melting voice.
Your lips touched my left ear;
and without any choice
I closed my eyes to feel you
where you called me to your place
with that same sophisticated  grace;
I nodded on every word you said
with a smile,  with a hope
to find you back;
Yes I promised  you on that day my love
"I will be there".

Submitted: October 11, 2017

© Copyright 2020 the searcher. All rights reserved.

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