The Unlucky Lucky Charm Friendship Bracelet

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Please read my short story The Unlucky, Lucky Charm Friendship Bracelet.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



I was playing cricket for the East Riverbough Lions. We had won the premiership last season and we all put on leather friendship bracelets to signify the win and give us good luck for next year.

So far the good luck charms hadn't been that much good luck because I had hurt my back in the off season training for the coming year.

Today I had decided to watch my team play from the sidelines and cheer them on. I could wish them support despite this annoying set back, the back injury.

I looked at the bracelet and thought it's still lucky, a silly back injury doesn't proove anything.

I packed my bags and was ready to be picked up in my mates old Nissan Skyline at nine oclock so we could be there at the start of the first session at ten oclock.

We were just about out of my street when I realised I had forgot my binoculars. You need binoculars for cricket so you can see the action close up.

"mate can we go back and get my binoculars. I forgot them and cricket just isn't as good without binoculars".

"Yeah sure" my mate said chucking a u-turn. So we went back and I ran up the stairs to get my binoculars.

Cricket is a great game. Our full team turned up eagerly with their whites on that had the lion logo of our cricket team the East Riverbough Lions.

The boys were having a hit about getting ready and warming up for our big match. And presently it was time for our match. I felt nerves. The team we were playing was called the Sandy Bay Turtles. We were put in to bat.

After the first over which was a maiden we slowely began to amount runs. We were 0/42 at Drinks when both teams came in. Then I saw it.

My pretty ex - girlfriend kissing the guy fro the other team. She was blonde, voluptuous, and round desiralbly faced, cute with a button nose. And she had her arms around his neck.

"look at this" I said to my side, "I understand my ex - girlfriend moving on, getting another guy, but getting another guy from the other team, that is not on".

I was fuming. She was kissing him wetly and unmodestly, I was sure for my benifit.

The team patted me on the back. "Don't let it get to you mate".

I looked at my good luck charm friendship bracelet and thought, "some luck you are". But kept it on. I had hurt my back and now my ex - girlfriend was necking with another bloke, from the other team, for everyone to see.

After drinks play resumed. I was watching through my binoculars. The East Riverbrough Lions, my team, were 1/97 at lunch.

The teams came in. I handed all the boys their gattoraid. And then I saw my ex being petted playfully on the bum by her new boyfriend. "Just not on" I muttered.

Play resumed. And the East Riverbrough Lions were coming along well I could see through my binoculars.

The the batsman hit a pull shot for six. I watched the ball in the air through my binoculars coming closer, coming closer.

"this is probably going over my head" I thought

Next thing the ball impacts on the left sight of my binoculars. I am knocked out cold.

I wake up in the hospital in a bed with a white cotton sheet. The lighting is serile. My friend with the Nissan Skyline is in the chair sitting beside me.

"Welcome back", he says, "you were out for quite a while. You have quite a shiner".

"Arr what a day" I say "first I hurt my back, then I witness my ex kissing the other team, and then I get this shiner". I gently touch my left eye. It's tender.

Then I remember something. "that useless good luck charm friendship bracelet. It's worthless". i chuck it in the bin with a clank.

I found out all the team chucked their lucky charm friendship bracelets in a show of solidarity to me. By mid - seasonI was on the pitch again, playing. Sometimes you just have to throw out unlucky good luck charm friendship bracelets.

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