The Girl with the my heart in her eyes

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This is a teen romance story, beware if you are a teen hater

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



The girl with blue eyes

by the unreliable ally

Chapter 1: We meet

I walk into the class, asI do every year, But this year is different. This was my final year, final first day of high school, and final year of being single. I have been single every year at this school, and I was really starting to feel like less of a man. Here at Rockford County High School, a senior virgin was rare and a social outcast. I was lucky, I was really popular in my class so my sex status did not affect my friendships.

As the first bell rings and I go out to smoke my cigarette and enjoy my free period,I see the most beautiful girl ever. Hershort blonde hair falling slightly past her chin. A blue high school jersey fits loosely over her torso and a skirt sways in the wind falling just past her knees. She held her books to her chest and chatted with her friends while walking toward the door.

As I sat and thought about this girl who eroded my thoughts, my friend jumed ont he bench and hugged me tight. As I jumped and looked shocked out of my mind, Melissa said meekly, "Wow, that is some way to great your friend of five years silly." She chuckled trying to laugh it off, but I could tell she obviously was hurt. Five years to the day he had been best friends with this girl, she never showed any interest so he never persued. You can call him weird for that, being that he had a crush on her the entire first year, but he just did not see her like that no more and he thinks it worked out for the best. "Hey silly are you listening?" I hugged her close and messed up her hair. "Of course sister, you look great today, you really changed over this summer." She blushed, then after realizing this she quitely hide her face in her jacket. "You must be getting cold little irish girl." She looks at me with tears in her eyes and walks away. "Mel!" She kept walking.

Chapter 2: The fight

I didn't talk to Melissa the rest of the day, if she was going to freak out over something I knew nothing about. Walking threw the halls, I start to remember my years here. The first locker I got my freshman year, following the next day by Julia giving me my first kiss. Going down more I see a blue locker with a dent in the door, haha that was were me and Marty got into our first fight, my head hurt for a week. I walk a little further down and see the... "Basturd!" Melissa said right before her fist caught the right side of my face. I slam into the walkway raling, barely keeping myself from falling over. "What the hell is your problem Melissa!" I yelled as I pulled my self off the floor.

"You have called me every fucking night since the first day of 8th grade and just cause we are seniors you do not call me." As she yells she draws ever closer holding her fist up for the next attack. I have been in multiple fights and I know how to advoid and finish fights without getting hurt, but this is a friend and a girl on top of that. After taking another hit to the face, I decide that I had to end this quickly. I stand up and charge at her, picking her up and walking outside. I set her down after she beat me in the back over and over, holding her arms down to her side I say as gently as I can, "Calm down".

As she slowly calms down and sits down in defeat on the bench behind her, tears flowing down her face. "Melissa Renee Anderson, after five years I miss one phone call and I get jumped in the hall? My phone died at work andI went straight to sleep. What was so important about yesterday." She looked at me with frustration, but did not say a word. "How can I help if you do not tell me what is wrong." Her expression went from angery to sad. "I... Igot to go..." She started to walk away but I grabbed her arm, "YOU never leave wuthout giving me a hug after we fight, so through up those arms." I caught a smile creeping up on her face. Being that we have been fighting, I could not let this bit of information go to waste. "Ah, there we go, a smile on a sad face." The smile grew as she bit her lip trying to hide it. "I am waiting." She jumped up and sqeezed me tight, I squeeze back and then try to releash, but she had not let go. I tried the pat the back and release my arms but she held on. Finally I realised that she needed this hug more than I thought so I hugged her and put a hand in her hair and rested my lips on her forhead. After awhile her gripped let go and we stepped away. She flashed her 'I been crying happy tears' smile and turns and walks toward her friends.

I sit down and think a little about what could possibly be wrong with Melissa when the blonde from before walks up and sits besides me. "Hey stranger,I saw you sitting all by yourself lookin sad and i had to come see what was wrong." I caught my thoughts, was I looking sad? I look at the beautiful inquirer, "No I am doing all good, i am just worried about a friend of mine, but thank you..." "Abbie. The name is Abbie, cheerleader, soft-ball player, and volleyball player. Lol but to your favor today is my first day here." She laughs as she runs a hand threw her short hair and lowers her head. "Something on your mind cheerleader?" I asked punching her arm and laughing. "Yes actually there is, I like this guy." Her hand landed on mine. "Oh first day at this huge high school and you already got a boy in your eye." I said. Abbie replied, "Hush, this guy has already to talked to me a little and has been really nice." She leaned over and kissed my cheek and walked away. "In fact I just kissed him."

Chapter 3: The Problem

That night I remembered to call Melissa. "Hey, will this save me from another beating at school tomorrow." I heard laughter on the other end of the phone. "Yes it will silly, if I can get another hug." "I think I can handle that." There was a slight pause, "If you can handle that maybe you can handle a kiss to." I busted out laughing, "I am sure I can, I got one from that Abbie girl." There was a long silence. "hello?... Abbie?" After a pause she says, "What?!" Her yell almost makes me go deaf in that ear, I say, "What in the hell is your problem!" The phone does dead and I lay my head down on my head rest.

The next day I wake up with a text on my phone:

Abbie: Hey boy, meet me on the front steps?

Jackson: Um... sure, hey about that kiss.

Abbie: Lol i knew i would leave you thinking about me.

There is more than that if you ask me out.

Jackson: Lol we will have to see about that.

*this is part one of many parts of "The Girl with My Heart in her Eyes". I will keep writing if I get 10 or more GOOD comment and likes. so tell your friends to see what happens!"

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