Dr Zork and the Puppies Revolt

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Please read my short story Dr Zork and the Puppies Revolt.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Dr Zork hated puppies. He would sit in his lab devising ways to make puppies suffer. He had come up with offering a puppy some food and then quickely pulling it away. He would tell puppies they were bad and put them outside when they hadn't done bussiness on the carpet. He would pull their ears, tie food to their tails and lock them in the bedroom until they howled.

Dr Zork lived in a castle and had maybe ten or twenty puppies. The puppies had very round eyes and cute black leathery noses. When Dr Zork got the desired effect a puppy would put his tail between his legs and would whimper tiny little whimpers. Dr Zork when he had made a puppy suffer would yell out "Hooray" and would take off his specticals and brush his hair back.

Then he would try to come up with new ideas to tease the puppies. He would giggle to himself when he thought of a new idea. He came up with the idea of letting a puppy think he was going to get a walk and then not take him. The puppy got very excited when he thought he was going for a walk and jumped for joy. Then Dr Zork wouldn't take him. The puppy would be very dissapointed. The laughter could be heard from the castle.

One day Dr Zork got his just desert though. The puppies had a plan to tie Dr Zork up. The puppies collected string that belonged to old, Mrs, Zork. They stretched the string out with there little puppy mouths and made a net that hung from the ceiling. They had all different types of string, blue, green and gold. They made it so there was a trigger string that, when pulled, would send all the string down on the unsuspecting victem. The leader - the head puppy - got the trigger string in his mouth and tugged it with a cute-puppy sideward jerk of his head.

The net fell on Dr Zork and he lay on the ground writheing around. But no matter how much Dr Zork struggled he just got more entangled in the string.

String was everywhere and Dr Zork yelled "What has happened. The puppies have formed a revolt!". He cried and cried but this was nothing compared to the crying which was to come. The puppies jumped on Dr Zork and flapped their long ears on his face and then started to give him affectionate licks.

Dr Zork yelled, "I don't know about you, but when you are being licked by one puppy it is overwhelming. But when twenty horrible, bent little puppies are jumping on you with there paws and licking the holes in your ears, spreading germs on your lips, nuzzling and sniffing your eyelids loudly. Heavens above, you know no wrath like it."

For many an hour, Dr Zorks giggling and protest would be heard.

From the roof of the castle a crow watched. He saw a puppy torture chamber with cages lining the walls. The walls of the dungeon were made with huge stones that were cold and wet. They had dribbling slow, slow streams of water running down the brick. The cages that lined the walls were all open. Coloured string, blue, green and gold, had been wrapped around Dr Zork. Approximately twenty puppies jumped around sticking their paws into soft spots on Dr Zorks abdomin. They flapped their ears about, searching for another spare inch, on Dr Zorks pudgy body, to launch themselves at.

The End.

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