The Girl with the my heart in her eyes pt 3

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since no one is commenting i will just finish the story.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



Chapter 5: The big descision.

Suddenly I realized I had a problem, I had put myself in a place to where I had to leave one girl waiting. I thought about this problem awhile until  got to the gate of the school. At this gate he had to turn left to meet melissa at there usual smoke pit or turn right to go meet this new girl at the front. He sat until the ignorant ass behind him started to blow his horn. As he shouted words that would make any mom cry at the red neck behind him, he turned the wheel right and headed to meet Abbie.

I got to the front of the school, I park my truck in the parking lot and go and sit beside Abbie. "Hey you. I was worrying that you wouldn't show." I chuckled, forgetting all about melissa. "Why on earth would I miss a chance to sit with such a pretty girl." Abbie leaned in and kissed me, taking my bottom lip in between hers.

Just as I was getting into the kiss Abbie pulled away. "Can I help you? Or is crying in front of couples the way you get off.?" Abbie sneared. I looked up to see a sight I never wanted to see in my life. There stood melissa crying and holding her books tighly, tears running away from her face and her chest moving up and down fast as she started running down into the school.


*inside melindas mind*

"Why. Why do you do this to yourself. You have been chasing after him for 5 straight years, you call him every night, and you even forgave his ass for standing you up today... But then you let him go and kiss some hussy while you just cry? Why do you do this? Don't look back, don't hope he is chasing after you, just keep running, go find a hole and fall, falll deeper and deeper. There you go, you can feel it coming. Your falling.. falling.."


*real life* Melissa runs threw the halls, quickly dodging all the troublesome teens that are in her path. I dart up and start to run after her when abbie grabs my arm. "If you Chase after her, you will lose me and all we could have."


As I am running toward melissa trying my best to catch back up with melissa and not lose her in the cloud, I can see her start to swerve, she is crying to hard and is starting to loose her balance. I run faster but I cant caught up to her, then I saw what was scary and made my stomach turn, she was heading straight for the second floor gaurd rail.


*melissa's mind*

"You just keep running, stay away from all of this drama, this hurt, this pain." she falls, air rushs toward her, the bottom closing ever closer, she knew all would be okay.


*real life*

BLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! A smack echoes from the wall and pain runs threw my back and stomach. I moan as i slam into the gaurd rail, holding tightly to the fallen melissa, who has been passed out from the shock of going over with such force. as I pull her up and hold her tight, i feel something in my mind I never felt before, I realized that with out her I would not have a life.

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