The Girl with the my heart in her eyes pt 2

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This is part two of the continuing story between students at Rockford County High School. I have gotten great reviews so far.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



Chapter 4: why?

I walk out side and slide into my truck. I am overjoyed at the fact that this beautiful girl has taken it to make my life the bomb. I was feeling great when I was driving off. I did my morning routine of turning on the radio, cranking it up, and checking my phone. With the eariler text messages of pure delight I didn't notice I had a voicemail.

"Voicemail recieved at twelve thirty last night from 'melissa': 'Hey, I know it is late and you are probably passed out at your desk again'" How does she know these things?! "but I know i have been acting strange lately and if you could meet me before school tomorrow.. or well today then we can talk these things out and maybe grab a bite to eat. Call me back as soon as you get this. I will be waiting."












*as you can see he has a huge descion to make. i know you will be mad that it is short but i will write again tonight (i write best when i am alone at midnight) so i will not write till i got 5 comments not includeding mine. you decide this part.*

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