The Magic Valium Medicine Cup

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Please read my short story The Magic Valium Medicine Cup.

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



I needed drugs and I needed everything associated with them. Drugs get you high and when your high your brain turns to pleasure and your whole body relaxes. I had only one pair of clothes which is one of the cons of the phyc ward. You come in with what comes on your back. I was wearing a red T-shirt, black cotton pants and an old jacket that was uncrusted with a kind of black oil that comes when you never wash anything. I am a self professed crazy- drug fiend. I aren't one of the ones everybody hates who go out and steal cars and put fear in everyones hearts because I like to bash people. No, I am your friendly nieghbourhood drug fiend, who is totally stoned all the time and does nothing but recline on a chair and seemingly wait (I don't have to do the regular pavement trotting) - fore drugs come from nowhere. The only people who hate me are the nurses. They like goody goodies, and people who aren't under the influence and not people who are absolutely uncommunicable. There is a phenonomen that happened in the phsyc ward those months that will never be explained by science or by any other reason that our patients will never be able to explain.

The psych ward is self contained and it has one entrance and exit to decrease the chance of escape. The place seriously smells like brains. A human when he is medicated, to the point of deliriousness, till every vien is super saturated with meds, gives off a particular smell. This smell is his brain cooking.

Anyway I have to tell you about this phenonomen. One day me and another equally drug fucked in-patient were getting a drink from the water cooler after chain smoking two ciggarettes in the courtyard which was a red brick square shaped twenty foot by twenty foot place to smoke and exersise. The only problem was you could only se twenty foot by twenty foot of sky. Anyway we were at the water cooler both standing facing the water cooler which was against a wall skulling plastic cups of water. Then we noticed a plastic meds cup that had two valium in it.

"Dibs it," we both said at the same time.

"I want it," my friend Cory said.

"But you got the extra half of extacy that time when we had three extacy and the newbie girl only wanted half," I said to Cory who had bed hair.

"Yeah but remember that time when you had a apparent stomach bug and I walked to the IGA (independent grocers of Australia) to get instant coffee and two minute noodles and you said you owed me big time."

Atlength we decided to take one valium each. We chewed the bitter pills to get the maximum high because the valium would be absorbed into our absorbent mouth tissue. We had grimaces on our faces and shuddered as we chewed the bitter pills and then we were amazed to see two more valium materialise in the medicine cup.

"No way bro," Cory said.

"Lets take them and see if some others grow," I said, without looking at Cory, instead my eyes weere amazed gawking at the two, new, pills in the medicine cup. We greedily swallowed the two pills and to our amazement two more appeared, like two rocks in a well. White high giving rocks.

"It's incredable , bro, when you eat the pills two more grow. It's like this meds cup was especially made for us. It's a magic meds cup." Cory said to me.

We stayed up late that night alternating between taking valium and smoking ciggarettes in the cool, dark, eiry courtyard. Inside the flickering floresent lights shone on the light blue walls. Outside a little light shon on blades, in tufts, of grass, shining through them so they almost seemed luminesant.

I decided to got to bed, leaving Cory awake. I turned off the big floresent light and it hummed, like a electric shock, off. I felt my way to bed, patting objects in the room that I had recalled in my memory, from when the lights were on, in the dark. I peeled aways the hospital issue cover and slipped in under into the relief of bed. I was as stoned as a crap on a river stone stoney river bed.

I woke up and Cory was at the base of my bed sitting all sprawled out. I got up to inspect him further and was suprised to see he had over endulged and didn't handle having an excess, all you could want, endless supply of valium to responsibley. His lips had white caked-on valium covering them. He'd been up all night eating valium after valium. He had made himself sick but was still trying to swallow a valium with a dry mouth. There were a bunch of empty coffee cups he had washed the valium down with and fallen at his feet was the magic valium medicine cup.

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