You stabbed me

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Hi, just something to vent my feelings. Stupid ex boyfriend!

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



Guess what, it's been a year!

A year to the day since I opened that email and you stabbed me.

You were my heart, you were my soul, you were all I ever thought about, and you stabbed me.

I'm sorry you said, it won't be forever, i just have to get right with God,

So was this god of yours much prettier than myself? You stabbed me

My heart was broken, I loved you remember, I had told you so many times. And you said that you loved me too, you brought me things and held me close, then you stabbed me.

Did you really think that I would not have been able to find out?I do have friend's remember.

You breaking up with me only broke my heart in two,

You lying and cheating on me shattered it.

When you stabbed me.

I did the Math, I know the dates.

You and her began before you and I ended. Before you stabbed me.

So you lied and you cheated and I'll never be the same,

You broke my heart, the one that I had given to you and you don't understand. You just scorn me.

Because it was you who stabbed me, not the other way around.

Was I not good enough?

Not kind enough?

Not pretty enough?

Clearly I wasn't and she was.

You really know how to kick a girl when she's down, don't you?

You stabbed me.

And even now when you speak of me, you turn up your nose.

It's been a year, boy I've let you go!

My heart is nearly mended, with the help of fantastic friend.

But even now I'm cautious with my heart, I don't want anyone to stab me again.

With the superglue of kindness and understanding they helped to put my heart back together.

But there's still a bit missing, a bit that's not quite right, it's the place that you stabbed me

And I hope one day you will wake up and see

every bit of pain that you caused me

and I hope you cry cause you deserve it.

Cause you stabbed me in the back, so you're a murderer

But i will end with one more thing

though it is flattering, please stop talking about me behind my back

cause it hurts, and it always finds its way back to me.

Cause you stabbed me, and now your just twisting the knife

cause you stabbed me, I cry because of you- is that unnecessaryto you?

Cause you stabbed me.

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