Story Of The STone Heart

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This is what has happened to me recently... I put my own little twist on it... our main character Alexandra fights to find and keep love

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



The Story Of The Stone heart

Alexandra just got home from a very stressful day at school, she was so looking forward to the game that night (she practically begged her mom to take her) she only wanted to go because a guy she likked would be there and she wanted to meet him for the first time she knew it was silly but she didnt care she had fallen for this guy already, deeply and completly. They dated for five months prier to this meeting but they had broken up because he thought they would never meet and he was trying to get back with his ex,Kym.

Alexandra (Alex for short) arived ten minutes before Dakota ( the guy she was meeting) but he was walking out and didnt recognize her so she giggled as she passed him, he texted her right about that time asking where she was she told him "you passed me silly". she watched him as he looked for her so he called her and asked which direction she was, she told him to look for a girl with purple hair and a blue shirt. He saw her and just stared then he spoke and said " that cant be you" she laughed and said in a sarcastic tone "No, that cant be me" she could see him smirk as he walked tward her.

The game had came to an end and they were still no more then friends she was sad butrefused to let it show. As she turned to leave he pulled her into a tight hug and then gently kissed her she felt like her head would expload and when he let go she hid her face so he wouldnt see her cry as he walked her to her car, she watched him leave with sadness in her eyes scared she would never see him again. She arived home an hour later, put her phone on charge and took a shower. When she got out she checked her phone there was a text, it was from him! she was suprised but happy but also scared, would this tell her he hated the time they spent together? that he never wanted to talk to her again? she opened it and it read:

"hey hun, that kiss was amazing" she smiled so big and quickly hit reply
" yes but it broke my heart, now i know what i lost" a single tear rolled down her cheek
his reply was almost instant "im sorry, can i see you again?"

she told him yes and a week later she arived in his town and waited for him by her car he came up behind her and scared her, she laughed and smiled like a fool but couldnt help it he made her feel so good. He smiled back and told her he had made up his mind on somthing very important, she got a funny feeling in her tummy and it wasnt good but it wasnt bad either. She told him to ask her, by this time she was sitting on the hood of her car and he was leaning against the door avoiding her eyes, she got worried and he muttered somthing so soft she couldnt make it out
"what did you say?" She asked trying to catch his eye.
he sighed "i said... 'will you be my girlfriend again?'"
she smiled and didnt answer him instead she kissed him hard, when they finally broke the kiss he said ill take that as a yes.

Two months later it was halloween his mom had invited Alex to come stay the night with them and go on a hay ride she couldnt say yes fast enough, that saturday morning Dakota (Kota for short) came with his mom to pick her up. they had been seeing eachother almost every weekend by now, but today she got to meet his mom, two brothers, sister and three nephews, she was so scared but she bit her lip and faked it as she always said. They arrived at his house it was dark so they went out to the fire and sat on a log and waited for the hay ride to begin. Kota had to go and get ready to scared all of Chy's friends (his sister) and he did a great job he got them three times but Alex just laughed at there screams.
Later that night when all the kids and his family were asleep they layed on his fav. blanket by the warm fire and watched the stars holding eachother close and talked for hours. then suddenly the mood changed she looked over at him and saw a hunger in his eyes that mirrored hers but she was scared and he could see that he said it would be ok, he got ontop of her both of them completly nude and he gently, and softly careessed her and made love to her for the first time.

From that day on things changed, she treated him a king, gave him anything and everything she could, she did all she could to please him and please him she did, but he didnt appreciate it. She realised the love in his eyes had died but the love in hers burned like a passion from ten suns. she introduced him to all of her family and friends but when she thought things were going so well.. they turned sour!! He changed she felt no love around him, felt lonley in his arms, she still loved him with every fiber in her being, she gave him all of her but he didnt return the favor. He texted her the next day when he went home from being at her house for three days, telling her he didnt see her in his future. She was heart broken. She went to school and ranted and raved about how she didnt care that she could replace him as easy as snapping her fingures. It was the truth, but she couldnt do it she loved him.. you cant replace love that easy!

The End

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