The Thief and the Bonfire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Please read my short story The Theif.

I live in a share house with friends. One of the people who lived with me was a man named Ben. He, I suspected of being a thief. My saude Jacket had gone missing and I suspected him. My friends had had things missing as well.

A few others and I had the idea of raiding Ben's room to find out and get undeniable proof.

Acca, Pup, Kate and I had a secret plan. We snuck up the stairs, which creeked, keeping our voices down to a muffle.

We searched draws, under beds, window sills, but found nothing. We looked everywhere except a locked closet. We decided not to break in.

Down stairs I made Acca, Pup and Kate and I all coffee. We sat warming our hands on the cups.

"We didn't find anything. I'm supprised".

"Yeah, that sneaky acting Ben was sure to be the thief".

"We haven't looked absolutely everywhere".

"Yeah, there's still the locked closet".

Durring that conversation we sat around a dining room table. We came to an agreement. We would break into the locked closet tomorrow.

Acca, Pup, Kate and I all had woken early that morning. We waited until Ben left.

Pup, Acca, Kate and I snuck up the stairs again muffling our voices and treading on the wooden stairs as gently and soft - footed as possible. After peeking cautiously in Ben's room through the semi opened door we all made our way in. All of us looking the maurauders we were.

"Get the lock picking tools" was whispered.

"Got 'em"

Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle

"A little to the left bro"



We had opened the locked closet. Oh what a cache: my saude jacket, expensive bookends, a cuck-coo clock, jewelery, a jar of marbles, DVD players, crystal bowls and fine china. On top of the treasure Ben had collected, there were four very classy looking party invitations. They were for us. They had Acca, Pup, Kate and I written on them. They were for a block bonfire party.

Kate started dumping all of Ben's possesions on the door step and we joined in to help. He, when he got home, would be automatically evicted with no leave. We couldn't have Ben around because the block bonfire part was on tonight.

I got ready in my room. Put on clean clothes, perfumed myself, and put gel in my hair. Then Acca, Pup, Kate and I went out into the street for the block bonfire. The evening was just getting dark and the bonfire had already been started. We gave everyone back their possessions from Ben's cache that we found in the locked closet.

Ben came home. He was confused.

"Why are all my things out on the step?"

"We found out you were stealing from us".

"You've been in my closet!"

"Yes, and you had quite a haul"

"Can I go inside one last time to call my dad"

Ben called his dad and collected all his things into the car. He walked around to the passengers side and got in. Ben lived with his perants for a long time after that, regreting his thievery every single day.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

© Copyright 2020 The Sheep. All rights reserved.

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I would have liked to see Ben's reaction to his stuff on the doorstep! I'm a little confused about why the twins have a part in the story's title when they have nothing to do with the story?
Keep on writing, you're doing a good job so far but mayyybe play around with how you tie in the story's ending with it's beginning :)

Thu, February 21st, 2013 4:15pm


I was just reviewing that story and found out it was a bit of a dud ending. I was also reading something on the internet the other night about eluding to your twist ending otherwise it'll be a let down. I liked the story - the excitement of busting into the room. I will add, maybe a reaction from Ben. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on writing.

Fri, February 22nd, 2013 2:11am

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