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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 02, 2017

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Submitted: May 02, 2017



As guns fire, and wind howls after bombs were detonated, Ireland is at war- and nobody is safe

-Several Years ago-

Leon: Mom, can me and my brother go play ball outside?!

"I'll go ask him. Hold on!"

Leon's mother heads upstairs to Terrence's room, Leon waits..

"But moommm... I'm busy figuring this puzzle out! I don't wanna play ball.."

"You need to spend time with your brother more often! What if he dies tommorow? You'll regret not wanting to be with him, right?"

"Fiiine... Don't mess with this puzzle, though.

"I won't, don't worry.. Thank you."

Terrence, grumpy- walks down the steps, and approaches Leon, who is already holding the ball

Leon: You ready?!

Terrence: Whatever.

"I want you inside by 3:30! That's when supper is done."

Leon: Okay, mom. Let's go!

Leon and Terrence head outside in the front yard- as they play catch, they have a little chat..

Leon: You think we're going to war soon?

Terrence: No, why?

Leon: I dunno, everything just seems kinda.. Odd, y'know- the newspapers and such..

Terrence: You won't have to worry, it probably won't start soon anyway.. Though it probably will in a few years. We're both 16-  if it does start soon then we probably won't even be eligable to join the war.

Leon: That's not how it works, it's OUR choice to decide whether or not we want to join, I- personally, WANT to join.

Terrence: Are you crazy?! You'll die out there!

Leon: I always wanted to try out a sniper rifle.

Terrence: That isn't a reason to join the war! You can't just try out a sniper rifle and then be like "Oooh this sucks", no!- Too bad!

Terrence throws the ball on the ground, it bounces and lands in the driveway, and it rolls

Leon: Dude, catch it!

Terrence just stands there- eventually, Leon chases after the ball... But it's too late, the ball rolls into the road and gets run over by a car

Leon: Great, just great. You HAVE to ruin EVERYTHING, don't you?

Terrence: You're not joining the war.

Leon: Whatever- it's MY choice.

Terrence: Mom won't let you.

Leon: If it begins when we're both 18, then my mom won't have the rights to tell me whether or not I join or not. I'm joining the war, brother..

-Present Day-

Terrence and his group are in cover- as bullets fly past their heads

Lee: I'll tell you when..

...The bullets stop firing

Lee: Finley, now!

Finley moves out of cover slightly, and shoots at the people firing at the group- he kills all

Finley: Got 'em!

Terrence: Good, let's keep going.

Terrence, Finley, and Lee crouch-walk across the road, looking for water to drink

Lee: So Finley, what were you saying about your wife?

Finley: Oh yeah- She was pregnant, 8 months- They forced me to go to war because I was already experienced in this stuff. I really didn't wanna leave her when she was THAT close to having her baby.. I just hope she names him Milton like we both agreed on. When this war is over, first thing i'm doing is carrying my son..

Terrence: We'll get you out of this, Finley- it's a long road ahead.

Lee: Yeah, it'll all be okay.

Finley: I hope.

Bullets fly past their heads, as they duck down and run torwards cover

Terrence: GET DOWN!!

Finley: It's a sniper!!

Lee: Stay down!

A tear gas grenade lands beside the group

Terrence: Oh no.. We need to.. Err.. Move!!..

The group stay crouched, and move forward away from the sniper

Cough cough..


A bullet goes through Lee's brain- he falls over with blood spilling onto the ground.. Terrence and Finley don't notice, until..


Finley looks back, and sees Lee's body on the ground- he ran torwards it.. Terrence doesn't notice

"NO!! LEE!"

Terrence is too busy trying to make it around the smoke to hear Finley



Eventually, Terrence makes it out of the gas, and takes cover behind a stationary tank

Terrence: Lee! Finley! Stand beside and get low..


Terrence: Lee?...

More silence..

Terrence looks around

Terrence: FINLEY?!..

Dead silence, until-



"I got him, sir. Let's move."

Terrence: Huh?

"I got him- the sniper on the roof."

Terrence: But it came from the other way..

"There's another? I'll take care of him.."

Terrence: No! Wait!-

The stranger runs away, around the remaining smoke

Terrence: I'm.. I'm all alone.. Wait!

Terrence pulls out a picture of his family. Terrence, Leon, and their mother are in the photo

Terrence: I never got to meet you, dad.. I also miss you, mom.. Ever since you passed.. I.. I don't know.. I can't think about this! I've gotta fight.. For my family!

Terrence puts his hand on his brother's face, in the picture..

Terrence: For you, brother- Wherever you are.

A man peeks his head over a rooftop ledge, between two chimneys

Terrence notices the figure

Terrence: He's on the roof.. Must be a sniper.. Another one, though?!..

Terrence quickly peeks his head

Terrence: I need to move.

Terrence looks around

Terrence: But there's nowhere to move to...

The man peeks his head yet again, aiming his sniper rifle- Terrence doesn't notice

Terrence peeks his head up yet again..

Leon pulls the trigger, Terrence falls back, dropping the family photo- blood from his neck spills over Leon's face in the picture..


The End..?


-Several Months Later-

The war is still going on.. Many bodies fill the streets- but at one moment, noone is firing..

Finley walks torwards this woman- His wife..

Finley: M-M-M.. Myrin... I-It's you..

Noone shoots, they let Finley and his wife share this moment..

Myrin: Finley.. His name is Milton. Milton Ford.

Finley: You don't know how long i've wanted to hold him! Myrin- my goodness!

Myrin hands the baby over to Finley

Before he even grasps onto the baby, however.. Someone shoots.. The baby cries echo within the sky..

There can be no happy moments. The End..


For MS. S






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