The Elite Military Task Force

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A small elite military platoon has more then just solid tacticts, a sturdy leader and free pass to do waht ever they want during a mission... they have powers. Oh and remember im not done you guys have to wait for the rest. your lucky your getting this lol.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



The Elite


A small team of 4 men and 1woman stood in a circle at the bottom of a stairwell dressed all in black wearing hoods with black smoke glasses and sniper masks. It’s pitch black and a small glimmer of the team leaders (Riley Ferro, AKA Rift) night vision goggles is the most light anyone sees; “ok, now I just got the schematics of this place, 24 stories up is the objective, also recon just reached us that there are 6 men each with M9’s and MP5’s were going in, muzzle your dogs,” said Riley while putting the silencer on his M14. “Just now? We just got this information? We are leading this mission and should get all the info faster then anyone else!” said Marisa Valentine (AKA Sonic) while she put a silencer on her P90. Marisa is the only girl in the E.M.T.F (the Elite Military Task Force) a small 12-person platoon containing the first recorded mutants in the United States military.

Chapter 2

“Chill Mar, at least we got it, so what’s next Sarge?” asked Damien Valentine (AKA Safarsi) as he hits a clip into his silenced G3 and cocks it. “Now, we go and kick some ass; light up” says Riley as he pulled his night vision goggles down above his glasses as the rest of his team did. As the door to the 25 floor slowly opens Riley’s M14 barrel peaks out; he touches Fox Winters (AKA Shears) shoulder signaling him to go in. Fox slowly enters the large dark room, he could clearly see six men with sub-machine guns pointed at their hostages; he points his silenced M4 at the large window, but stops, grins and makes 4 spikes appear from nowhere and shoot straight through the large window breaking it, and in a chain reaction forced an air lock effect. Riley came running up “all the hostages are kneeling down over in the corner” said Fox shooting down an ETP (Easy Target Practice), Riley ran in and ducked behind a column, he sees his 3 other soldiers march in and take cover, on the balcony a sniper takes aim at Marisa, Riley quickly takes action and forces a wave of mass energy to the sniper and shoves him into the wall. Damien quickly turns into a hawk and fly’s down toward an ETP and snatches his eye out of his socket, as the ETP starts to squirm Damien turns back into a human, lands on him and stabs him in the neck, he then starts to run to cover as he is getting shot at; when he dives he gets shot in his knee, he cant move and starts to scream. “SHIT!! Fox!! Get your ass over here now!!” Fox starts to run throwing a spike threw an ETPs heart; he dives right in front of a screaming Damien, he starts to work his magic; Fox is the teams medic and is damn good at it too. Marisa starts to move to their flank on the wall she is grabbed by her arm and forced into submission; Riley takes aims, an ETP does the same “don’t you fucking move you freak or I swear to god Ill blow your fucking brain out of that pretty little head” said the ETP while pointing his M9 at Riley; “oh come on there’s no need to curse, you fucking dick” said Riley grinning and trying to look back at the ETP but not daring to move his head. “Do you have a shot Phoenix?” said Riley whispering into his collar “not without hurting Mar, and your guy… no sorry” said a one eyed sniper about 3 blocks away Phoenix St. Claire (AKA Ocelot); Riley quickly turned around grabbing the ETP’s arm, breaking it and shouting “NOW MAR, NOW!!!” Marisa Screams and an earsplitting wave of sound made both of the ETPs shriek; Marisa elbows the ETP in the face and slices his throat the body falls off out the open window as that’s where he led Marisa to; Riley knees the ETP in the back and forces his knife into his esophagus.

Chapter 3

At the HQ the whole team buckles down for their normal everyday family like dinner. “Hey sarge can you pass me that bowl of mashed potatoes; hey Mar can I get that plate of corn; hey shear do me a solid and give me those biscuits, thanks” said Damien at the end of the table resting his leg on the nearby chair. “Jesus Christ Dam here; hey babe can you pass me the O.J, thanks” said Riley while handing Damien the bowl; he gave Marisa a kiss after she gave him the mug. “Hey Ocelot; tell every one about the story in nam`” said Fox while munching down on a biscuit. “Ok, so I was in nam`; on a ridge sniping out a small village littered with grunts, I could see ‘em all down there just locken’ and loaden’ ready to go into the nearby village where plenty of marines had laid refuge. My partner Jimmy “Head Hunter” McCoy one of the best snipers I’ve seen… well, since me ha” Phoenix laughed as he right before he took out a canteen of whiskey and guzzled it down he revealed his face and a look of pain and disgust filled his face. Phoenix was clearly over 50 but not clearly old, most people found it difficult to describe him; he believed in the rough neck, old, hard, best way of doing things, especially sniping he used an M40 with a little upgrade it could use a silencer and it had a range view of a little over 400 meters. Phoenix had a slight beard but not too much of it; and a marines cut, he was missing an eye, the left one, luckily the one he doesn’t need to snipe; he has a very well build, wears a tight digital camo shirt, spandex and standard marine, rough, black pants (only for casualty) while sniping he would put on what ever camo worked best with his surroundings. He continued “so Jimmy was ‘bout 120 yards away on the ledge; we got the word and started to rain fire and hail upon the grunts men just falling down after 25 men my hand got shaky from the vibration of the shots I heard a crack of the bushes behind us and I quickly turned around, aimed and clipped the guy in his left shoulder he fell and screamed I could see Jimmy move his head but I paid him no mind and ran towards him put my barrel to his throat and fired I saw another man coming in behind jimmy I screamed out to him Jimmy turned around but couldn’t shoot in time the man fired his AK into ‘em I shot the guy in his leg bringing him down I ran over there as soon as possible I wanted to not only check on Jimmy but get this guy up close I grabbed the guys head and just as I did that he swung his arm around and slashed my eye; I screamed punched the guy in his balls as hard as I could, got on top of him and slowly sliced his neck from left to right I grinned as his neck spewed blood” said Phoenix looking out the window “god O. I forgot how awesome you where ha” chuckled Fox as Phoenix moved closer to the fire as they had all moved into the living room, Riley sitting in the solo chair while Marisa sat on top of him Fox tending to Damien’s wound on one side of the carpet and Phoenix on another side telling the story. “Ha. Yeah I guess I was pretty cool, so yeah that’s how I lost my eye and as I went back to the base I hit a car it broke almost into and so was then admitted into a psychology center because I was thought a freak until you where found Riley and it automatically was not as weird to have powers and they found they needed us” Marisa smiled at Riley and gave him a kiss. Riley is a very handsome young man of 28;The scar on his right cheek offten gets questions about what he does. Riley and Marisa are sleeping in their bed, the coldness in the air is visible. Marisa turns over on her back. Riley's beads of sweat drop down to his already soaked pillow. Marisas soft hand touches it, she flinches. She sits up, "Riley wake up, wake up honey". Riley gets up in a frantic wrestle. "Wha.. oh no, im sorry mar" Riley said wipeing his forehead. "No its ok dont worry about it i understand". Riley had been having these nightmares since he was 16, right after his father was killed.

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