It`s actually kinda funny

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Have you ever fell in love with a dream?

Submitted: August 03, 2013

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Submitted: August 03, 2013



(Dream) First of I need to tell you that this memory is a bit fuzzy. Keep that in mind.

Paris, Montmartre, Crapy Hostel

I was in one of those really small, weird smelling bedrooms, the kind of room that has a tiny shower , but no restroom. There he was looking perfect, laying on the bed just staring at me. Then I told him:

- "Would you mind looking away? Only while I change? " I said giggling and blushing, while walking to the shower.

- "Tits? No way! Hahaha this is something I wouldn`t miss"  He said turning around.

Afterward I layed next to him in bed, looking at his gorgeous golden-brown hair and his deep brown eyes, and then he said:

- "I`ll pay you $10,000 to sleep with me" He said laughing a bit and smiling at me.

- "You don`t have to pay me silly, you`ve got to earn it" I said hugging him and falling sleep.


Heading to Sophie's house on the North of Paris

We were nervous, my friends didn`t know I was dating him, so we were sitting there in the back seat of the cab going to Mallorie`s house and when we finally got there she hopped in and said:

-"Hey guys!" She said with her annoying sweet voice.

_"Hi!" We both said prettending not to feel awkward.

Then he just stared at me like asking me what was the plan? I shocked my head and lifted my shoulders and mumbling : " I have no idea". While Mallorie talked and taaaaaaaalked about some shoes she got on the mall, then we finally got there and we sat down at Sophie`s table (it was a BBQ), I told him:

-"You can stay here if you want while I talk to Sophie" I said with a flirty wink making sure no one noticed.

Sophie was there in her kitchen with Mallorie and a couple friends, so I went with them for a bit of shallow and superficial chat, eventually I got bored and gaze out the window, but then I decided to get a closer look, there he was the man of my dreams talking to... Who is she?

Oh crap... I thought as I saw her bright green eyes and big eyebrows: Eylin.



(Dream 2) Took me long enough to get a connected dream again. Enjoy.


"Oh God" I thought as all the memories came back, all the reasons why we couldn`t be together, why I shouldn`t trust him, why I had never let anyone like that into my life... It all started last summer, we all went to Miami for a vacation and by all I mean Sophie, Mallorie, Eylin, Sarah, Molly and myself. One day we went to the beach and some really cute guys came to talk to us, but there was one that truly stand out and of course it was Daniel. After that it all happen extremly fast, all my friends fell for him and his skinny abs, then he just bed them and let them floating in the sea, he used them till he got bored. Of course my friends weren`t hard to fool, except for one: Eylin, well I mean she also fell for his charms yet she didn`t let herself be thrown by him like all the others. But that`s probably because their "relationship" started 2 days before we went home. Then we all promise we would meet again next summer. Eylin and him never "finished" what they started and as for me everytime he got close to me I sank deep into my book till he went away and stopped talking.


While Eylin fixed his shirt he gazed at me as he gently left Eylin`s side, then he went into the house and told me:

-"Hey, emmm I`m going back to hostel, wanna share a cab?" He said in a rushed way.

-"Sure let me grab my pur..." I tried to say until Eylin interrupted me.

-"You guys are sharing a cab? Why?" She said pointing at us in a mocking kind of way.

-"Umm... yeah... we.... am... We are staying at the same hostel" We finally managed to say clumsly.

-"Oh right because last summer you didn`t really like each other" She said smiling.

-"Pffff... hahaha. Well we have to go. Bye!" I said running to the exit as I yelled "See you tomorrow at Mallorie`s!" to my friends. Daniel just lifted his shoulders and ran behind me.


Montmartre, Crapy Hostel, Room 73

We both layed on bed exhausted of a day of lies, so we just cuddle, kissed good night and slept deeply all night. We knew tomorrow was going to be crazy at Mallorie`s pool party. Right before we slept Daniel said:

-"Tomorrow we have to let them known" he said serious but with a little smile."

-"Yes, but slowly, we`ll flirt, be together the whole time, and hug but nothing more. Well nothing they`ll see" I said laughing quietly.

-"Good, you are weird, I like that" he said giving me one last kiss on the lips.


(Dream 2 Continuation)

At Mallorie´s on the next day


We got there all nervous, we jumped out of the cab and he hugged my by the shoulder softly enough for it to look casual and of course all of my friends and I mean ALL of them stared at us in a weird way. Which of course I was already expecting so I tried to ease the tension by saying:

-"Hey! So we brought some snacks, they´re not very good, but let´s face it it´s not easy to shop here in Paris" I said blushing more than I wish I had.

-"Yeahhh... sure... am. I mean YES of course! Thanks guys!" said Mallorie kind of like a zombie brought back to life.


So we continued with the plan, hugging, flirting and holding  hands, until we found this sofa far away from everyone and there we tangled our legs as we layed down cuddling, then he started talking:

-" I want to start a life with you, I want to have a kid with you, right now, I love you" he said smiling through the whole thing with that shine in his eyes.

-"Are you insane?" I said smiling and giggling a bit.

-" Of course not! I love you! Come on let´s start a life together! Let´s have a kid! Meet me at the shed near the hill in the backyard after dawn." He said leaving the room without hesitation and with an ear to ear smile.


"Right" I thought "Is this what I want? Absolutly". Yes, I wanted everything he said, so I headed to the bathroom to get all freshened up. But when I came out there was a whole intervention wating for me, Mallorie, Sophie, Eylin, Sarah and Molly all expecting arms crossed, judge face ready, Sophie started:

-"Could you please seat we need to talk?" Said Sophie calmly and with a baby dog´s face.

-"I guess..." I said unwillingly.

Then they all started yelling:

-"What!...Hell!..CRAZY..Insane!...Cheater...Liar...Despicable!...Disgusting" I couldn´t really understand what they all said. But I knew what they meant: " He left us all he will also leave you", but at that moment all I could think of was: "Oh God I need to get to that shed." As I saw the sun go deeper into the mountains.


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