Michael Keen: The Non-Existant Spy

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Micheal Keen and his Apprentence Spy Alex Cooper go on 3 missions together. 1st of many instalments

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



Michael Keen:


  The Non-existent spy




“As I’m sure you have been wondering, I am a spy, and I have gone through your laboratory destroying things and completely obliterating your small army; I am honestly very disappointed. I have heard all about you Mr.Speltanetii; your inclination to the north Korean army and your Russian connections; when I accepted this mission I was told to stay covert and boy did I try; I was told you would kill me on sight and not like the normal bad guys you see on TV I mean like really kill me on sight. So as you could imagine I am wondering what I’m still doing alive” said a tall sleek man in black while he took off his gloves and removed his smoke glasses, his deep blue eyes stared at the old man in the chair across from him behind the desk. The man was portly and very red he seemed like he wanted to talk but couldn’t. “You should know how rude it is to not greet a guest, oh right hold on a second I forgot” said the man in black holding his forehead and shaking it “you cant talk can you? Right that acid would have coagulated in you throat by now. It’s sad because I wanted to hear those empty threats you are probably screaming in your brain right now” the old man started to touch the desk as if trying to hold on to something; he gets up and throws the chair at the wall, he falls on the floor and makes a fist, he starts pounding on the floor and gasping for air “oh my goodness, scotch may I? Oh you don’t mind” the man dressed in black moved across the desk and poured himself a glass of brown tinted liquid; he removed his mask to reveal a young, lightly shaved face; the old man immediately recognized the man as his recently promoted head of weapons department “ you know that this is my weakness sir” he gulps down the shot and reveals his face once more but its full of pain and disgust; he shakes his head and it returns to normal “strong stuff sir really strong stuff; I’m sure you wont mind but I must get going; weapons to launch and countries to frame” the man laughs and shoots the window, the wind blows in and snow comes with it. He sprints out of it and lands on a mound of snow; he takes out a detonator from a utility pocket strapped to his right leg; he lifts the black piece and presses the red button a large blast from the laboratory knocks him forward about 20 feet “holey shit! Damn! That was not cool” he gets up, pulls out his PDA and presses a button, he smiles, and the screen blinks “Mission Complete”.









Michael sat in the corner of the room with a soda bottle in one hand and a fountain pen in the other he was filling out many forms that he had laid in front of himself “sup Mike? Filling out the mission forms for that gig last week with Vladimir Speltanetii? I heard you took nearly 3 weeks on that mission man that’s really long dude are you loosing it?” said a young 22 year old man; Michael didn’t even look up until he asked if he was “loosing it”; he moved the papers out of the way slowly and quickly grabbed the guy by his tie took a knife, stabbed the tie into the table and slowly spilled the soda on him, he got up with his papers and walked away. “ Who the fuck do you think you are Mike? Are you crazy?” said an 18-year-old man by the name of Alex, he was Michaels apprentice (a young spy in training) “who the fuck do you think you are? Talking to me like that” said Michael quickly turning around grabbing him by his collar and throwing him on the ground. “Your right I’m sorry, Its just that well that guy that you just embarrassed is Harrison’s nephew and well he’s Harrison so yeah” said Alex getting up off the floor and checking his glasses “you think I give a shit about what Harrison thinks?” they stood there for a couple of seconds “no I didn’t think so; oh and by the way get contacts, glasses don’t work as a spy” said Michael as he walked away “ meet me in the comp room, 30 minutes” yelled Michael as he walked down the long white hallway.

30 minutes later in the comp room Alex was waiting near the entrance. “Hey man, you really came and early too wow ok come on sit you look like a statue” said Michael as he pulled up a chair and put his sandwich on the table “umm, what exactly is this about?” asked Alex as he sat at the table, “here want a sandwich? I know you like ham and cheese so I got you that” said Michael not really looking up and pushing the sandwich across the table, “umm sure thanks, but what is this about?” asked Alex as he unwrapped the sandwich and took a bite “oh right umm, yeah your coming with me to china” said Michael as he took a bite of his sandwich “wait what?!? Really? Holy shit man that’s awesome!” said Alex as he bugged his eyes and wiped his mouth “Shhh! Damn your loud, yeah your coming so get ready I need your help, um pack three suits and your gun” said Michael as he took another bite, he winked at Alex.

Michael was walking down the hall going to the chem. Lab but was stopped by a rumbling voice “hey Keen, who the fuck do you think you are? Messing with my nephew like that I heard he didn’t do shit to you and you spilled your soda on him” said a big man in a army jacket “oh yeah tell him he owes me 75 cents” said Michael not looking up from his papers “yeah we’ll see keen” said the big man falling behind.

The sound of the jet roared as Alex stood on in front of it while his black armony suit swayed in the wind. Michael came through the door in a gray suit and speeder glasses a newspaper in one hand and brief case in the other. “Hey your late, again” said Alex as Michael threw the newspaper at him and walked into the jet. Alex walked in staring at the newspaper “Hydeo Shurumaki? Isn’t he Japanese?” asked Alex as he sat down “yeah”, “so why are we going to china?” asked Alex confused “turn the page” said Michael slightly annoyed Alex read:



All the Asian world leaders are coming

together to discuss all the problems

surrounding their continent….



“Oh ok cool so what are we doing here anyway?” asked Alex looking up from the paper “ we’re here to kill him” said Michael signaling the flight attendant to come towards them “what?! He’s a very nice man he helps children and donates money to federations concerning poor people and stuff like that” said Alex in shock “ can I get a glass of scotch? Thank you very much” said Michael taking off his glasses “I don’t care, and you should know that our organization is not the most celebrated bunch, and you have to deal with it”.

Later in the hotel Michael was on the bed and Alex was in the bathroom. Michael had a relatively good build for a spy; he had a clear six pack and bulging biceps but still retained his young slender form he was 28 and a very good spy he would often deal with assassinations and long term country redirection schemes. Alex had a normal build an obvious youngness was about him he wore thin glasses and had green eyes; this would be the first mission he has ever been on. In the Gray Skull (the organization Michael and Alex worked for) a rookie would be designated to a more experienced spy to learn the ropes and the experienced spy would choose when the rookie was ready to go on a mission. “So who’s this guy, who wants him dead and why?” asked Alex as he walked out of the bathroom and took the toothbrush out of his mouth. “Hydeo Shurumaki is a Japanese Army General and is very powerful he has connections with the north Korean military so that crap about children and poor people is just to make him look good he doesn’t give a shit about them, I couldn’t give a shit who wants him dead or why, all I know is that the skull wants him dead and the skull is my boss, so what ever they want I do” said Michael not even looking up from his folder full of papers. “I don’t know how you don’t even care about who your killing and… I just don’t understand how you can do it” said Alex staring at Michael. Michael slowly looked up “excuse me can give me that glass of water? Thank you” Michael said as he grabbed the glass and threw it in his face “are you crazy? Are you fucking crazy? How is it you want to be a spy and care about who you’re killing? Alex I know that I trained you better then that, plus I know everything about the person I’m killing I just don’t care who wants him dead” they just sat there for a couple of seconds. “Yo-, you messed up my hair” Michael stared astonished. “I messed up your hair? What the fuck does that mean?” asked Michael with a disgusted face. “I just did my hair and you messed it up… with the water” said Alex with a fully honest face. “I just noticed your sitting on my bed like a teenage girl coming to her father for advice, plus you nasty foot is touching my leg and I am thoroughly uncomfortable now get the fuck off!!” said Michael as he kicked Alex in the chest, turned off the light and said “goodnight”. “Can I turn on the light? I can’t see”. “If you turn the light on I will shoot you in the face” said Michael in the dark; “ok, sorry”.

Alex woke up with a smash of a vase he looked over to the right side of the room where the door was; there he saw Michael in a struggle with a man. Michael had the guy against the wall with his left arm above his head and his right across his chest, he head butted the man in the nose, he started bleeding; the man kicked Michael in the chest he flew back, Michael pulled out his gun and pointed it at the man the man ran out the door and down the hall way Michael followed and Alex got out of the bed, “where the hell is my gun?! Shit!” said Alex as he searched the room, the man pulled out his gun and turned a corner Michael dived into a niche in the hall, the man fired away Michael kept suppressive fire, he heard the distinct sound of a clip unloading; Michael took this chance, holstered his gun and made a sprint to the man, he heard the man reload and cock his gun; Michael turned the corner to find the barrel in his face he quickly grabbed the gun, turned the mans arm around so his fingers where behind his back facing the floor, then he kicked the man behind his knee and kneed him in the chest, unholstered his gun and forced the barrel into his skull, the man screamed and blood sprayed into Michaels face and suit “son of a bitch!” said Michael forcing the barrel into the mans neck and shooting. Alex came around the corner to find a blood soaked Michael and the mans body lying at his feet “holy shit Mike!”; “we’re leaving, get our bags and meet me downstairs” said Michael moving to the elevator.

  The cab pulled up to a big hotel. Michael said something in mandarin to the cab driver and gave him three bills and said something else not accepting the mans change. “Here, hold on to this” said Michael handing Alex a Black snipers mask and smoke glasses. “What’s this for?” asked Alex looking at the equipment. “I am sick and tiered of you asking me fucking questions, understand me? You will put that on and you will do it when I tell you. I will go in there, scan the area come back tell you the situation and we will go in based on my tactics. Got it?” said Michael very sternly. “Yes sir” said Alex a bit shocked. Michael walked in and looked around he noticed a lot of men in black suits “conichiwa” said Michael in an obviously tourist accent. He walked up to the register; “So I would like to rent a room here can you get me a room somewhere near the bottom floor, I’m afraid of heights” chuckled Michael in a very odd voice “yes sir we can, can we get your credit card or are you paying in cash?” asked the man behind the desk. “Oh, no I have travelers checks is that a problem?” asked Michael reaching into his back pocket. “Oh, no it’s perfectly fine” said the smiling man. “Oh, I’m afraid I left it in my bag outside ill be right back” said Michael turning around. Michael walked up to Alex right outside. “Five men two to the left three to the right, you take the left then kill the man at the desk and move to the elevator and follow me” said Michael grabbing the bags and throwing them to the side after grabbing his mask and glasses. “You mean the matredee” said Alex putting on his mask. “ What the fuck is wrong with you” asked Michael putting on his mask. They walked in Alex got two headshots on the two men and three body shots on the man behind the desk Michael quickly got through the three men went behind the desk “get the elevator” said Michael as he worked on the computer. “26th floor, room 562” said Michael as he jumped over the desk, walked into the elevator and Alex pressed the button. The doors opened Michael shot the key and two men coming down the hall. He walked down the hall “565, 564, 563; here it is” said Michael as Alex restrained his question. They got in easily and Michael moved towards the balcony “ok shoot through the wall, empty your clip. When I tell you” said Michael opening the door to the balcony. “Now!” yelled Michael as he jumped from one balcony to the other. He could hear two grunts and a command in mandarin; he put three shots into the glass door; he kicked it open and holstered his gun a man came from his right pointing a gun Michael quickly grabbed his hand and hit his arm against the door breaking it, kicked the man into a nearby dresser, unholstered his gun and put two bullets in his chest. He saw the general get up; “This is from the Skull” said Michael before translating it in Japanese and putting two bullets into his forehead. “Alex! Look outside the door!” said Michael moving towards the door. Alex quickly went out the door and shot the two men trying to open the door to the left. “We’re leaving, now!” said Michael as he moved to the stairwell.

The window was moist as Alex stared out it. Michael took out his PDA, “oh is that the mission counter?” asked Alex taking a sip of gin. “Yeah” said Michael as he pressed the button making the screen flash “Mission Complete”.






Michael and Alex sat at a round table in a very dark room. A man walked in. “How are you today Michael?” asked the old man of about 62 wearing a gray suit and a pocket watch. “Very well sir, this is Alex my apprentice and we just got back from Hong Kong, dealing with the Shurumaki ordeal; of course we had a slight problem in the beginning where they knew we were there but I decided to just go straight at them, no one saw us, I’m sure” said Michael getting up and handing the folder to the old man. “Very well Keen, Mission complete. Oh and your money is wired to your account, Alex you have to come get yours tomorrow this same room and time” said the old man getting up. “How muh-“ said Alex before Michael elbowed him in the stomach.








Mission 2



Michael was sitting in the lunchroom with Alex. “Why are you always doing paper work?” asked Alex as he took a spoon of pudding and swallowed it. “Because, now bare with me I don’t want to do it at home where I would rather not do shit, now if you would like to spend that time that you could be… going out with your ‘girlfriends’ meeting some hot guys at the town chip and dales doing mind grueling work that’s up to you” said Michael as he ate a piece of stake. “You are so rude” said Alex as he got up and left the lunchroom. “Hey Michael” said a woman with a tray “can I sit down?”; “Do you have scotch?” asked Michael looking very serious. “Yes, I do I know you don’t make appointments unless you have scotch” chuckled the woman as she handed him a glass. “Can we talk?” asked the woman. “No I have things I have to do, a briefing about another mission” said Michael as he stood up and moved to the door. “Are you taking that blond haired beauty, you know the one that looks like he likes it doggy style?” chuckled the woman. Michael laughed as he headed down the hallway.

Michael saw Alex sitting with his head in plenty of papers. “I see you took my actions in heart hu?” said Michael as he sat down at the table next to him. “Yeah, so are we going on another mission or what?” asked Alex taking off his glasses. “Yes, next is my specialty, Country redirection schemes, another word for framing to stop a small battle between two countries” said Michael as he put his feet up. “Who’s the lucky country?” said Alex getting in closer to Michael. “Drum roll please… Amur” said Michael as he got up and started walking out. “We are moving, lets go!” said Michael opening the door and Alex quickly got up and walked out with Michael.

“So where’s Amur?” said Alex as he sat in the seat nearest to the window. “In Russia. It has some problems with Afghanistan; and that’s who we are redirecting” said Michael as he signaled the flight attendant. “That does not sound like the moral thing to do” said Alex looking into Michael’s eyes. “Alex? Why are you in this organization?” said Michael as he took off his glasses. “To help my country and because I’ve always wanted to be a spy” said Alex still gazing into Michaels eyes. “First, we don’t always do things for the United States, and secondly we don’t do things morally I will promise you, you will not do a single moral mission ok? So shut up and get some sleep it’s a 16 hour flight”.

“Don’t you have like a connection here or something like that?” Alex said as he picked up a glass of lemonade. “No, you’re the only help I will ever need, and even with that I don’t really need you your just another room in a mansion, your not necessary its just nice to know that I can use you for something, like now, go get that guys phone” said Michael as he pointed to a old balding man in a green suit. “I’ll meet you in our room” said Michael as he got up and walked away. Alex got up and slowly walked to the man; he started to think of what he could possibly do to get it, then he smiled. He waited for the bus to start going past him, then he started running. “Stop wait! Shit! Stop!” screamed Alex as he ran past the tables he finally got to the old man; he bumped into the table grabbed the phone and the drinks and table went flying, he fell on the floor. “I’m so sorry sir goddamn it! Fucking bus! Stop!” screamed Alex as he ran and rounded the corner.

Alex entered the room smiling and breathing heavily. “I got it” said Alex as he walked to the bathroom and Michael without looking from his book gave a thumbs up. Alex closed the bathroom door, Michael whistled, Alex opened the door; Michael opened his palm and caught the phone once again without looking from his book.

The next morning Alex woke up without a fight but once again Michael was not there. He saw a note on a cart from Michael:


You where late waking up, that is unacceptable, you should learn that

my time is very precious next time wake up early. I’ll meet you in the café, I wrote this at 5 in the morning I’m only waiting till 6; hope you make it. 


Alex looked at the clock radio it read: 5:50. Alex knew he could make it if he ran like he did yesterday.

“I made it!” said Alex as Michael sat back down. “Perfect timing, I was going to leave. Now go get cleaned up, take a shower, put on a nice suit… I can wait” said Michael said smiling as he picked up his cup of coffee; Alex slowly slumped over and turned around.

“Ok here take this” Michael said as he handed Alex his brief case. “You’re my head of security and your name is Fox Trat, my name is Charles Minkez a wealthy arms dealer that deals specifically with Russians I’ve already made a name for myself here and that’s how they know me I’m afraid after this I cant do missions here any more which is why I’m introducing you to this land, Russia is my specialty got it?” said Michael as they got closer to the entry of a big building. “Not exactly” said Alex as they got closer to the door. “Oh well. Sir how are you? This is my newly erected head of security” said Michael shaking the hand of a tall man with a woman to his left. “What happened to the girl you had, she was very pretty and very good” asked the tall man in an obvious Russian accent. “Oh you mean Sharon? Yes It’s sad, she was shot down in a crossfire in North Korea” said Michael as they started walking towards the door.

The man walked by a woman at a desk and opened the door to his office. “Please come in” he said as he opened it. “Stay here Fox, I’ll be back” said Michael as he walked in the door. The meeting took thirty minutes, Alex heard Michael speak Russian, and quit fluently. Michael walked out of the room smiling and laughing. “Ok well we will be back in two days to do business with you sir I hope you are happy with our arrangements” said Michael as he walked out and Alex followed behind him.

“How many languages do you speak?” asked Alex as they sat in their hotel room. “116, dialects” said Michael not looking up from his papers. “Bullshit!” said Alex slouching over in his chair with a smirk on his face. Michael looked up, “no, not bullshit, I deal only in Asia and Russia; in eastern Asia alone there are over 1,000 dialects, plus Indian, then theirs Russian, I should know more, tomorrow we head to Afghanistan” said Michael as he got back to his papers. “But we have a meeting with Chikaneli tomorrow” said Alex sitting back and sipping on his cup of coffee. “He can wait, plus it shows I’m busy” said Michael as he put the papers on the nearby night table.

Michael got of the jet first in a bulletproof suit, and Alex second without. “What are you afraid of being killed?” asked Alex as they walked down the tarmac. “No, but I have made a name for Charles here and he’s slightly paranoid so this is the way I travel here” said Michael as they went into a nearby jeep. “What are we doing here? And at night” asked Alex as they walked on a ridge above a surrounded warehouse. “This is our redirection scheme. Here put this on and meet me over there” said Michael as he gave Alex a wet suit and the usual snipers mask and smoke glasses. Alex walked up to a shadow man silhouetted by the moon. “Are you ready?” asked Michael as he silenced his M9. “Yeah” said Alex slightly scared. “Look, Alex, this is real we can not be caught. We have to do this perfectly. You will go where I tell you; do what I tell you. We have limited supplies; in this bag there are 5 cases of C4 all to be placed at the opposite end of where I put my five. Are we understood?” asked Michael as they walked farther on the ridge.

Michael put the bag that they held their supplies in on the barbed wire above the fence. They climbed over and quickly ran to a supply truck. Michael put a case of C4 under the truck, looked back and signaled Alex to run along the line of trucks to the opposite end. “Oh, and go into the warehouse when you get there” said Michael handing Alex the bag of cases. Michael slowly opened the door and saw a man going to the opposite end to where Alex would enter. Michael quickly ran up to the man grabbed his rifle that he had on a sling and put it in front of his neck pulling him back into a covered area. The man elbowed Michael in the stomach, he got knocked back but quickly regained himself, unsheathed his knife ran up to the guy as he turned around. Michael tackled the guy to the ground and stuck the knife up his jaw into his mouth just as the man opened his mouth to scream. Michael took his knife back and put the man outside when he entered he saw Alex at the opposite door; Michael pointed forward. Michael saw a beam and placed a case at the base, Alex did the same. They placed two more cases at three more beams and exited. They met up again just outside of the warehouse. “Go to that little house over there take your mask off, look into the camera, place the case on the door and run as fast as you can I’ll meet you back at the jeep” said Michael as he climbed over the fence, he dropped down. “What! I have to do this? I will be killed Mike!” sad Alex as he shook the fence. “Do you want to be in this business? Well do you?!” asked Michael staring into Alex’s eyes. “Yes of course” said Alex. “Then you have to do this. They know you’re my assistant, seeing you is what this redirection is all about. Now go here” said Michael handing Alex the detonator. “Run about 30 yards and press the red button under this little switch, got it?” asked Michael as he walked up the ridge. Alex could see men walking back and forth, he knew that these where not premeditated routs so predicting when a man would come and go was nearly impossible. He saw a truck moving out the gate he knew he could use that to get to the other side (where the house was). He saw his chance and ran right behind a small platoon of men a jeep past right behind him as he ran up beside the truck the light shined on his face he quickly slid below the truck and out the other side and continued in a mad dash. He saw the house and a light post that illuminated it. He took out his case, ran up to the door looked into the camera and placed the case on the door, he heard a man scream and the sirens sound he ran and jumped into the nearby forest. As he got farther in he took out the detonator and pressed the button the sound of the explosion made him shake; he turned in the direction of the rendezvous point and ran as fast as he could. “Word is already in Russia, we can’t go back they know you as the one who did that; I spoke to Chikaneli he said that you should leave which we are, he’s still on our side; not for long though when his country gets in a war then we are official not able to do redirection schemes there for quite some time. Here… go ahead you deserve it” said Michael as he gave Alex a PDA, he pressed a button in the middle and the screen flashes “Mission Complete”.






The duo was in the briefing room talking over (Michael) Scotch and (Alex) Burbin. “Hey, Mike. Check out my contacts, see” said Alex opening his eyes. “Oh, yeah good, makes it easier for you, by the way you did a great job with the Afghanistan job” said Michael before chugging down on his glass of ill tainted drink. “Thanks” said Alex just as the old man walked in. “How did it go Keen?” asked the old man. “Very well Mr. McCoy, uh” he paused. “What’s your last name?” He asked Alex. “Cooper” answered Alex quickly. “Right, Agent Cooper, has shown some serious improvement and honestly I would recommend him to be promoted to a Personal Agent” said Michael taking a small glance at Alex who was smiling. “No, I’m afraid not, he has done some good work I agree but to be personal already is ridicules; I’ll tell you what, if he can do this next Mission well then I’ll consider it” said the old man grabbing the folder from Michael and leaving the room. 




Mission 3



Alex was walking down the hallway thinking about the deal they might have just made. Alex might be able to go personal; which means he’ll be doing missions without supervision. He walked into the lunchroom and saw Michael talking with a blond woman. “Hey what’s up Mike?” asked Alex walking up to the table. “Hey Alex this is Christy Lengero, she used to be my apprentice and went personal after saving my life in Russia, she faked her death so she cant do redirection schemes there any more” said Michael making room for Alex. “Your old head of security?” asked Alex confused. “Yeah, anyway we have to leave; new mission, it’s an Assassination” said Michael as he got up and Alex followed behind. He looked back and winked at Christy.

Michael and Alex where in their usual spots (Alex in the bathroom and Michael on the bed). “So is that?” asked Alex as he pointed at a large black case resting on the closet door. “The gun? Yeah” said Michael glancing over at the case before getting back to his folder. “Yes! We will be doing a snipe; shit you should learn to ask questions” said Michael looking over his folder to see a confused Alex.

 Michaels suit swayed in the wind on the very high, very old hotel building that stood above a Russian audience, Alex walked slowly behind him. “Where is he?” asked Alex as he kneeled near the ledge. “Right there” said Michael as he opened the case and put the large rifle together. “What’s this?” asked Alex staring at another black case. “Yours” said Michael aiming at nothing. “What!?” asked Alex slowly moving back. “I don’t know how to snipe” said Alex. In the Gray Skull they didn’t teach their agents about shooting or anything like that; only about simple fighting and some gun handling skills. “I’m not asking you to; I’m asking you to shoot it, hopefully somewhere near them” said a busy Michael. “You will, ugh” said Michael as he got up. “Go to that building” said Michael as he went to the lateral side and pointed to a lower building. “Then when you shoot; which will be after me; run to the back” said Michael moving along the ledge. “Jump down onto that balcony and continue moving down; through the balconies” said Michael straining the last words. “Ok” said a nervous Alex, taking the case and moving to the door. Michael came behind him with a C4 case and electric tape. “Trap?” asked Alex as he opened the door. “Yes Alex” said an annoyed Michael. Michael could see Alex get into position. Three black Cadillac’s pulled up behind the crowd. A tall man got out of the middle car in a long over coat; he had a bandage on one side of his face; Michael wanted to end this as soon as possible. He aimed at the tall man and steadied his gun. He breathed in; the man looked back slightly but continued on. Michael breathed in, and took the shot it hit the man right behind the neck, about a millisecond later Alex took his shot it went through the mans arm and hit one of his bodyguards in the stomach. Michael saw Alex run as fast as he could, he got up and slowly walked to the ledge of the building. Alex maneuvered himself to fall on the balcony below him and continued the rhythm. Michael hooked a wire on a latch he put on the ledge, he fell down quickly, the wire got caught and he crashed through a window, “shit” Michael got up and broke the door down he saw three men going up the stairs. He quickly ran to the staircase and ran down stairs, he could hear the explosion go off and men yell as the buildings siren went off.





Michael and Alex sat on opposite sides of the table. Michael on the right with crossed arms. Alex on the right tapping his fingers on the table. Mr. McCoy walked in with a folder and sat down. “Ok, how did it go Keen?” asked McCoy as he looked on them. “Well sir, Alex did wonderfully; he who has had no prior sniping experience took out one of the bodyguards, and made a near perfect escape, better then I actually sir” said Michael as he gave McCoy the folder he was holding. “Ok, uh Agent Cooper you are now Promoted to Personal Agent, and can now do your own missions come to this room for your briefing on a new mission and your advance training” said McCoy as he got up and left. Alex new he would rarely see Michael and was afraid that he would be ten times as busy as him. But that is still to be decided; the fate of Michael Keen and Alex Cooper are yet to be sealed.

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