Enemy To Fact!

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A poem for the Mainstream Media.

Submitted: March 03, 2019

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Submitted: March 03, 2019




Everyone’s biased, now

And too many have gone too far

Nobody wants to report real news

Just want to convey a subjected message.


Local newsletter, nearly every news channel;

They no longer strive to inform the public.

They just want to make money off of…

Fake disasters, fake people, fake news!


The truth lies buried in a sea

Of left-wing slander and unAmerican problems.

The truth that the country is improving!

Our president is good, left-wing is making excuses!


While they’re preaching global warming and false discrimination

We’re trying to keep this country American, safe from damnation.


Here is the near-elimination of ISIS!

Here is the fantastic economic numbers!

Here is standing firm on the needed wall!

Here are promises kept, promises kept!


Excuse me, journalists

Trump is running out of excuses?

Say that to the facts, and an approval poll…

Of 52%, the highest in nearly two years!


But what kind of news is that?

“President succeeding, America is great.”

How boring, that’s not as gripping as

Segregating attacks, slander, or a corrupted leader.


The once-victimized are exploited, the right wing attacked.

While those of Mainstream remain an enemy to fact!

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