Chapter of my life

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A poem about forgetting, or at least trying too...

Submitted: May 22, 2009

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Submitted: May 22, 2009



I am closing a chapter of my life,

Packing away items that remind me

of you into a box at bottom of my

draw, and attempting to forget.


The first is a photo taken of us

at one of my good friends’ birthday parties.

We look so happy there, grinning at the

camera and laughing.


Second is a necklace, a present that

I had to hint at you for weeks to buy;

you were never romantic like that. Not

like I wanted.


Third is a valentine’s card. Words that mean

nothing to me now but still ring in my ears.

It doesn’t say much though, but then I guess

you were never good with words.


There are no pressed flowers; you never bought

me any, though I always wished you would.

There are just three material objects,

and a lot of painful memories.


Come June, I will burn the photo and card,

but the necklace will stay at the bottom

of my draw – a reminder that I broke

your heart badly.


I feel guilty, closing the box, but I

shouldn’t. You were mean, obsessive and mad.

I never loved you. And I hope to be happier

in the next chapter of my life.

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