The Amazing Fortune Cookie

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Please read my short story The Amazing Fortune Cookie.


Tony and Michael were planning to go to the chinese restaurant. They dressed up moderately nicely and left Michael's house. His girlfriend was happy enough with Michael and Tony passing the time together for a night and she didn't worry about him meeting another girl or drinking to much. Michael and Tony were trustworthy enough.

They got to the restaurant, and after waiting the alotted time for a table, were seated. The music in the place was dreadful, zen music that made their skin crawl and made them feel chilled to the bone.

"Well here we are, without the woman," Michael said.

"Yes, it's great to get rid of them for awhile. They are lovely, and all, but I like time away. Male time."

"To right, they always want you to vacume the house or do the dishes."

Tony and Michael ate chinese food and drank sake and felt really contented from the victuals and aperitifs.

They payed the bill, after waving their hands in the air to gain a waiters attention.

"Going so soon," the waiter said in a wise chinese accent... "Don't you want your fortune cookies?"

"OK, get us both some coffee and those fortune cookies," Michael said, boysterously.

The coffee came on a round tray with a saucer with two fortune cookies on it. They had a slurp of their coffees then broke their fortune cookies.

"What does yours say?" Michael asked, smiling, "mine predicts doom in love."

"Aw, mine predicts doom in love too." Tony was a little disapointed and yelled, "Hey, waiter, we got the same fortune cookie."


Michael got home and was a little drunk.

"Do the dishes and the vacuming," his girlfriend said.

But he went to bed, and the roof bobbled and rotated, because he was drunk, but he got to sleep, under the warm doona.

In the morning, Cass, his girlfriend, said, "Did you do the vacuming and the dishes?"

"No," Michael said.

"Just do the vacuming and the dishes when you get home," she said.

Michael had to lift heavy boards of high-density-fibre at work.

He got home tired and twisted open a beer but didn't do the dishes or the vacuming.

"What's this," Cass said, when she got home, "the dishes and the vacuming aren't done."


Michael and Tony lived at a motel. Tony had also got kicked out from his girlfriends house. Vacuming and dishes were the frustrating, ill-stated, annoying reason.

"Lets go to the chinese restaurant," Michael said to Tony.

"But we haven't done the dishes or the vacuming," Tony said.

"Nevermind. No girlfriend now to tell us to do them."

"Cool!" said Tony.


Tony and Michael sat waiting for a table. The chinese zen music was abhorant.

They were given a table and ate chinese food and drank sake.

"Lets go," said Tony to Michael, ushering with his hand to the chinese waiter that he wanted the check.

"Are you going so soon?" the wisened voice of the chinese waiter queried. "You must have some fortune cookies!"

"Fine. Bring us some coffee and fortune cookies," Tony said.

They sat waiting and surely enough the refreshments came on a round tray.

"What does yours say?" Michael asked, breaking the cookie open.

"Mine says," said Tony, strainingly, "your lazy indolence will result in a undeserved reunion."

"That's funny," said Michael, "mine says the same thing. What are the chances....." Michael paused, in contempt of fate, ".....that both our fortune cookies would say the same thing, again -two times?"

"Your lazy indolence will result in a undeserved reunion."

Michael didn't bother telling the waiter the mistake of the two matching fortune cookies again.


Many-a-day past with Michael and Tony living in the same motel room. There were hundreds of recently-made batulars, in the dog house, just like them.

The motel room was a terrible mess. There was this strange fluff on the floor and the dishes were piled up to head hight. Niether had lifted a finger to do one iota of vacuming or dishes.

"This just wont do," said Michael.

"I know, it's all stacked up and compounded, this mess," Replied Tony.

"It's quite offencive."

"Yes, in smell and appearance."

"What are we going to do? This mess is to much for two men, even, to clean up."

"Lets beg the girls and see if we can move back with them."

So they were allowed to move back in. The motel was cleaned by a team of proffesionals. But one thing was for sure, when Michael (or Tony, for that matter) were asked, by their girlfriends, to do the vacuming or the dishes, they jumped at the oppertunity and never even protested.

Some time later, Michael and Tony, had some time to themselves, on the couch. They reclined on the spongy cushions:

"You know what's funny?" Michael said, in a thoughtful voice.

"Yes, what's funny?" said Tony.

"You know those fortune cookies?" Michael said, with a pause.... "they predicted that this would happen."

Michael took out the fortune cookie token, that he had kept out, of, sentimental reasons, and a perverse superstition. It read:

"Your lazy idolence will result in a undeserved reunion."


Submitted: August 20, 2013

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