Little red riding hood.

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Another little red riding hood story read and enjoy.

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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Submitted: March 09, 2011





Little Red Riding Hood (Hood)

Time. Once upon a time

[1]Scene One
Inside Hood's cottage near the woods

Mother. (hands basket to Hood) My child, please take this pat of butter, fresh eggs, and a nice cake to your grandmother.

Hood. (puts on coat) I'd be delighted. (kisses Mother) Goodbye. (opens door, walks down path)

[2]Scene Two
A path through the woods; animals and flowers everywhere.
Wolf sneaks onstage.

Hood. (slows and sits on a stone) I'm hungry.

Wolf. (sneaks up behind Hood) Good day, little girl. Where are you going?

Hood. (sweetly) I'm going to my grandmother's.

Wolf. (slyly) Where does she live?

Hood. Just inside the woods. You can see her cottage through the trees.

Wolf. Oh, yes. I think I know the house....Well, goodbye now.

(Wolf turns and runs off stage; Hood slowly walks down path looking at flowers and animals)

[3]Scene Three
Grandmother's cottage

(Wolf raps gently on the cottage door)

Grandmother. (in bed feeling poorly) Is that you, darling? Pull the string and the latch will fly up.

(Wolf opens the door, walks in, springs on the bed, and gobbles up Grandmother. He closes the door, gets into bed, and puts on Grandmother's nightgown and cap.)

(Hood raps on the door)

Wolf. (harshly) Is that you, darling? Pull the string and the latch will fly up.

Hood. (opens door, walks in, sets her basket on the table, and goes to bedside) Why, Granny, what big eyes you have.

Wolf (tries to imitate Grandmother's voice) The better to see you with, my child.

Hood. Oh, Granny, what a great long nose you have.

Wolf. The better to smell with, my dear.

Hood. But, Granny, what great big ears you have.

Wolf. The better to hear with, my child.

Hood. Oh, Granny, what great...huge...teeth you have!

Wolf. (in his own voice) The better to eat you up! (Wolf starts to put his long sharp yellow fangs into LRRH when the door opens. Men with axes rush in and threaten the wolf who lets out the grandmother. They put the wolf in a cage, have some cake and tea, and then pick up LRRH in their arms.)

[4]Scene Four
Back at Hood's cottage

(Woodsmen carry Hood to Mother and Father's waiting arms.)

Mother, Father. (together; hugging Hood)Thank you so much for saving our precious little girl. We will not send her to walk alone in the woods ever again.

Incident Report

Investigating Officer:
I. M. Nosey

Once upon a time

Taken into Custody for Questioning:
Little Red Riding Hood, 246 Forest Edge Lane
Grandma Hood, 357 Wood Center Court
Big Bad Wolf, no permanent address
3 woodsmen, all named Woody, Cutter Lodge

Description of Incident:
[5]On a routine patrol, a girl known as Little Red Riding Hood was
seen leaving her residence carrying a suspicious basket. She
has been previously spotted carrying the same basket, with
purpose unknown. Officers trailed Ms. Hood at a distance as
she headed through the woods. Approximately one hundred
yards into the forest, Hood met Mr. B. B. Wolf. Mr. Wolf
has long been associated with questionable activities within
the forest, including stolen property and disturbing the peace
every full moon.

[6]Officers observed Ms. Hood and Mr. Wolf briefly exchange
words. Hood then followed along the main path, while Wolf
fled the scene quickly via a hidden path through the woods.
Officers attempted to pursue the fleeing Wolf, but were
unable to keep up.

[7]Most likely destination for Little Red Riding Hood was the home
of Grandmother Hood. Officers determined to go there and
observe further activities. When they arrived, the officers
observed through a window all but one suspect sitting
around a table laughing, sipping tea, and eating cake. B. B.
Wolf was silent, caged in the corner of the kitchen. After
awhile, the woodsmen picked up Ms. Hood and started for
the door. At this time officers entered the residence and
started questioning all suspects.

[8]Refer to the Interrogation Report for information about why the
suspects were laughing, what was in Hood's basket, why
Grandma Hood looked like she'd had a rough day, what
happened to the wolf, and why the woodsmen were at
Grandmother's cottage.

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