Cassius and Cailean's revolution

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One by one they came over. One by one the king marvelled at them...

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



It was the time for chivalry, a time for close combat. A time when people respected one another and honoured their accomplishments. There was no way to ignore those above you and there was no way to just disregard people with such ease as today. There were no screens to plant your focus into, no screens to control your mind. People thought what they actually thought instead of being forced to think something else by others. People didn’t prejudge others they waited to prove or disprove themselves worthy of their rights. People fought for what they believed in instead of believing in instead of fighting for resources. There was no need for oil, no need for money. People wanted nothing to do with others that were further away than they could see. People were caught a huge fight, one that would change all man’s understanding of the world.


Swords were impaled here and there and axes gouged into others. Blood was spilled everywhere, no pattern to their bodies, no reason why, blood entrails that didn’t need to be spilled. Bodies where spread across the field where poppies used to lay, they weren’t the first bodies there and they won’t be the last. Hundreds of men fought viciously a battle to the end; the victor would be the last man standing. There were two sides to the battle. One side fought for the King Gilchrist and they fought simply because they respected him but more importantly because he would be the one giving them a meal at the end of the day…and if they survived they could share life with their families inside the inner castle walls. The other side was all for revolution and they fought under the command of two men: Cassius and Cailean. These men fought for freedom from the outer castle walls that surrounded them so endlessly.


Cassius and Cailean fought close together ensuring that the other would survive. They had always fought this way and would continue to fight like this till then end. King Gilchrist stood at the top of his 10 foot walls watching the fight below with no knowledge or experience of what it was like to be amongst the fight. Yet still he raged, he turned furiously as one by one his men fell. He had been born to the throne and he was doing all he could that he would stay on it. The world was a lot simpler then it is now and everything seemed much simpler, if there was a problem then you could ask a fellow Arvellian and he was bound to know the answer to it. Yet there were things the inner castle wall civilians were oblivious to. The war was completely secret from them…amongst other things.


Cassius and Cailean’s army had dispatched almost all of the King’s unexperienced army. Cassius and Cailean’s army was made up of renegades and mercenaries who did all of the King’s dirty work for him and so they had soon moved from the far side, where the attack originated from, to the complete opposite side leaving only a pile of ‘soldiers’  left behind them face down on the ground soaked in their comrades blood. The revolution now stood next to the huge metal gate looking up to the King who shifted about nervously shouting at people to do something…anything…but there was nobody left but civilians who stood gormlessly looking at their King as if to say “What are you talking about?”.  This irritated the King, who was now sprinting down the narrow steps sword in hand. He stopped right in front of the gate, staring at it shaking with fear of the mob coming for his head as the on comers stared at him feeling confused but empathetic.


Cassius and Cailean’s army stood looking at their leaders with respect waiting for an order or strategy to spill from their knowledgeable mouths. The outer castle walls were a tightly knit community who knew one another and respected each other; they had become outcasts from the inner castle walls a few centuries ago when the King had argued with his right hand man and outcast him and all of his kind into a separate section. The right hand man and his kind had expected their fate and gone on with their lives but before soon the King began to order his soldiers to force them to work, and with the lesser numbers the right hand man and his kind had to follow the King’s orders. Cassius and Cailean stood looking at the gate before looking at each and confirming the plan. They got themselves comfortable by shaking their muscles and relaxing before the first chance to completely stretch in a while was upon them. The revolution looked at them in shock as they realised what they were planning to do. They looked up and then at each other unsure of what to do. This was their time to prove themselves…were they ready for it? One by one they followed in Cassius and Cailean’s footsteps. They stretched. Tired from being cramped all this time their muscles rejoiced in being able to move.


The King took a few steps back hearing sounds from the other side…shaking with fear he shook his head left and right. There was no way they would even attempt it…if they were coming through that gate it was from the ground. But as if to contradict him the revolution went over the walls one by one. The civilians ran jaws dropped open screaming for God. One by one they came over. One by one the King marvelled at them. One by one they flew…as men with wings.

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