The Dog Catcher

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Please read my short story The Dog Catcher.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



I used a loop on a stick. With the loop I would catch a dog around the neck. There were little dogs, big dogs, mean dogs, and fluffy dogs. It was an exciting job. Some dogs were savage.

One savage dog was worse than all the rest. He is the one that bit me. He bit me on the hand. Blood poured out of the bite wound, and going to the first aid kit, got a bandage, and bandaged it up.

The savage dog just got meaner when he tasted blood.

When I finally caught him, I put him in the dog catcher van. He slammed against the walls. I laughed a cackly, manic laugh. You would hear drumming sounds, from the captive, as he bashed himself against another wall.

I got in the van, happily, and turned the ignition key, while the savage dog continued to beat himself against the steal walls. He barked such a hideous bark, the other dogs, dogs from behind peoples fences, all made a racket of blood curdling howls.

In the eyes of a dog catcher, the other dogs were good. They didn't spend their hours, knocking over garbage bins, stalking old ladies, and fighting, in the prohibited streets. They barked at full kelta, behind fences, but didn't roam free.

The vicious dog was stil just as furious when he arrived at the pound. I smiled, and laughed, a toothy laugh. He was still smashing his body against the stainless steal.

A strange thing happened though. Usually when a dog arrived at the pound, this dog, was greeted, with a raucus of welcome barks. But this time all the dogs treated the savage dog with reverence, and stayed quiet. All you could hear was the savage dog beating his body against the stainless steal.

But the moment I opened the cage I was greeted by the savage dog, foaming at the mouth, with cold red eyes and claws extended.

The other dogs were a-gasp. The fluffy little ones stayed at the backs of their cages, the family pooches - like golden retrievers - covered their eyes with their paws, and the big, mean dogs stared with hatred at the savage dog.

I - not wanting to take any risks - decided to put a muzzle on the savage dog. I did so by pretending I had food, in my cupped hand, then quickly putting the muzzle over his nose. ('greatest dog catcher on earth') I smiled toothily. He wasn't very happy. The look in his eyes was outrage. He shook his snout from side to side powerfully.

I led him to his cage and shut him away.

I laughed and laughed, a evil laugh - they could hear miles away. The drunks by the river heard it, the girls telemarketing heard it, and the church tower bell ringers heard it. Because there is nothing louder than the laughter, when a dog catcher catches a dog.

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