Bluey the Blue Tongued Lizard

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Please read my story Bluey the Blue Tongued Lizard.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Me and Candice were good friends. I always wished for something more between us but it never happened. I had a prominant chin, cheekbones that were too small for my face, and her face was perfect, round and well lighted.

Me and Candice lived together alone. She was some sort of business woman meeting people at Cafes in her company car. I was a IKEA salesman and a flat pack assembler.

It was Tuesday afternoon and on Tuesday me and Candice would do aerobics together. I was not very interested in aerobics but I did it to spend time with sweet Candice.

Candice owned a blue tongue lizzard named Bluey.

We stepped, to and from, on and off, the aerobics box panting and with hot pink skin.

Candice smiled at me, her hair wet from sweat, a smile of an athletic person that gains the extra well being from good diet, clean lifestyle, and good food. I was wearing short shorts and an Adidas hoody and I smiled shyly back at her. My chin was to prominent.

At the end of the aerobics class she let me drive her Toyota City back home. She looked seriously at me, "I got to drive here, you get to drive back".

I drove her home and the old glass in the old flakey painted door in our old house rattled as I shut the door.

The evening past. We watched TV, the sit com story flickering a always changing barrage of images at us.

Candice sat there with Bluey the blue tongue lizzard resting on her lap. Soon the TV had done it's job and Candice and I agreed at the same time it was time for bed.

I got up in the night, hungry. I went down to the lino kitchen, socks on the slippery floor, tired and dozy eyed and made a sandwich of cold roast beef on wholemeal bread.

I saw Candice's diary on the dining room table. "It's her secret diary", I thought. "I really shouldn't look at it".

But curiosity got the better of me. I read the diary.

"I am fit from all that aerobics. I have company fom Bluey the blue tongue lizzard, but there is something missing in my life. I work then go home, work then go home and I am misserable. I feel the answer is right under my nose".

I put the diary down and went up to bed and started to try and get to sleep.

There was a hissing under my bed and I went to explore. Down on both knees I saw that Bluey the blue tongue lizzard was down there and I went to pick him up.

Bluey stared at me with cold eyes hissed and then latched on. He latched on to my hand, the one I tried to pick him up with. I got up and shook him around but he wouldn't let go. "Let go snail breath" I yelled. I looked at him trying to pry him off. In his eyes I recon I saw a look of enjoyment.

Candice came in wondering what all the commotion was. "Oh dear", she said, "Bluey, you naughty, naughty lizzard". She was wearing a dressing gown.

"Don't panic, I know how to get him off", she said to me.

She went down stairs and collected what I soon would find out was a bag of frozen vegetables. I sat on the bed with Bluey still latched on to my hand, calmly.

"The cold should send him to sleep and then he will release his grip". Candice told me, in a tone that made me relax a little.

We wrapped the frozen vegetables, in there packet, around Bluey and he slowely released his grip.

She held Bluey in her lap stroking his scaley skin.

I ventured a kiss to Candice, and to my supprise she kissed me back.

"I've been waiting for you to do that", she said.

I said "I thought you wouldn't like me because of my prominant chin".

"No. I like your chin", she said, "and I especially like a boy with a lizzard bite... that's how me and Bluey mark our territory".

Me, Bluey and Candice sat on the edge of the bed. Happy at last.

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