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fear is hard to understand when we cant explain its meaning in life

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014





As a child there were so many things that scared you like let’s say movies, animals, ghosts and etc, but did we really understand why it scared us? No we didn’t because when we told our parents that certain things scared us they would either say it’ll be ok, or it’s not real sweetie don’t be afraid. No matter how many times they told us that it was ok we were still so terrified, now that’s because we were young and didn’t really understand what fear really was. I can define it for you but is that what it truly means? To me a simple definition of a word is for educational references. It’s to teach you what we as people define fear to be or any word for that matter. I understand that everyone has their own opinion on what any word truly means but to me fear is this biggest emotional factor in my life and I’m going to explain why.

In life we have ups and down and show so many different emotions like happiness, sorrow, pain, anger, these emotions believe it or not can be driven by fear, because fear is everywhere in life and I feel that it is set in front of us to drive us to succeed or fail. It’s there to push us to understand what we can’t explain. Like for instance let’s say you want to do something spontaneous like rock climbing, but you’re afraid of heights, and you can’t explain what it is about height that scares you. So friends or family push you to do it, now when you grab that wall for the first time you have so many thoughts running through your head, what happens if I fall am I going to get hurt, are these knots sturdy? Can they hold my weight? That’s fear trying to test your faith. It’s a very strong emotion. The more you think about it the more distracted you get, its taking your mind off of what you’re doing and by the time your mind stops racing you’ve done it you have finally concurred your fear of heights. You have reached the top of the wall, and once you get down you say to yourself that wasn’t so hard, but did you know it was fear was by your side scaring you into beating it, no cause it’s an emotion that you never think about. It’s something that’s everywhere but not typically thought about it is that one emotion you as a person can’t explain.

For so many years I was scared of a lot of things that I didn’t truly understand. And it was really hard to except a lot of stuff. But I found myself at a crossroads in my life where I had to get over my fears and the one fear I had that changed me as a person was change. I didn’t really know at that point who I was, there was so many things that went wrong in my life that made me put on a mask like I mentioned in my last article “Being you”. It you could kind of say forced me to be ten different people to my friends and family people in my life that didn’t judge me and understood who I was. But I didn’t want to show them who I truly was partially because I didn’t really know myself who I was. I loved music, writing, learning, but when I showed those things people would judge me laugh at me when I got something wrong so I rebelled I acted out and did stuff I knew was wrong but I didn’t care it was me it was who I thought I was but then I realized why am I letting what other people have to say bother me it’s not their life its mine if I want to sing out loud good or not I’m going to I was fighting my fear of change. I was standing up and making a statement. And I was not afraid of what people had to say. I was breaking out of that shell I found myself in and I was finally doing what I truly loved for the first time.

I know that it can be hard at first but you have to make the first move fear will be at every corner in your life trying to stop you from being you or getting over something you find so terrifying, but realize all you have to do is think distract your mind from what it is that scares you and you’ll motivate yourself with fear to succeed. It’s not something that will change overnight it will take a lot of time and effort on your behalf but trust me I know you can and will defeat fear itself. All you have to do is have faith I yourself and know you’re not alone out there thousands of people at this very moment are doing the same thing you are but in different ways. So I say to you the readers embrace the unknown and unexplainable and finally do what scares you and triumph.


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