The Town Hopper

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Max Monroe is a very paranoid man and has always been that way, yet the fact that he is most likely the smartest man you've ever met makes he fit and ready for hi robbery.

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



The Town Hopper

8:00 AM


Another town, another day. I move to different towns almost every month, uh there it is the familiar sound of the cops’ sirens; time to pack it up once more. So I go up to my room, open my room safe, and remove the recently counted 4.3 million dollars, huh, its funny because last night must have been the best count ever, got so much out of that, just thinking of it makes me tingle, I love it.

3:00 AM Last night


First national bank of Greenville funny I thought only city’s had toughs well I got in now it’s 3:06 and I’m right in front of the vault, got a nice look at the locks, deactivating the locks will not be easy, have to shock the chip to make it over drive and eventually give in, and yes it opened I love the sound of a v23g system giving way I just get a feeling of assurance. Oh wait an open of the door, first time I’ve ever been caught in the act before (well at least never before by my self), I hide behind a wall, he walks in, a huge gasp assure me that he saw the vault. He starts to walk towards the vault, 1,2,3,4,5 steps he’s right next to me, left side step chop to the neck, he pulls out his gun, I grab his arm, twist it, I hear a cracking sound he lets out a small screech just before he drops his gun, and I grab his mouth, and turn his head to the left, he falls in my arms, so I let him go and go back to the already open vault, steal almost 2.1 million dollars, I get it in the duffle bags and leave right out the front door, the fact that I have already disabled all the security systems really helped me.


8:15 AM


It’s funny how the hotel manager never notice me (not that I’m complaining I like to play the traveling encyclopedia salesmen) with 4.3 million dollars it’s funny how many salesman looking things you can buy, but it’s the thing I have that other people cant buy…. I guess that I’m naturally nice. Well next town is my last one I’m going to make it count.




4:30 PM later that same day


Ok here I am burgundy town and there it is the bank “Max, oh my god Max Monroe I cant believe it what are you doing back here I thought I would never see you again” damn it, Kelly Fergusson I knew I had been here already, but not on business, but for play, the last time I was here I had sex with Kelly her father shot me in the leg with a 45. Caliber pistol that crap hurt.


12:26 AM 10 years ago



“Wow that was amazing so are you ready to go again”, ‘hell yes ok come on’, bam the door opens caught with my pants down literally “I knew you were fooling around with that damn Monroe kid, you had it so well with that bellman boy”, “daddy I told you, I did not like him I love Max”, “is this true boy” ‘yes I love her’,  “I don’t care get out” bam, the shot hit my leg I notice it but I don’t scream or fall instead I…. I…smile and go after his gun after that I pistol whip him and knock him unconscious I don’t know how I knew how to do that, I just did, It tingles some thing I have never felt, and she (not like a normal person) she just looked, and started to laugh, and got off the bed, and kissed me, she whispered in my ear the most fearsome yet most awesome idea “lets kill him, 5 million dollars and we can split it, no one will guess, he fell down the stairs and died we can keep the house and live together, come on baby lets just stage it now and go to the police”…….ok fine. She gives me a kiss, we pick him up and take him to the stairs, and we let him go as he plummets down she screams and looks at me she smiles, we then go to the sheriff and let her know our story the next day the house is empty and we have sex, after that she asks me for another favor “do you want more money” ‘well actually, yes I do’ “ok so, lets rob the bank” ‘this bank’? “No the one in the next town we cant get caught” ‘…ok fine lets go’ “now?” ‘Yes now’ “ok”.


4:36 PM present day


 She was in control; all humans just want to be in control. That was the first time I’ve ever done anything bad…but then again who can define bad I mean no one can ever really say who’s wrong and who’s right if any one was ever really perfect than no one would ever question him right because he is the perfect one unless I was correct in my theory above that humans want to be in control, yet they still want people to tell them what to do but in a secret way right, then why would they elect president instead of a king or why even elect any one if they are just planning to do as they please, so my last theory still stands we want to think that we are I control when we are clearly not. “Wow you have become quite the man, so handsome oh and how you’ve grown” ‘you have no idea’ “ha.ha.ha your still the funniest man I’ve met thus far” ‘oh really so are you going to invite me in’ “sure, sure please come in” as I walk by her I see her bite her bottom lip always a sign of lust this is going to be the best visit ever.


2:57 AM 10 years ago


Ok so how about this as I unlock the vault “yep” she gives me a kiss we get all the money and we’re out of there, a man is coming down the hallway she pushes me to the side grabs my knife and rips her shirt she’s there just topless her breast in the air and starts to walk towards him he lets his guard down and grabs her breast I jump in anger was I truly in love with this woman but I restrain my anger and watch and just as he goes in for a kiss she stabs him in the neck and slices it all around killing him I’m over come with anger as I run to her and cover her body with mine she chuckles and walks away with me.


4:42 PM present day


The visit was pretty standard we talked a lot about the old times all until she stood up and started to walk towards me I just sat there I knew what was coming so I got ready so to speak. She stood over me blond hair sparkling in the sun the smell of her perfume radiated off her as she stood over me unbuttoning her shirt and sitting on my lap and bouncing up and down by the time she is topless I have already joined in the fun taking off my shirt and pants and holding her waist, but wait this is not why I came here, I just cant stop she has over come me, again.


8:34 AM 9 years ago


After about 5 years of dating she wanted to get married I thought that it was a good idea at first but things changed.


5:00 PM 1 month after wedding


“Ok how about this we go to France and steal the Crown De Lafiet” wait that would be with the lost treasure of Sir Frances Drake “exactly I know a guy that says that he might know were it is” might, might, might come on baby that’s ridicules no one knows were that thing is, its impossible “fine don’t go ok but I am” no hold on a minute we don’t need to go and get that we can go and steal the staff of bernan de la forestee` “no I cant do that I’m going to pursue other things”………what, what the hell are you talking about the plain that I’m talking about is priceless literally “no you don’t understand I cant stay with you any more, this whole marriage thing is really putting a strain on our relationship”……….you have got to be kidding me you and your crazy ass asked me to marry you I did not want this but I love you so I did we don’t have to be married to be in love come on lets get divorced and continue our life “no no sorry I cant” what why not “…….just kidding I love you honey but on the trip I was planning to ask you if you wanted to have a baby in SAINT BARDS” and with that we went down there and she got pregnant and 9 months later I was a dad I was never actually planning to be one but for the next 8 months I was but then we hit a stump on a job in Spain(and yes that means that we still were doing our “job”)we got caught we had to run we had decided to protect them I would run out of town and they would not be bothered by the police she promised she would no longer steal, I on the other hand could not promise that so I promised I would be back soon. 


6:06 PM present day



Ok a very full hearted sexual encounter we just laid there as I was listening to her life story after I left I started to think about my son. Were is Jonathan “oh right I forgot to tell you that he’s at the camp just out of town he’s turning” yea I know 14 in 2 days “you remember” how can I forget he’s my son for gods sake do you really think that I would forget about him “your right I’m sorry it’s just that… I don’t know why I ever questioned your love I’m sorry” it’s all right so what’s the camps name.

7:00 PM later that same day


“Camp Wicca-wacka” is this it ok fine as I step through the front gate I see a big bonfire and a lot of kids next to it and there all just dancing and laughing I step in and look around and in a far corner I see three little boys going into what looked like the camp instructor’s cabin there sneaking in. “hey chuck hand me that barby pin…thanks what are you doing with a girly object like this, just in case your boyfriend pops up on you, you can do your hair really quick, ha.ha.ha” “shut up Johnny” “ok I got it were in,go.go.go” as they march in with paper Mache` bows and arrows at the ready I follow them to get a better view. “Ok mike hold down the stairs and Ivan watch the door chuck come with me, ok Philip screw driver, thank you, ok play dough, thank you, last but not least mach, fire in the hole” as my son was instructing such a very intelligent break in I stated to think do I really want him to end up like me or is following my foot steps going to help him get his life together. “Ok boys get the stuff” “ Johnny there’s some one coming he’s not even in the camp staff” then who is it…oh my god that’s my dad” “you have a dad” “ of course I have a dad” “oh no it’s just because I thought that you were spawned in some tube in Roswell ha.ha.ha.ha”. As I walked towards the cabin I asked myself if this is the right thing to do to test my son and see if he’s as good a thief as me “hey who are you” none of your business ok “o…k”. Ok put that duffle bag behind the table and go up stairs every one go” how about you” “don’t worry you pansy”. I step in and look around I see him there looks like a splitting image of me about 4’2,blond hair, blue eyes, and the most sincere look of happiness on his face as he runs towards me I take a quick look around the room to see were the bags were and I noticed his eyes shift to the table…. Gocha oh wow your so big my god kid how are you “great dad so are you here to stay” as my son spoke those words I thought am I going to steal then just stay here is that even possible…. yes of course I’m going to stay here with you and your mom “really that’s so cool cause I’ve been needing a father figure next to me” ha-ha very funny kid but there’s no reason to soften me up I will never leave ok “ ok” so what are you doing here “nothing this is my cabin” really so you have quite the cabin here so is this your kitchen well lets go up to your room and see your bed “no,no,no it’s ok lets go and meet all the other camp mates” no I already meet them your camp instructor is a di…..a dork lets go up. As he tried to stop me I knew I would have to tell him at one point that I do what I do. Oh ok who are all these kids Johnny “ok these are my room mates, this is chuck, Ivan, and Mike” ok so you guys sleep in the same room “yea, why” oh nothing just because there’s only one bed so how do’s that work out “oh no you see we” its ok I’m not going to rat you guys out “how did you know” well first you guys looked pretty scared when I came in here oh and it says camp instructor on the front door so “ok”


7:30 PM down stairs


So this is “the stuff” what is it candy, soda, chips? As I open the bag I see the look of fear on there faces and I get second thoughts about even doing this, but by that time it’s open and I look down.


8:26 Pm at our house


$1,500 what the hell were you thinking are you nuts damn it Jonathan you are so luck I got there first “what are you talking about we were fine I executed it with out flaw” true but your fat little friend forgot to tell you that your camp instructor was coming but I stopped him and I came, “your right I’m sorry”.



6:00 AM the next day


Did you tell him what we use to do “yes why” well I kind of wanted to tell him myself “why I thought that you did not want him to know” well then why did you tell him “I just did not …” wait did you not think that I would come back “I don’t know I was confused and very scared I was alone, and then you come in and think you can make it better by just coming back and say every thing will be fine damn you Max” what it’s not like I left you on any wrong grounds I did it for you and Jonathan for you two to be safe “yes I know I just got over come by feelings I love you baby” I love you too. She then gets up and kisses me she does that alot why or am I just being paranoid. I am very paranoid I have always been, that’s why I became so good at grochnecough a type of Russian martial arts.





4:59 AM 7 years ago rejnecoy mountains, Russia 


High in the mountains the air is extremely thin and it’s already difficult to breath and there’s two vultures circling around me (they usually only do that when something is about to die) and I’ve been out here for 3 days lost and I have only two days to make my 5 day mark and I don’t even think my body can withstand that type of torture there’s a limited amount of fruits or any edible plants and it doesn’t seem to be any non-poisonous animals but there does seem to be a cave over there at the edge of the mountain and there’s ether one of two things there one a eagles nest or two a snake so lets go see.


5:21 in the cave


All right yes just as I thought a snake and it seems like a Tai cobra very venomous, but the thing is its venom does not circulate through it’s blood stream like most venomous snakes, so all I have to do is remove it’s head and guts and… free meal, my first for almost 2 days, any thing taste good at this point. What the hell is that a heart and two names in it “Jerry and Melissa 4 ever” how odd.


12:32 PM on the only trail up


I’m recharged and feel better now. Well I suppose that I should explain, I came here to learn some sort of martial arts and at the village at the bottom of this mountain a young man about my age, (28) and he seemed pretty inelegant so I asked him were I could find the master of this temple he pointed to the top of the mountain and left to his hut.


5:41 PM finally at the top


“The lord is my shepherd I shall not want, he maketh me lie in green pastures, he leadeth me by still waters, he leadeth me down the path of raucousness in his names sake yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for thou art with me, thou rod and thy staff they comfort me, thou prapereths a table before mine enemies, thou anoints my head with oil, my cup runeth over, surely goodness and grace shall follow me for the rest of my days, and I shall dwell in the house of the lord for the rest of my days”. A prayer that I always say once I reach a goal. I walk to the giant doors in front of a large 13th century castle “more of a barrack” the top was reveled and two small guard towers were attached to the front wall and very large goblets burned fire on the inside, on the side I could see tiles and a wall made of brick which means that this was basically a safe haven for all tough guys looking for a home and discipline it seems (for that’s what I was here for). I call out for the doors to open but instead a small door on the ground starts to open (most likely that was used for escapes and approaching people on the out side with out having to open the giant doors) the young boy from the village came out and locked the door he looked at me with a hint of surprise as if he did not expect me to make it within the 5 day period, I suppose that he took a easy route from the back of his hut, he hands me a staff and says “I’m not looking for any newbie’s so here lets fight” I look at him with a slight bit of disgust but still with some respect I could understand why he was doing this, so I took my stance and waited so did he I walked towards him and struck his knee as he bent  he grabbed my staff and stuck it in the ground as he stood up I realized what Russian fighting is all about, he knocked me down with one hit to the back of my knees, I kicked him in the stomach and stood up he tried to hit my head with a wide strike I dodged it and broke the staff over my knee and had two, I stuck one down my paints in the back I had an idea, as I ran for him I realized how this plain could get screwed up with one hit to the mid section, I was almost at his side, he stuck out his staff to hit me with a kind of clothesline with his staff, I take the one still in my hands and hit his with it and as I thought I lost it my strength is not good enough I don’t need that one any way, I run past him, turn around, grab the other piece of the staff, and throw it at his head it… misses damn it. He looks at me with a smile like he just said “good one” I get up off the floor and run tot get my staff’s he tries’s to strike my head horizontally, that one could have killed me, I grab his staff and twist it, it hit’s his head and breaks, he falls down, I quickly grab the broken staff and put to his neck he gives up.


9:30AM present day


Hey Johnny how are you I tell him as I head to the backyard were he seems to be looking for a small object around, and as I head towards him I notice a lot of wood (all planks) and lots of tools I also notice that the trees center has been cleared of branches and leaves from that I can gather that he’s trying to build a tree house. “Hey dad, I’m fine, trying to find a screw” ‘hold on you are 13 right how did you get this much creativeness’? “Yea mom says I got it from you but she says that you would say that I got it from her” ‘well she’s right’ I told him chuckling slightly, ‘so as I can see your trying to build a fort, that’s cool and I would be honored to help you’ “sure come on I need to get all this stuff up to the tree to get the fort up there” ‘not really you could do that or you can make it down here then hoist it up there “and how do you suppose that I do that, I mean that would take super strength” I go to the tree and look at the naked top of the tree ‘I said “hoist” not lift so we use a rope’ “a ro… oh wow that’s so cool” yep but first we have to build the fort so lets go.


5:00 AM 7 years ago Rejnecoy mountains, Russia


As we step up to the temple I’m getting the double feeling of nervousness and great happiness because I know at this very moment that I’m about to learn the thing that will change my life forever, the nervousness has come from the deep, dark recesses of my soul. In the fact that I will have to sacrifice a lot not that I’m afraid of what I have to sacrifice, but about who I am giving my sacrifices to, like who is the sensei and what will he make me do, not that I will withdraw, I came too far to just turn back now. I step into the open it’s more majestic than I would have ever thought, the whole building and floors were made of bricks, behind the big doors a long stairwell, it goes up into the open air front lawn, its in a circle type shape two squares of grass grow on each side on the right side there are two men practicing there fighting, I look behind me and there are two guard post attached to the great fortress walls and in them are two very strong men with two very large spears, as we go towards the doors that go into the very big temple there is one man to my right and two doors to my left and my right and I guess they go into the temple as well but through two totally different sections, the young man (who was as I had not notice in front of me)went to go and speak to the man at the front door and told him something I could not make out (it was in Russian)he then took out a key and instead of opening the door through the key whole at the middle of the door he went to the column on the side and opened a very small opening in it and stuck the key in, and then the door opens and he steps in he gives me a progressive gesture with his hands and stops.


11:25AM present day


‘Ok so how about that’ I tell him as we prop the fort up right “it’s so cool thanks dad”! Ok so now we~ “get the rope and heave it up there” he interrupts me, no we measure it first than we put it up there… ok 18 by 18 as we wanted “18 inches”? No I give a small chuckle 18 feet “wow that’s big, can it fit up there” of course lets see its 29 feet long and 22 feet wide so yep, and as I measure it I truly notice how big it has gotten since we first planted it.



4:25PM 10 years ago


“So are you sure that this will grow to be 25 feet long and wide by the time he’s 14”? ‘Definitely and we can build a small house on the top and a Labrador retriever just like me and my dad did I cant wait!’


7:55PM present day


A tear runs down my nose and onto the ground I never realize how much I really wanted a son and how much I would miss him “ this is so cool, so we have the door and 4 windows so what do we do now”? With a gesture of my hand to the door Kelly walks through and just as beautiful as when I first met her her blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, her white t-shirt and tight blue jeans “now we decorate it” “what, mom decorate no, no, no we pump it up that sounds more manly” “oh well mister manly man fine we ‘pump it up’ as you say”. After almost an hour of ‘pumping it up’ we’re done and the fort is now a really nice place for a guy to hang out “this is so cool light, TV, bedroll, posters, table and stairs that go from the ground to the fort it’s so big, so can I stay up here tonight”? I look at Kelly she is looking at me with the same look like she has no idea what to say ‘yea why the hell not, your turning 10 tomorrow that will give us time to prepare your special present’ I tell him with true happiness “that’s so cool thanks dad” but she had a different reaction it was of a certain astonishment and confusion we go down and I head to his room with buckets of paint and a lot of protective paper I take out all his stuff and place the paper on the floor and the ceiling “what are you doing, repainting his room yea that’s a really good gift” she gives a chuckle ‘no I’m going to customize it so that its all his, my dad did that to my room I was nothing but grateful’ I felt bad after I said that I said it in a kind of snotty way ‘why don’t you go and call all of his friends parents to plain a party’ “a party! Max you cant just plain a party 1 day before the kids birthday” ‘just do it, look I’ve got it ok don’t worry’ I hear a ruffle in the bushes outside of the window I pull out the gun I got from that guard and point out the window, wile telling who ever is there “ok, ok, wow that’s so cool I did not know you had a gun dad”! ‘Oh sorry Johnny, what are you doing out of the fort’? “I wanted to know what you were doing in my room please tell me”! ‘No, get out of here go back to the fort and put the hatch on the door’ “fine” he leaves and we hear the fort door close “how did you get that gun”? ‘From a job, this guard’ “wait did you kill him to get that”? ‘No’ I lied ‘so go ahead and call all the parents ok just… trust me ok’? “Alright fine but how about a cake, balloons, and entertainment”? ‘Ok don’t tell me that you have lost your motherly instinct bake a cake, the balloons don’t worry I got it, and entertainment your looking at the 1st in class at magic camp I think I can entertain a couple of 9 year olds’.


5:46AM 7 years ago Rejnecoy mountains, Russia


As I step into the room on the other side of the highly protected doors there are 4 tables on each side of me 2 on one side 2 one the other, on the table on the top left side there is a roughly 20 to 25 year old man, funny how a lot of the people around here are really young, he was reading a book (seemed to be really important) at the end of the room was a roaring fire and a portrait on top of it looked a lot like the man at the table probably his father, the man at the table gets up and comes towards me his voice is surprisingly soft “hello, my name is Vladimir Kenofe,  and yours, friend?” ‘your way nicer than the guy at the gate, names Max Monroe’ “oh I guess that he fought you, right? well I’m sorry if your mad but you can understand right we have to test your skill” ‘yea but he said that “I’m not looking for any newbie’s”’ “oh well he is the trainer around here so what he says goes” ‘well who are you than’? “I’m the trainer for the major leagues, you’ll see me when you past the test of the dragon” ‘oh, ok so I have to answer to him before I can come to you, alright’ “ok do you see these two doors to my left and my right, ok to my left is the cafeteria and down stairs from the cafeteria is the armory were you can get shields, chest armor, greaves, gloves, boots, swords, and bow and arrows” ‘hu, uh excuse me but what do you mean I thought that I was here to learn to use the Russian martial arts if I go straight into using weapons won’t that be going to fast’?  “No, you see in Grochnecough we do it backwards so first you have to be graceful in heavy armor than we will take it off and just imagine how fast and how your hearing, feeling, and sight will be lifted by so much” as he started to leave I asked him this ‘wait how about that one on my left’ “oh right uh, that’s the bed rooms there are plenty of beds there but you cant sleep in the two rooms at the top those are mine and Viktor Derlecter’s rooms” ‘uh who’? “The man who will be taking care of your training” ‘ok’.








7:00AM present day/day of the party


  “Hey wow you have done such a great job he will love it”! ‘And how about the cake’? She leaves the room for about 10 seconds and comes back in with a big cake with the words “I hope you have a very good birthday from Mom and Dad” “so how is it, do you think that he will like it”? ‘I think that he will love it, what flavor’? “Vanilla toping and chocolate cake” ‘sounds and smells very good” as I turn to face the newly painted room I feel pretty good about myself the walls are navy blue his favorite color and on the wall above his bed his name in gold and on the right wall a samurai painted by me he truly love it.


5:00PM present day/PARTY TIME!!


As the 30 something odd kids are checking the fort that we built and he is telling them how long it took and how we were awake for hours I felt like a real dad ‘so are you done with the stage yet’ “yep and the curtains are up and ready are you sure that you can do magic good enough to entertain”? ‘Yes of course first the fire batons then I will do the mind reading cards’ “you cant read peoples minds Max” ‘no but I can look like I can’ “hu”? ‘Don’t worry’. “Ok welcome every one to jonathans 10 birthday party and now please put your hands together for the magnificent Max”!!! ‘Ok welcome every one and thank you very much ok now I will do a lot of cool tricks with this one baton which will soon become 4’ I flip a switch and both ends light up with fire I flip them around my hand flip it in the air wile people are looking at it I get a small sized baton at this point and grab the one coming down I turn the fire off and grab it at both ends wile spreading the small baton I turn them both on I separate them and continue that until I have 4 and start to juggle them. I finish and all the kids are laughing and clapping it feels good to make kids happy, now ‘I will read a persons mind witch means that I will need a volunteer, ok how about you over there come on’ a kid from the back comes forward and on the small stage ‘ok so what I’m going to do is read your mind once you chose a card, but first I will put 20 cards on the table they will all be faced down once I turn around I want you to chose one pick it up look at it and put it back exactly were it was’ I turn

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