Green Slime

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Please read my short story, Green Slime.

Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



Neville went up to the grimy counter. He was wearing a canvas coat. The pot boiled. It had green goo bubbling in it. He stirred it occasionally. He saw Leonora walk in. He saw she was unhappy.

“Why so blue,” Neville said.

She wore a canvas coat and leggings. She had a wisp of blond hair that tickled her cheek. “I just feel down,” Leonora said, “I wonder if I should call lifeline?”

“No, Leonora, leave it awhile,” Neville said.

“Hey, what are you cooking?” Leonora said. She stooped over the pot. “Aw, yuk, it’s green goo.”

“I am making slime. Hey, are you sure that you are alright. You don’t have to listen to what I say, you can call lifeline,” Neville said.

Then the pot started to boil over. Leonora buckled over and he wondered what was happening. She was laughing at the green goo going everywhere.

“Don’t laugh,” Neville said. Then he realised she was getting what she desperately needed, release, from that laugh. He saw her back as she buckled over. It was heaving painfully but the laughter was making the tension go.

“Oh, Leonora,” Neville said, “Laugh if you want. I can deal with it.”

** ***

Neville struggled with getting a jar lid off. He crouched down bending his knees, straining. Neville’s face was red with the straining.

“Oh, men,” Leonora said, “such weaklings.”

Neville handed Leonora the jar. She assumed the same crouch as Neville did, when he attempted to open the jar a moment ago. She opened it easily.

“Men,” she said.

Then Neville heard booming male laughter. Clancy was there.

“Ha, ha, that is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Clancy, “it was the drama of the century, he straining so hard – the skinny twig – and Leonora doing it “like that.”

He snapped his thumb and fore-finger.

Clancy was scrawny. His waist bevelled up to bony shoulders. Clancy looked weak. He wore a canvas coat.

“You couldn’t have opened it,” said Neville.

“Yeah,” said Leonora, defending Neville.

** ***

“Hey, Leonora, are you feeling better now?” said Neville.

“A little,” said Leonora.

“Lifeline is a useful resource, if you need it,” said Neville, looking concerned.

“Now I want to play pool. Do you want to go to the local pub?”

“Ok,” said Neville. He smiled. There was just a hint of excitement in his voice.

Leonora put on her skimpy dress. Leonora put on make-up. When she went down-stairs Neville looked at her as if he was pleased.

“What a lucky guy I am,” said Neville, “such a pretty girl who considers me a friend.”

As she walked down the stairs, she had a great figure. One of her earrings fell out.

Leonora picked it up. She seemed to be struggling to get it back in her ear.

“Here, let me,” said Neville.

He listlessly put the earring in the little hole of Leonora’s ear lobe.

“You cheer me up,” said Leonora, “slime, jars and ear rings. Friendships great, isn’t it.”

They exited the stain-glass, pretty, oak door. It had stained glass flowers.


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