Tears of Rio

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Favela Life

Side by side, above and below

Cheek and by jowl, favela overflow

All gone now forever, meadow, forest and wood
As clearings are made, on hillsides of mud
The draw of the city, brings rural to urban
With high hopes of a job, the futures uncertain

Houses erected, with no permit or law
Homes for the making, there’s 6 million more.
Floor rugs and cement, walls fragile and thin
Old packing crate doors, roof patchwork of tin
Electricity and water, often short in supply
All things up for sale, if you’re willing to buy
No air con to help, escape from the heat
Far too much rain, landslides in the street
Peaceful by day, and no go at night
Boys become men, they're up for the fight.
Sat dishes decorate, roof tops all around
Another wife beaten, without making a sound
Healthcare for all, if the money will spread
Goodwill by too few, life hangs by a thread.
Tours you can take, puts their life on show
Hand outs and the projects, where’s the money all go?
The rule of the street, is the gun in the hand
Rival gangs take liberties, ensures the fires are fanned
Child for the teaching, her lessons to learn
Escape from her prison, stops the roundabout turn
Media & Press, promote the devil incarnate
All classes look down, on the backstreet to hate
Tired mothers make do, with all they can find
Clean house and raise children, to their burden they bind
Children and wild dogs, run riot through the alley
A scream deep in the night, adds more to the tally
Rocinha rubs shoulders, with the very well paid
Only coming together, as mistress and maid
The bad and honest, are tattooed the same
Latin day Slum dog, generate infamous fame
Your own novela ,watched safe from your tele
As we poke a big stick, at Rio’s under belly.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

© Copyright 2022 The Sparrow Terrace. All rights reserved.

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