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A thought about the rise of Japan Animation

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




Anime Mania: The Rise of Japan Animation
You finally hear the bell, signaling the end of today’s classes. You gather up  your things, say your goodbyes to your friends, and rushed outside your classroom, almost bumping to somebody, who was just about to get in.
You utter a short apology, and half running your way out the school premises. You looked at your wrist watch (or perhaps phone), and wished you could go home immediately.
Yes? No? 
Well to those who say ‘kind of’, this might be a rare time to remind you of those times when you act like the one above just to catch up the airing of your favorite anime on T.V.
And you say,
“Oh no! I didn’t do that!”
I say,
“Whatever guys. If you love anime, in one way or another, situations like those happened. Perhaps you just bumped your head on the way home, that’s why you forgot.”
But of course, with the rise of the online craze, I wouldn’t be surprised if you now consider your television set an artifact.
Anime episodes can now be readily seen online at anytime you want. And honestly, who would now want to wait for the slow airing of your favorite anime on T.V. when you can already watch the whole series in just a couple of days online?
Along with the rise of technological advancements, comes the rise of an all too accessible channel for watching your favorite stuffs.
People then learned the wonders of downloading and surfing. They even learned how to create their own sites for networking gratifications. All in all, the world has changed; both for the better and for the worse.
But why anime?
Answers to this are expected to vary from each fanatic. They could range from the usual entertainment reasons, to inspiration and creativity, and even as an escape from reality for some.
As different as those reasons might be, a single common denominator remains; anime is fun.
The plot, the graphics, the characters, and everything else that you could think of as its unique features eventually boils down to the root of why they were even created. It’s to give fun to the viewers. 
Try to ask yourself.
Why would an anime character be created with different characteristics under most unique situations?
Doesn’t it have something to do with targeting viewership and establishing dominance in the virtual world? The answer might be a yes. 
It might be. After all, anime is still a part of the business industry. Yet we could also not set aside the possibility that they were just there as products of the writers’ caprice, and fancy for moving illustrations. (Which is cool!)
Whatever reasons there may be, anime is still a very popular and promising source of entertainment and money. We could only thank those people who made our ever powerful Konoha ninjas in Naruto, and cool One Piece pirates be brought to life. Without their mighty ideas, coincidence or intentional, the world of ‘no jutsu’ and ‘cursed fruits and islands’ could’ve remained a distant ideal.
So rise up everyone! 
Either you’re on the exact opposite of the world now, or just somewhere near, doesn’t matter.
What’s more important, is we are one of those anime ‘otakus’ !
If you still have this uncertainty within you, then think of Monkey the Luffy, and draw out inspiration to how a simple boy conquered the whole world. Who know? You might be the one we’ve been waiting for.

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