the morning after

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in a way this is a story about a husband and his family that just moved to a new home in Russia at the wrong time. to find out what happens next read the story and hope you enjoy it

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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on December 1989 victor and his family were moving from there home in Florida to a new home in Russian. as they were packing victor phone rung it was a call from his boss telling him once he was in Russian he was to report to the Soviet Union base and to get to work as he hang up the phone his wife asked if it was the General and victor said yes he wants us to get every thing in the new house and go straight to the soviet union base for are next project so they finished up packing and left to Russian. when they were in Russian the first thing they do was unpack as quickly as they could and tolled there kids to stay home and do not go outside tell they came back and the kids happily agree as mom and dad left to go to work the kids cooked and had fun at home. victor and Sophia were very worried about what was going on at the soviet union base so they hurried there they find the general and tolled them to help the scientists out in labs to find out what this dangers nuclear weapon was but when they got down there they heard warning sounds all around them as they were walking down the blood stains halls they heard someone yelling help me please help me then it went quite and victor tolled his wife to head back to tell the general that down here was a dangers place to be and to close it off when he gets back up there before Sophia left she kiss victor and said ill tell him every thing that is whapping down here and be carefully down here and left as victor carryed on. as he was going on he seen a gas mask so he took it and put it on and as he was putting it on some thing jumped at him in his head he thought it was a person attacking him so he turned it over to see what it was and it was a zombie so he know that in this moment he had to kill it but it would not be easy to kill it so as he had this zombie on the floor he jumped over to this crowbar and smacked the zombies head in till it stopped moving then a thought came to him that there must be a care to this zombie outbreak so as he was going though the lab he found where they were testing this weapon out so he looked around to see if there was anything of use to find a care to the zombies then he found a paper saying important he sat down to read this paper and to his liking he found the care to the zombie infestation as he was reading it said that the general was the one that made the gun to kill and control other places with a army off the undead but as victor was about to leave he heard his wife yell his name and telling him that the general was closing the door to the labs forever so no one knows what happen here so victor started running to the doors of the labs but was not fast enough so the door closed and he was left down there with alot of zombies he did not think he was going to live

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