The Sound of Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts

This story was written in 2015 so..... dont judge

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018



The blazing moon is up in the sky. And almost everyone is sleeping, except a creature who gets unleashed at midnight.

It sneaks through the empty streets of Albie covering the blazing moon with its huge wings. Searching for its next victim, so that it could demolish the flesh and bones or even swallow its victim whole. Even its devilish eyes are used to help the demon kill its victim. If someone stares at its eyes, the victim will get paralyzed and have nightmares about their greatest fears. In addition, when the devil kills its victim it makes a huge roar that travels and wakes up everyone in the village. They call it “The sound of death”.


Everyone was terrified from the beast. Everyone except for Wally. Wally was a foolish man who thought that he could kill the beast. He also believes in myth and legends. Even though people tell him that they are fake, he denies it and continues believing it. And in one day, wally was returning to his home after buying some vegetables. When suddenly, his ears caught a conversation between a man and his wife that talked about an old man who owned a shop in the middle of the village.

“I have never seen anyone who sells useless and broken items for a lot of gold!” the man said angrily. “He even told me a legend about defeating the beast using a dagger,” the wife said, “He must be crazy!”

Immediately, Wally coveted the legendry dagger, so he called his horse and headed to the shop. Wally entered the shop with excitement and desire to buy the dagger was more and more. Wally’s scrutiny of the shop told him that the old man believes a lot in legends and myth. Just like himself. Wally approached the old man and asked him about the dagger. The old man smiled and said, “This dagger was mad by a brave knight who tried to slay the beast but died because of a disease, he made the dagger out of dark magic with the help of a sorcerer,” “Why did you ask about it?”. Wally replied to the old man and told him he wants to buy it. The man directly started ransacking the shop until he found it. Wally asked about the price of the dagger and the old man told him that it is 10,000 gold coins. Wally was shocked about the price, so he tried to depreciate the price of the dagger. But his try was unsuccessful and had to pay the full price.

The next mid night, Wally was standing in the streets wearing iron Armor and holding the dagger in his hand. The light of peace was turned into darkness as the beast was standing in front of Wally, and it was time for Wally to instigate his plan alone. He ran towards the beast confidant and fear less, but Wally made a mistake when he looked straight into the eyes of the beast. He froze in his place, paralyzed, and vulnerable to the beast’s jaws. As he stood there, he was dreaming about being in a boat and rowing away from his biggest fear, a cascade. He always was discreet about his only fear and now he is dreaming it. He suddenly fell into the cascade and woke up from his dream, to find himself about to get killed by the beast. Wally quickly tried to stab the beast with the dagger, but the legend was a lie and the dagger shattered in front of Wally’s eyes. Luckily, Wally was agile and managed to out run the beast with a bite and a scratch in his body.

After a while, Wally slowed down, felt the burn of the venom caused by the bite, and started to see hallucinations. He could not see where he was walking, but he did not stop because he thought that he knew the village well. Wally finally decided to take a rest from his tiring walk. When he sat down, he saw a group of singed and broken skulls pilled together in one spot. Fear filled Wally’s heart, as he knew that he was laying down in the lions din. He thought about running, but the beast came back to his din.

The entire village awakes as the sound of death spreads through the streets.

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