This is what You are Missing Out On

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Please read my short story This is what You are Missing Out On.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



I had a bachular pad. It was full of all the different things I had bought. It had the latest electronics and was sparsly furnashed and minimalistic. It had hanging shelves and the most fashionable prints on the walls.

I lay on the couch with my eyes closed just listening not watching the TV. On the back of my eyelids I could see a magestic calidascope of dancing colours. I was in a very relaxed state. Sometimes you lie down and you can't reach the relaxation responce as they call it but today I was there. I was maxing baby.

Then a ringtone from my mobile phone rudely and abrubtly shocked me. My eyes opened. What was once a relaxing state turned into a poison seedy feeling. I looked at the phone and on the display said it was Carmin. Carmin was calling me for a date that I had totally forgotten.

Dratz I thought and knew I had to make a split second decision. So I made it and hung up the phone. Hmph I went and thought and felt a little pang of guilt mixed with anxious remorse. I still felt seedy so I lay on my side on the couch my arm covering my eyes like a damsel.

Later when it was time to wake up. I was entirely awake. I worked in the kitchen. I was baking a clump of roast lamb. I started to think about Carmin. She was a nice girl and wasn't deserving of being stood up. She always had that stuff on her eyelids that was fluero pink and it made her look seductive. Too seductive. Especially for a girl as home grown as she.

The roast scent filled the house. It was tasty and delightful. The buzzer rang on the oven and I was just checking the lamb teasing it with a three pronged pronger when some one knocked at the door. I wonder who this could be, and so insistant, with their rapping at the door.

I went down the hallway and opened the door. Carmin was there. Her eyes were dark and puffy in the soft skin bellow the eye and her fringe was wet and little strays clung to her cheek. She was wrapped up in a black trench coat. She undid the buttons and quickely opened the two sides. She was naked. She gave me a good look and stormed off once it was closed. I guess she was trying to tell me this is what your missing out on.

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