Bradly and Waldo

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Please read my short story Bradly and Waldo.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



It was a Springs day, the water welled and rushed in a murky river, the sun warm, shining down upon the top of Bradly Limee's head. Bradly Limee had a hand line in the river. He hadn't had any bites that day. He lit his brass travel pipe that hung around his neck. The pipe was teathered to his neck by a leather necklace.

After finishing his pipe, that was not of a substance legal in well-respected Magistrates or Supreme Court, he lit a ciggarette. He didn't like to ruin the buzz-like a rush that made him think he was of supreme intellegence - by getting dry from a ciggarette but he let the ciggarette override, over the top of the high, anyway.

He sat by the river, thinking about how he still had to apply for four jobs that fortnight to get his social security, in his drug effected state. Bradly Limee was hopeless with these things, 'man, I should be at the job agency right now instead of fishing. Wasting my time for getting ahead, smoking underneath the cool willow trees'. He was a time waster and clueless to boot. He probably would forget to get his form in.

The mission on which Bradly Limee lived was all dirt, old beat up wreaks mixed with the working cars, carravans and old delapedated houses with bowed like bottle top fences. He came to the mission because he was looking for an easy place to live. His parents tried to urge him to study or get a job but easyness and personality stopped him like a koala that stays in the same tree for it's whole life.

Bradly saw Waldo walking from the open part with it's stripped cars towards the willows.

"Where's my money ya hound." Waldo said with his mouth hard and face round.

"It's coming next check."

Waldo was a giant, tattooed, brush-walking brown man. He wanted to take over the mission and be it's crime boss. He was wearing a red baseball cap and had one of those faces that said danger. Bradly was to nieve to see it and he expected to be treated reasonabley by Waldo even though Waldo was ruthless. Waldo didn't have a forgiving bone in his body, he wanted to rule the mission, and the only reason why Bradly wasn't hearing, more physically, of the debt was his doll check was close.

That night Bradly had a strange occurance happen to him as he lay in bed working towards sleep. He saw a flash of Waldo's face looking menacing. It frightened him but he didn't pay it mind in the right way. 'Why did I see that. That's totally wierd' Bradly thought. He got back into bed rolled over and faced the wall and listened to his heart beat him to sleep.

His abode was of corregated iron and had bars on the windows.

The mission Youth Centre was a new, flashy building of shiney white painted corregated iron. It was on stilts and had a paggola out front and the windows were covered with fly wire. There wasn't any graffiti on The Youth Centre because as soon as they tagged it some blokes in yellow vests, that had amazing sun damaged noses and faces, cleaned the graffiti off. They did it so quick the dogs didn't even have time to attack them in the face.

"Oh dear,' Bradly thought 'here I am in the youth centre when I should have gone into the village to put in my form. I'll just finish up now and then I'll race there closer to five oclock'.

In the Youth Centre there was a pool table and a table tennis table. The table tennis table was so used that the ball had rubbed a black oil onto the areas on the table, on each end, that the ball hit. There were posters on the walls about drinking, sexual harrasment and clamydia and such. Bradly Limee was awsome at table tennis, playing it right now, and almost stuck in a trance he couldn't get out of. But he had to get off to the village now.

Just as he was leaving the shiney Youth Centre Waldo came.

Waldo showed his teeth. There was two gold ones Bradly could see.

"Hey young fellow. Do you want a toke on this primo exassibating-the-paralysis dope I got".

They sat on the bench on the paggola and Bradly said don't do that. Waldo was rolling a jay and Bradly raised the copper pipe on it's tether from around his neck and said "I got this".

"Groovey bro. I always thought of doing that but never got around to it," Waldo said.

We smoked the pipe and Waldo left Bradly to it. Bradly needed to get to the village, quick. He started off down the road but he got lost.

The next day was payday but his check didn't come in.

"Where's my money," Waldo said.

Waldo could see from the look on Bradly's face he didn't have it. Waldo took a swing at Bradly. Bradly high tailed and hot footed it tearing away from Waldo but Waldo couldn't catch him. Bradly jumped over a barb wire fence but Waldo couldn't catch him because Waldo had had plenty more years of smoking pot and durries than Bradly.

Bradly thought, 'What am I going to do. I can't go back into town because it is dangerous there for me'. And he was right, noone would take kindly to him there now and Waldo had scared him enough that he feared, that common fear, violence. It's a very humbling fear and a well ingrained one.

Bradly walked to the train station and slept rough there. It was a wakefull cold night on that hard train station bench. He fair evaded a train that night back to Brisbane and would have to see if he could grasp and make it there.

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