The Broken Heart by The Terrible Writer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man is betrayed by his girl-friend and dies because of it.


The Broken Heart by The Terrible Writer


Look at her. Her long dark brown hair that flows like a river from the top of her head to the middle of her back; her dark brown eyes that cause your soul to melt if you look into them long enough; her face that even Aphrodite would envy; and her body had curves that went on to the ends of the earth. And when she laughs, the whole of nature just stops and listens to her merriment until it fades away. This beauty, this goddess, her name is none other than the beautiful Jacqueline.

“Jacqui,” said I, “I don’t how I managed to get you to fall for me.”
“Yes me neither…. But I’m glad you did.” She replied as we cuddled in our bed in our apartment.
“Me too,” I replied with as much love as I could put into the two words. As I lay there thinking about what I was going to do today she got up and started to make breakfast. I could tell because it smelt like her delicious pancakes and scrumptious scrambled eggs. After I had finished with my morning routine, I walked into the kitchen and ate the meal she had prepared- pancakes and scrambled eggs. I got my bag and was about to leave for work at the jazz bar I play when the phone rang, but Jacqueline got it and I left. As I left, I noticed a runner watching me while he tied his shoe then continue on his run.
At my job I met up with my bass player John, who was waiting a table to my left, and my saxophonist Stacie, who was the host at the current moment. After I had gotten my pad for taking orders and apron I stop, as I often did, and admired the restaurants architecture. It had a high ceiling that was kind of rounded and had chandeliers that hung down at each of the 20 tables on the bottom floor. The tables on the top floor had an option to have either a lamp at their table or a candle-lit dinner, most choose candle-lit. The walls had candles on them as not to ruin the dark romantic mood of the place, but instead seemed to neither add nor take away from the mood. At the front was my favorite place in the whole restaurant…. The stage. The stage is where I am the center of attention, where everyone is watching with awe and intrigue as my band and I, “The Nameless”, which includes me the lead trumpet, John the bass, Stacie the saxophonist, Micheal the drummer, Danny the guitarist, and Rachel our pianist, play our hearts out for the entertainment of all the people watching at 6-11pm. every night. And every night Jacqueline comes and watches me. Sometimes with her friends, but often by herself with her best dress. And as the night gets older and I get more into my music she gets a look of pride as if thinking, that man is my fiancé.
After I was done with my shift, which ended at 5 or 4:30 depending on who is there and how busy we are, I went home to see Jacqueline and to eat dinner with her, and there again was that same runner coming around the corner almost as if he was coming out of our back yard. I shook off that thought because there was no way he had access to our back yard. Unless she had let him in through the front! No. I thought as I should my head trying to get that idea out as well. She would never cheat on me, and I would never cheat on her.
After I went home and ate with her and did some other things with her I left at 5:30 to go back to the restaurant and play, and there was a weird black car sitting in the driveway a couple houses over on the other side of the street. What?? Never mind it’s not important, I thought and continued on my way to my stage at “The Devours.”
When I got there everyone else was already there and warming up. It was noisy and somewhat annoying, but brought back good memories of my high school years in band and also when I first met Jacqueline. After the flash backs stopped, I got out my trumpet and joined the discord until about 5:50 when we all stopped and started to go over what we would be playing and how we would open and close the show. Also how we would announce our guest band from the local high school that we let play with us once or twice a month.

After we got all that out of the way, we heard our names being announced and we got up and all walked up to the stage to the sound of clapping and some whistling even though it was a supposed to be a sophisticated restaurant and concert. After I talked a little about the songs we were going to be playing tonight and a little about the first song, we began to play a song called “Under the moon lit night” written by John who usually writes our songs when we want a new song written. The song had an easy melody that just made some want to fall asleep, and I saw others visually relax as their tension melted away, and once again I knew why I loved playing jazz. As our second song ended and I looked through the audience, I saw my Jacqui sitting in the same spot wearing her best dress with that look of pride and lust. And as I continued to glance over our audience, I thought I spotted that jogger on the balcony but thought no it’s not him there’s no way it’s him. Is there?? I soon put that out of my mind till later because right now was my time and my bands time and nothing could take away this feeling of being the center of attention. This look as people’s troubles just seem to disappear as we play a song.

We continued the same routine of- I introduce the song, we play the song, I introduce the next song, we play the next song, and repeat- for a while but as we got to the last song I gave the guys a sheet of music and they looked at me with surprise at first then with a look of admire and gladness and like they were going to have fun.

“This next song is a song that I wrote myself,” I said,” And I would like to dedicate this song to a very special person in the audience, my fiancè Jacqui.” I stopped and waited for the “Aww’s” and applause to die down then continued,”Now ladies and gentlemen, I would sit back and relax as we play for the song entitled ‘Jacqueline’.” By the time I had finished my group had already started playing the rhythm and was almost to the melody part but I chimed in just at the right time in order for us not to have a breakdown. The melody to this song is long and swingy; at the same time it had kind of a relaxing sound, but in the end all you wanted to do was just get up and dance. Some people did although the little space in front of the stage wasn’t very big some still got up and danced anyway. After the song was over, I looked over at Jacqui and she was smiling so brightly that for a second I thought she could light the world in the place of the sun.

After I had put my trumpet away and we had gone home and we had eaten a little late night snack and talked for what felt like hours but was really 30 minutes, we went to bed. That morning I woke up and slipped out from under her, doing my best not to wake her, and went and got myself some breakfast. On my way out the door to go to work, I noticed that same jogger, and come to think of it last night I saw that same weird black car in the parking lot of the restaurant. I’ll ask Jacqui about it when I get home for dinner, I thought, and went on my way to work. At 4:30 I went home to eat and I when I walked in, I knew that Jacqui was there because her Altama was there but when I called out “Jacqui? I’m home,” she didn’t answer, and I went to the TV room and kitchen, which are the places where she is most of the time; she was nowhere to be found. So I went up to our room and she was in our bed taking a nap. I smiled because I hadn’t realized how worried I was about her being missing until I released the breath that I had been holding. I put my stuff on the the floor next to our bed and crawled in bed with her deciding to take a little nap as well, and I was almost asleep until I noticed a pair of my work pants had fallen off of its hanger. I thought about leaving it off until I woke up because I’m lying here with the most beautiful woman asleep in my arms and who in their right mind would get up, but in the end I decided to put them back up. If I didn’t then and there, I would probably forget when I woke up and she would put them back up for me and I didn’t to cause her to do any extra work. So I went to go put them back on the hanger. I picked them up and opened up the closet all the way, so I could find its hanger better, and not only do I find its hanger, but I see the jogger, naked holding a pair of my work pants to hide himself.

This was the first time I had really gotten to see the jogger in close and examine his face. He wasn’t bad looking, but he wasn’t necessarily good looking either, but I was definitely better looking than him. He had dark black hair with a tan that looked like he went to the beach enough or a tanning salon. He had a hard face though with enough visible stubble to make it look almost like a goatee. His eyes were a bright blue brought out by his tan and dark hair. He had high cheek bones that almost seemed like any higher and they would have touched his eyes.

“Dylan!!” Jacqui said.

“What?!? Who?!? Why?!?”

“Dylan, I’m sorry it’s just......”

“Why? Why would you do this? After all the time we spent together, all the stuff we did? I mean, we were a month from our wedding, I even wrote a song for you! Do you know how long I spent working on that song making sure to get it just right?

“No.” She replied with a somber look.

“Almost two months. Two months! It took me almost two months to write that song. I could’ve just blowed it off and wrote it in two weeks or even two days, but then I remember that I’m writing it for you and think,’ No this is for Jacqui, I have to take my time and put everything I have into this.’ And how do you thank me? You turn around and cheat on me!!” I said as calmly as I could so as to make it seem more heart felt if that makes it like that at all.

“I’ll just be going now and leave you two to work this out,” said the man in the closet.

“You better had stay where you are or I swear unto what ever god you worship you won’t leave here unscathed!!” I said.

“O.K.” He replied, and moved back to his previous position in the closet.

“I wouldn’t have minded it so much if you had cheated on me with a guy who looks better than me...”

“Hey!! I’m n... ” He said, and as he said that I shot him a glare that could have pierced through the strongest steel and cut him off.

“Just tell me why,” I begged,” Why would you go and cheat on me after all we have been through and all the time we spent together?”

“Because I love him!!” She yelled.” Because I love him as I love you. True, I may not have known him as long as you and we may not have as deep a bond, but I still love him. He is smart and funny and just fun to be around.”

“And I’m not!!”

“No, you are, but in a different way. He knows what he wants. He doesn’t want to stop and smell the roses, he wants to get to where he is going. He is dependable. While you..... you are more easy going. You like to stop and smell the roses and are very romantic, but you don’t know what you want and you have no fight in you do determination. And he does and that’s why I love him, but I also love you equally as much.”

“I have determination, I have fight. I fought to get you didn’t I? I may have some of those battles, but I never gave up. I was determined to have you as my girlfriend.”

“Yes, and that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you, but soon after, that died away and you were easy going not really caring about anything and that’s not what I needed. I needed a good strong rock to lean against and to rely on.”

“Fine, but that’s who I am and if you don’t like it then I’ll just leave and you won’t have to worry about it any more.”

“No wait Dylan I’m sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry I wasn’t more.....concrete.” And with that I left for the restaurant; it was already almost 5:30.

At 6 we performed like normal, but it didn’t go like normal because I was still thinking about what Jacqueline had said, so all my solos didn’t fit the piece of music we played unless it was a blues piece which in that case would fit fine cause all I played were blues solos.

About 3 months passed and I got horribly sick. I didn’t know what it was so I went to see the doctor and he didn’t know what it was either so I was hospitalized. Somehow Jacqueline found out and came to visit, and she was married to that closet guy and was now pregnant with her first child. After she came to visit I only got worse. My fevers got higher and I felt worse every day. Eventually I died and to this day the doctors still don’t know how, but I know how. They said I had heart issues and that was what led me to believe that I died......of a broken heart.

Submitted: March 31, 2012

© Copyright 2022 The Terrible Writer. All rights reserved.

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OMG!! that was sooooo sad but brilliant!! i almost cried!! bit embarrassing but...oh well!!
keep writing, i loved it!! KMU ok?

Sat, March 31st, 2012 6:27am

The Terrible Writer

Thank you :)

Sat, March 31st, 2012 7:56am

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