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being who you are isnt hard but it can be tricky to figure out how.i bring you a short piece telling you that change isnt so bad.

Being you!

In modern society there is almost no choice but to follow the demands of your ego. Self-interest is a driving force. What do I need? What do I want? How can I get more of the good things in life? Questions we all seem to ask ourselves on a daily basis. Searching for the answers can weigh very heavily on your mind and can cause u more stress than it’s worth I know from experience. But to me it seems that every where u go in life u always end up living for others and not yourself. You strive for perfection in love, friendships, employment. But when u do just that u end up getting lost. You find yourself in a crossroads between happiness and success. But in order to be happily successful you need to be happy with who you are as a person.

Are you shy around people? Afraid if you talk because you might get mad fun of for what you think or say? Yea that was me. Masking your true feeling is something you’re very good at when you get treated poorly by others. So you put on a mask and act differently so that you can get past those harsh comments at work, school or home. I know I did, but that will lead you to being who you are to please other people and from experience I can tell you that’s not what you’re meant to do. I feel that most of society is wearing a mask because they as people are doing what makes others happy. Like big shot coos and other like them. Do you think they truly wanted to be the guy who calls all the shots or did they grow up with money? See these things you really have to think about.

I know it’s hard to come out of that bubble you live in day to day but why are you so afraid of being heard or standing out? Do you ever think about that? Break out of that bubble and show who u really are, be that person that loves being heard and standing out. Go and be who you want to be, and laugh at the people who laugh at you. When you stand up for what you believe in you’ll find yourself with one foot through that door to happiness.

I see everyday people being put down for what they believe in, and that to me does not make any sense. Why must people be hateful to other? What made them this way? Why do they think its right? I think it’s because some point in their life something happened that changed them as a person. It’s not a bad thing but I think what we need is to help those who can’t help themselves. Rise up and be and inspiration of change, because change isn’t a bad thing it’s a way to find that pinnacle in your life where you can finally be the person you want to be. Try it one day change some part of your life or daily routine. Go out and be sparatic have a moment of true joy do something different. It’s truly amazing how it will make you feel.

I watched a movie the other day that brought me to write this short piece on what I believe is a start of me finding how to help other as I was once helped. Helping people find a reason to be happy is what I strive for and I hope with these words I might have done that. So I thank those who take the time to read this.


Submitted: April 17, 2014

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