8th Read this 2013: INTERVENTION (Robin Cook)

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A review on the 8th book I've read this 2013

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




Book Title: Intervention

Author: Robin Cook

A great novel with an interesting interrelationship of Catholicism, modern medicine, and traditional healing.

Robin Cook has done an impressive research on the 3 controversial topics, and successfully wove them into a story on three fascinating experiences of the three male protagonists. Either you're a fan of mystery and thriller, Intervention will surely pique your interest even more.


Jack Stapleton is a New York medical examiner who has been in an emotional struggle due to a critical disease suffered by his 4-month old son. Together with his lovely and supportive wife, Laurrie, Jack continues to live his life in hope of finding a cure to their son's condition.

Shawne Dauthry, a well-known archaeologist, stumbled upon a very important discovery that threatened to destroy the lifelong belief of Christian. Together with his wife Sana, Shawne is willing to risk everything to make the greatest breakthrough of his life as an archaelogist.

James O'Rourke, New York's archbishop, friend of Jack and Shawne, is placed in a dilemma as he tries his best to convince Shawne not to publish his work that could ruin the Catholic Christian's faith.

All in a strange yet fascinating journey to discovery, these three men battle to live their lives amidst all the surprises that awaits them.


Aside from the very apparent fact, based on personal notes I made while reading, Intervention definitely offers a wider view on how traditional healing has its roots way back in ancient times, including what could have been its relationship to the ancient way of Christian healing.

Not only did Mr. Cook made a wise choice in mixing up religion and medicine all in a strange road of mystery. He did great in incorporating these things on the lives of fascinating characters whom readers could empathize and relate to.

While the end chapters could have been very unexpected, if not overly shocking, I’d say it gave justice to the whole turn of events in general.

There were however few things which appeared so unexpected that I still question why it ended up the way it did. Shawne and Sana’s (his wife) deaths perhaps is too unexpected. Just when they’re a step closer to completing their research? Why do they have to die?

Moreover, their deaths didn’t seem to affect Jack and James,( Jack especially) so much. Considering the span of time they’ve spent together in finding out the mystery of Shawne’s find, the two seemed to have gotten over the incident too quickly.

Nevertheless, Intervention is a very good read.

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