9th Read This 2013: 7 DEADLY WONDERS (Matthew Reilly)

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A review on the 9th book I've read this 2013.

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




Book Title: 7 Deadly Wonders

Author: Matthew Reilly

Run for your lives as call sign: Wizard, Huntsman, Witch Doctor, Archer, Bloody Mary, Saladin, Matador, Gunman and the 10-year old lovely girl Lily drag you in a neck-breaking chase against the global giants; American and European forces in pursuit of the missing Capstone of the great Pyramid Giza.

An action-packed game of speed and intellect, Matthew Reilly has written an astounding craft beefed with information about ancient Egypt and its wonders hidden for several millennia.

Matched with characters you’ll surely love from start to end, the 7 Deadly Wonders will grip everyone’s heartbeat in a breathtaking journey to discovery and deceit.


Growing up with her multinational, crack troops, special forces members, (call signs I’ve mentioned above) as her foster family, Lily learned things not ordinarily acquired by other kids of her age. Before reaching the age of 10, she was able to learn ancient history, read cuneiform and other forms of writings, familiarized explosives and even hold a toe pose in ballet for 45 seconds unaided by formal education inside any elementary school.

Together with her foster family, Lily embarked in a fascinating journey of life and death as they try to recover the missing Capstone of the Pyramid Giza, broken down to pieces and scattered all over the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

With the aid of ancient scrolls, writings, and studies, Lily and the rest battle against the thousand American troops and Europeans on their tail, seeking for the same treasure, which if recovered on time, is believed to bestow power on the land by which its holder came from.

And along their missions of recovering the pieces, Lily learns about her true identity and why she was destined to do what she is doing.


Ancient Egypt has been shrouded in mystery for years; knowledge been passed yet at the same time hidden for ages. From the awe-inspiring, magnanimous, perfection of its pyramids down to the rich history of its rulers and conquerors, Egypt offers a fascinating field of discovery among skeptics.

Matthew Reilly, did the same. Mirrored on his 7 Deadly Wonders were not just fascinating facts about this ancient civilization, but at the same time his great skill in providing thrill and action to the story that would leave the readers flipping from one page to the next.

Characters? Very engaging.

Not only did the rule of contrasts and variety applied in each of the characters; their characterizations are individually interesting enough that you’ll soon come to love each of their differences as an important part of their mission.

My verdict?

7 Deadly Wonders = epic action-thriller novel.

Thank you Mr. Matthew Reilly!

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