The Boy and The Garden Fairy

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This book is about a boy who was very very curious and wanted to see a man who SUPPOSEDLY could plant magical flowers that produced children. Little did he know, the man wasn't making these
children someone else was.

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



 The Boy and the Garden Fairy

The Writer


Once upon a time, in a far away land called Judan, there lived a man who could plant flowers, and these magical flowers produced children. Everybody wondered how that could be, but no one dared to ask, for they didn’t want to ruin the magic of the flowers.

Though one day, a young man, blue eyes, light brown hair, brown coat, black pants, fancy shoes, went to see the man, belived to be in his fifties, plant his flowers, and what he saw was unbelievable! There was a garden fairy, she had on a green nature blouse, white ballerina-like shoes, and beautiful hazel eyes, helping the man grow the magic flowers. When the boy tried to run, but he found himself stuck, his legs wrapped tightly in vines. The  garden fairy saw him!

“You!” the fairy said to the boy, “if you wish to get out of these vines, you must promise to never tell a living soul about this.” And so the boy promised and was free.

Later the next morning, the young man tried and tried to keep his mouth shut, but finally he went up to his dad, dressed in a black silk robe and white pj-like pants, and told him everything he saw. But as soon as he finished he vanished. He then reappeared in the old man’s garden, and the garden fairy was there as well. “Boy,” said the fairy, “I told you not to tell! Now I’ll let you go as long as you WILL NOT tell another living soul. But if you tell someone again, I’m going to turn you into a tulip on the spot.” So soon after, the boy was freed and he went home.

However, Dad was feeling quite intrequied by his son's sight, so he hinted to his girls that their brother had seen the old man. So when the boy got home, his sisters pushed him to tell. When he couldn't take it anymore, he told. Nothing happened for a few moments. "Ha ha! I'm still human!"No sooner had he finished, he turned into a tulip.


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