Ghost Stories

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Please read my short story Ghost Stories.

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



Jane, Alfie and me sat around the campfire. The campfire glowed different shades of red and orange in contrast to the completely dark sky that surrounded us.

Jane was a bit of a tom-boy in some ways. She wore pants and baggy T-Shirts. I liked her in secret.

Alfie was a skinny, freckled, lanky bugger who had a huge gap in his front teeth. Alfie always accused me, sticking his bony elbow in my ribs, of liking Jane. My policy was to always deny, deny, deny.

We started telling ghost stories around the campfire.

"This is the sacred ground," Alfie started his ghost story, "of the ravenous ghost wolf. He has had a hundred victems. They were found with caves in their chest and no hearts. He devours the hearts, but, strangly enough, leaves the rest of their flesh untouched. That is always strange for a wolf. To leave uneaten meat behind. They say he gets more and more powerful with each heart he eats."

"The ravenous ghost wolf would delight in Jane sleeping alone tonight," Alfie said, and continued to say, that Jane and I, wouldn't be to hard up, to sleep on the same air matress, to have safety in numbers, for the ravenous ghost wolf, tonight. I said I didn't like Jane for goodness-gracious-sake. Jane just smiled.

We cooked marshmellows on the camp fire and continued to tell ghost stories. I told a story about a axe man with a heshan sack over his head whome cut off peoples heads, took them to his cave, boiled them in water, then ground them into a goo, using a make-shift pestle and mortar.

After awhile, we got sleepy and went to our tents. I shivered for awhile, because, I was so frightened, from the ghost stories but I got to sleep. Soon afterwards I was awoken by a scream. It sounded like Jane.

I went out of the tent to investigate and went to the place I had heard the scream from. I was cold and groggy, aswell, from being woken up. I found Jane.

"What's wrong?"

"I went out for a piss and I heard a sound and I thought it could be the ravenous ghost wolf or the axe man."

I was getting cosy on a rock with Jane and I sitting astride each other. The rock was cold and I was sweating even though it was a temporant night. I scratched my ankle that had been bitten by a mozzie and continued.

"You don't have to be scared of those characters their fictional."

Then suddenly we heard a moaning sound from the bush. "Moaaan," it went. Jane and me ran. We ran though scrub snapping twigs, breaking low branches and tripping on rocks and rotting branches on the moist ground. Thee thicket rushed by us in a rapid midnight blur. Finally we arrived at our tents. Jane dove into her tent and I dove in strait after her.

We sat upright and rigid all night huddled together shivering with our arms around each other.

Alfie found us in the morning. In that state. "I knew you two would get together, eventually," he said with a smile.

The End

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