The Ballad of Rose and Fred

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I wrote this about 12 years ago as one of my unversity assignments. It is about Gloucester serial killers Fred and Rose West.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



Fred dug his garden deep and well

Through clay and mud and sand.

He threw the girl into the pit

Then washed his bloody hands.


Girls they came and girls they went,

And Rose joined in the fun.

Sin and lust in hand with blood,

As deadly deeds were done.


Their children played in innocence

With death beneath their feet,

And no one knows what caused police

To visit Cromwell Street.


The sodden soil bore grisly crops:

A human skull was found,

And concrete crypts revealed their spoils:

More bodies underground.


The shattered corpses spoke their fates;

The rumour tendrils spread:

Perversions vice and homicide

“Who did it, Rose or Fred?”


The jury sat in silent gaze

At monsters in the dock,

Who passed the blame between themselves

Like coals that burned red hot.


Fred could not face life in jail;

Death was his only hope.

Guards found his body limply hung

From sheets made into rope.


Rose faced the music on her own.

Sweet justice was her song.

A life to while away in jail

The penalty for wrong.

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