The Pyromaniac Girl

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Girl controls fire people think she's retarded.

Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013



The Pyromaniac Girl

by The Subterranean

The red hot embers burned through Sasha’s head. She was having another vision. Her parents had recently started a fire in the fireplace. To most people, she was crazy, a schizophrenic and a pyromaniac. She knew the truth though. She could control fire in a certain way.

She stared deep into her fireplace. She channeled all her anger that she had ever felt into one massive burst of energy. Doing so the fire burned brighter and rose to extreme heights burning the stone above it. She knew that she had to keep her anger under control or she would burn the house down.

She calmed herself down at nearly the same speed that she got angry. The fire cooled down to when her parents had started it. She felt refreshed. Cooled down. It was hard to convince anyone that she had this ”power.” She had visions when there was a fire nearby all of which involved one thing. Burning embers. They thought she was a pyromaniac. More than once she had accidentally burned buildings down.

Even her own parents didn’t believe her. Sometimes it seemed like they didn’t even care. They neglected her believing her to be a freak. At least she was compared to her superstar athlete/genius siblings. At night she cried herself to sleep because everyone looked down on her as insane, crazy.

The next day she was at school. Then her tormentors would begin. She dreaded every day she went. She didn’t have any friends and everyone thought she was going to light the building on fire. Even some of the teachers were afraid of her.

She gazed forward down the hall making sure her bullies weren’t searching for fresh blood. It looked fine so she began the journey to her fifth grade classroom. Out of nowhere, her least favorite tormentor appeared.

“Hi, loser.” and so it began. His name was Steve. Unlike everyone else who just looked down on her. He enjoyed making her cry, but for now she remained stoic.

“What do you want?” she snidely replied knowing full well what he wanted.

“You’re such a freak.” Uh-oh. Her eyes began to water with rage.

“Shut UP steve.” she yelled, forcing down tears

“You’re a freak and nobody likes you.” he continued “You don’t have any friends everyone thinks you’re stupid and crazy.”

“SHUT UP ASSHOLE” she screamed as loud as she could, her anger drove her as her fist slammed her tormentor in the face as rebellion. That was the first time she ever swore at somebody or hit someone. She blushed, miserably.

Two minutes later, she was in her principals office. Her principal was giving her a huge lecture.

“I can’t believe you had hit someone and swore at them. Let me explain...” He said something about feeding demons of anger.

She didn’t bother to testify against the bully. There were very few witnesses and they wouldn’t have bothered to help her out anyways. She had to leave early and she was suspended for three days.

In the car her parents screamed at her


“..and Just when I thought”

“Doing so well..”

Sasha was quiet the rest of the drive home. She was infuriated. Her face turned red she had been filled with more rage than ever before.

They walked into the empty house inevitably, they lit a fire. Sasha was happy. This would soothe her anger, she thought. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

She walked closer to the fire. As usual, The red hot coals filled her head. he began to channel her anger. At Steve, at her parents, at the principal, at everyone. The fire burned high. It was unusual this far earlier in the process. She wanted to pull out but the fire was so soothing, so relaxing.

She tried to pull out but she simply couldn’t. The fire had burned with such an intensity that it blew out of the chimney. It was soothing yet it only angered more The fire is taking over. She didn’t know what to do so she accepted the fire growing burning... burning so bright........

Sasha sat on the couch, the only part that was spared of the flames. She stared into the smoldering wreckage that was once her own house. The fire seemed to cackle in it’s own evil delight. It was almost put out. She stared forward. No doubt her parents had died from the flames, and her siblings had likely perished as well.

She was able to uncover a single body laying in her living room that had fallen from one story up. It was smaller and it’s ashen covered remains looked like her younger brother. The unformed face looked like it was screaming. The cops would be by soon. Sasha still sat on the couch wearing a sly grin. she had been taken over by sheer evil.

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