Four Score and More

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Lifes Journey

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



Not remembered by you, earlier events unfold

Your first word and first step, and everyone’s told


Today is official, your mothers sent you away

First day at school, please don’t make me stay!


First fight in the school yard, teacher not pleased

Detention then homework, and grass stained knees


A brand new awareness, to your senses are born

The opposite sex, have an attractive form


First kiss from someone, not related to you

Was it really that dreamy, are your memories that true.


First alcohol tasted, not a flavor I like

Guess I’ll get used to it, try it again tonight


First date on my own, become more than a friend

Awkward pause on the door-step, is this really the end?


Not new and a bit rusty, with dents here and there

But your very first car, is treated with care.


That first time sex, Oh how the passions did burn,

An embarrassing event, to all those concerned.


First holiday abroad, only you and your mates

Night life and the beach, and hopefully some dates


The interview went better, than expected for sure

First job after Uni., and now studying law


First time the next time, a married partner in tow

But the girl and the dress, are the stars of the show


First house to be purchased, a placed of our own

Then reality strikes, 25 years for the loan.


We announced we are pregnant, though after some fun

First Grandchild expected, our duty is done.


First death of a parent, is a knife to the heart

They’d loved you and grown you, they were there from the start


First dentures and glasses, extra pound here and there

Your memory and dress sense, all lost without care


So you’ve done it and see it, in your four score and more

Now witless and toothless, the Nursing Home bore

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