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This is a short poem/ story that came on my mind one day and i got it written down to a piece of paper :)this is actually my first try on this kind of thing so point me out some things that would help me improve this story

Submitted: May 11, 2014

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Submitted: May 11, 2014



into the night, int the fog, you see a house somewhere beyond. You go towards it while looking back so none will try to stab your back
When you make it to the door, you open it slowly it's screeching though.You go inside, with the wall to your side to find out the secret they hide

When suddenly, you fall, and bats come out from the floor, you fell in the basement through a hole but you feel like you're not alone.

You look around and you see nothing but hte darkness is hiding something...
When you finally spot it, a creature... lives in this basement though it is sleping, you feel the danger.

You try to hide, and make a plan about that sight because if the creature catches YOUR sight, you will be f*cked... am i right?

But when you turn around you dont see the creature, you though it was there, was it a vision?.

You feel the air blowing behind you, you feel it breathing somewhere behind you

You turn around and you see it there, a huge dragon with a blue flare!

It is talking to you like its normal, it might be a sorcery cause it feels abnormal.

"I'm here to die" it says to you "i was imprisoned for years and i'm glad i found you"

"What?" You say, "you can talk and you want me to obey?" "I'll never let you eat me! , Ha you don't even know how to reach me!".

"No you misunderstood whatever i said !, i don't want to eat you, i'm well fed" ( i didnt know what rimed in this part so i just left it like this)

"I just want some help to get outta here, i think you do too, you cant even live here".

"Ok", you say "But if i do you promise you will help me?, that's because i want to live and get out of here, i want to be free so stop looking like a trapped deer (??? donno what i meant)

"So i see you want to help me, you see that chain? You will need to smash it with something valuable, with something majestic".

Oh i know, a golden sword is something majestic, it should smash it and also this one, i trust it. (Dont ask :3)

-the boy boy smashes the cahin in pieces, freeing the dragon from his neverending crysis-

"RAWRR", he shouts, "I'm Finally free yo get out, so i wil take you with me, as i told you previously

The dragon takes the boy out of the house flying through the air not even remembering their whereabouts.


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