the day love was lost

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just a poem i wrote. was a song but then i went blank so now its a poem

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



living in a lonely dream

ripping at the seams

watching every day go by

wishing i could fly

staring through the stained-glass windows

seeing colours- red, green, blue, yellow

all just one blur

standing at a busy crossing

horns honking, children laughing, brakes squealing

all just one noise

wondering if i'm missing something

a life i'm meant to have

or is it gone; not to return

a disappearing circus act

sitting on a lonely park bench

swings creaking, leaves rustling, slides groaning

all just one drone

staying in a coldened bed

silence. silence. silence.

all just one silence

waiting for day to open my eyes

to see him standing beside my window.

come back to me; make me foget

the day my love was lost

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