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Please read my short story Nutrition.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



It was the first day of my new study at University. I planned to do a degree in nutrition. I was a mature age student at the age of twenty five.

I made my way into the classroom feeling the awkwardness familiar to me, from the past, of a new school, haveing to find new friends and anxiety about performance in the steep learning curve environment.

I was most worried about the finding of new friends equasion because often the seccess of your study is found in finding a peer group and therefore securing confort and a means to satisfy human requirements at your place of metriculation.

I was hopeless at this because every time I go into a new room I want to go at my own pace which is not the same pace that moves quickely in the new room that I've entered.

But in te classroom after scraping the chairs underneath our bums, chair legs on wooden floors I noticed a girl.

I always wonder where I am going to sit. Shall I sit close to the teacher or shall I sit near the social group so I can see them and somehow edge my way into the group.

I sit near them but do't say nothing to them and notice this pretty girl again. She is pretty with brown hair and a woolen tan cardigan on and jeans. She smiles at me when she catches my eyes and I quickely divert my eyes.

For the lesson the teacher hands out dark chocolate and says 'are these good for you or are they bad for you'. I put the dark chocolate in my mouth and vote that it's bad for me. Fifty percent of the class think dark chocolate is good for you and fifty percent reckon it's not.

The teacher says 'taste and looks can be deceptive. Dark chocolate is actually good for you". The whole class ooos and ahhhs. "nutrition is a difficult field' the teacher says, 'many foods you think are bad are good, many that you think are good are bad if taken in to much quantity. It is about finding the right balance'.

I go to bed that night and suck on a block of dark chocolate I bought after the lecture. I think of the brunette girl I saw in class that day as I go off to sleep.

At class that following morning the teacher brings in a tub of animal lard and a bottle of olive oil. He says 'there is such thing as good fat and bad fat'.

I am flabber - gasted by class. All these new things to learn. Jumping around from classroom to classroom. I haven't made many friends and worry about my progress on the steep learning curve.

I am failing beyond all measure and in my busy anxious mind, knowing I am going to fail think, "if only I could take something out of this. I am going to fail but if I could just take that brunette home, a conselation prize, a captive in my failure of a life, my attempt at University would not be a total waste.

I got to bed that night after cooking fried chicken with olive oil like the proffeser said. The last thing I saw that night on the back of my eyelids was the brunette girl.

That day at school was I knew going to be my last because the learning curve was just to steep. My bag was full of scrunched up papers, my laundary was behind and my legs were sore and swelled from walking to and from class.

The teacher had eggs on his counter. He held one up and said "you are only allowed to eat one egg a day". The he held up four eggs and said "uless you separate the yolks from the whites whereas if you only eat the yolks you can eat four. An example of this is and you can try it at home is making a nice creme brulee".

I was scribbling this all down in my note book furiously. I know it seems easy but this was all going to be in the test. I would write in one page and then forget which page and altogether it was to hard I wasn't going back to Uni. Uni was to faster learning curve for me.

I thought it's now or never with the brunette girl. I thought of some way I could contact her. I decided to scribble a little note.

"Hi. I was just wondering if you wanted to get a coffee after class. I have noticed you and think you are pretty and would like to get to know you better".

She frowned when she read the note and when she was finished she frowned at me and shook her head. After class she steamed out of the room so fast I couldn't talk to her. Must have been because she could see I was failing in class and that I was over my head in study.

I went home that night dejected thinking I can't go back to the classroom tommorow. I bought the ingredients for creme brulee in a state of melencholy. I kept my head down and looked at all the people that seemed in control of their life jealously. I bought cream and eggs but didn't buy sugar because I had sugar at home in a clear plastic container.

At home I separtated the yolk from the egg and whisked them. I whisked in cream and sugar from my clear plastic container and in the end I had a mixture creamy and light orange, of cream, egg yolks and castor sugar.

I enjoyed cooking, stepping around the kitchen gracefully from pan to pan.

I baked the creme brulees in four centermeters of water in there rumicans in the ove tray. I took them out and sprinkled brown sugar on top and used a blow torch to candy the brown sugar and give the creme brulees there crisp toffee tops which you break with your spoon and is the trademark of creme brulees.

I put them in the fridge and after four hours tried a creme brulee. I put the first spoonfull in my mouth and spat it out.

"Ew yuck" I said.

The castor sugar and salt were in clear containers that were exactly alike. I had made salty creme brulees.

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