Final Fantasy X Guide

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Guide NOT Walkthrough .Learn about the sphere grid, battles and much more

Submitted: January 08, 2013

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Submitted: January 08, 2013



The Sphere Grid... Each character has their own part of a large grid. You must aquire spheres to advance. You will begin on one node.It will cost one s.level to move one space. On a node you will nedd to use a ceartin sphere to move along. Say you are next to an ability 'cheer' and a HP stat boost. If you use a strength sphere, you will get the stat boost. If you use an ability sphere you will get the ability, see?

Next you can go to other peoples sphere grids to get abilities. It is possible, for a character to get almost evry ability eg.Only Khimari knows lanclet and only yuna can summon...

Finally the Locks. You can later unlock these with ceartin spheres..... Now for the Aeons. Yuna can summon Aeons at her will to fight in her place. All the characters(exept Yuna) will run off while the Aeon is active. Yuna cannot fight. Unlike the other FF games with summons,You can take full control over the Aeon with the exception of Yozimbo and the Magus sisters... Once obtained you can rename them(like at the start of the game with Tidus). I was surprised that Bahamut was the final summon and was deeply touched. Bahamut, king of the dragons should get an honourable mention as he has been in every FF game(over 20 now). Bahamut is the best dragon of all time, agreed by every RPG and Dragon fan everywhere. His main attacks are well Attack and Impulse with the overdrive of Mega Flare. You will need him to beat Dark Bahamut or you will need to be extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemly lucky. Valefor, Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut and Ixion are obtained through the storyline and many more to be obtained too. I must add an hounarable mention to Anima.In a way I can fell sorry for her. Her main attack Pain deals high damage and Instant death to all not protected against it. Her overdrive Oblivion deals mega damge and aswell Instant death to those not protected against it. A very usefull Aeon indeed. Read my upcoming post to characters, monster arena and equipment strategies (after someone tells me how to actually do that. He He ha

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