Levi Rave's Bad Night

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Please read my short story Levi Rave's Bad Night.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Levi Rave walked into the club and was struck immediately by the uptune beat. He walked in with two friends beside him, him heavy and buff as if he was on a mission. The club was U.V lit and held ever so much the ominous atmosphere. he had broad shoulders and the club was dousted neon blue by U.V.

Levi Rave took a drink from the bartender and handed him some notes. He repeated this several times durring the night. The club had; doof doof music playing - the music thumping his ears and chest; smooth lino floors - to minimize staining from spilt or dropped cigarette buts or drinks; and a disco ball - reflecting patches of colour all over the room from coloured flood lights above the stage. The atmosphere was violent and ominous.

Levi Rave, after many drinks and 'chings' from the cash register departed for outside and definately another club. He ambled, broad shoulders pumping his arms as he walked in the cool night two equally brawny males beside him.

This next club he entered raising his eye brows surveying the room for some trouble, for him, with cocky confidence. The doof doof tired his ears and the patches reflected off the disco ball were blured. The ground seemed like spunge under his feet and he swayed from side to side. He was tipsy. The girls had wrap around skirts that excentuated their hips, fake eye lashes on there pretty, round faces, rouge or blusher on their plump pink cheeks excentuating the seen above with exersise and blood flow from the hot room. They were pretty.

Levi and his two friends raved drunkenly on the couch, the alcohol distorting their perceptions and making the following conversation acceptable.

"If one more fellow looks at me like that and wants it I'll fight him."

"Levi will smash him" says one of the friends.

This dumb conversation seemed perfectly unregistered. The time distorted. Everything was in such a rush before their eyes. Dumbed by alcohol.

The night was rolling on. It was two a.m and other excessively drunk and equally looking for a fight individuals swayed on the grey, hard as a fist pavement. They tried to start a fight, they bumped into other blokes shoulders, they cat called names as blokes walked past, they challenged the toughest looking blokes on the street and fienned fighting with each other incase some poor soul would intervene, trying to break it up. But nobody wanted a fight.

"Lets go, bro" on of Levi's friends said.

"Yeah, lets get taxi's" said the other.

They waited in the line for a taxi. Every man and his dog out tonight. Levi Rave was the first into a taxi.

He slammed the door and said, "Cheltman Street", to the taxi driver. The scenes went by under street lamps, car's passing, trees in brush passing and peoples houses - on this dizzy taxi ride home. The lights were making Levi nausious with there constant movement, like flashlights in a forrest. Levi Rave felt all the drinks rise up in his throat, then, blaaaaaaahh, he vomited it all up. He was a tough guy but he was humiliated as he wiped a chunk off his chin, with the back of his hand.

At his house the driver said, "fifty dollars that'll cost you. Clean up fee."

"Please sir --" Levi said but was cut off. The driver gave him a lecture about how cleaning takes time off his work hours and insisted on the fifty dollars.

Levi handed over the crisp fifty and opened the taxi door and stepped out, walked to his small house, in which the lights had been left on for him.

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