Lies, Secrets & Pie

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

5 friends are hiding a terrible secret that some unknown person found out about and its now black mailing them .Come and join them on finding out their horrible dark secrets!

2 Years Ago


“Oh my god… ” the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I was shanking drenched in sweat and blood.

 Blood! Blood from someone so special to me, but glad was I happy we got rid of her.

The words start to slowly come out of my mouth “WE KILLED HER! GUYS WE ACTUALLY KILLED HER!” I screamed slowly putting my bloody drenched hands on my face.

Ariana grabs me by my shoulders and picks me up. I tried to struggle but she had a tight grip on me.

I push her away but she slaps me across my face.


I felt so bad inside I didn’t know what to do. I just lay there thinking of all our memories we had together.

I start to hear Raphael’s sweet gentle voice

“Ariana what do we now?”.

 Ariana quickly responds “We bury her of course”.

Cody sarcastically asks “Where in your backyard with your doggie bones?”

She looks at him “Ha ha ha you’re so funny”.

 I hear Sophia get up and suggest

“I think that the woods near the highway would be an ok place to bury her…”

Raphael slowly walks over

“Yeah I think that the woods would be a great place” he agrees.

Ariana sits for a minute then agrees “the woods it is”.

She orders Raphael and Cody to go find a plastic bag and put Marie’s body in it.

 I pull away a strand of golden hair from her now pale face. Sophia tells me to get up.

 I watch Raphael and Cody put her in a black plastic bag and gently put her in the back of Cody dads SUV.

Ariana grabs me by the shoulder and tells me.

“Kylie Suck it up and please stop crying! She’s dead now it’s not your fault it’s hers she deserves to be dead! She treated us all like her puppets like if we were her property we hurt a lot of people because of her do you understand that? So do not feel bad.”

I look at her tears falling from my eyes and shake my head agreeing with her.

We get into the SUV everyone quite. No one even bothered to talk about what has happened.

 We drive for 20 minutes in silence. Until Cody turns off the SUV and yells we are here.

We all get out Raphael and Cody carrying Marie’s body and Sophia carrying a shovel.

We go into the deepest part of the forest. I hear the night owls in the trees the crunching leafs under my feet the breeze of the warm summer night.

 “This is the spot” I hear Ariana yell.

I watch Cody and Raphael take turns digging up a hole.

Ten minutes later Raphael places her body into the hole and starts to cover it with dirt.

 I look at everyone “What now?” I ask.

“We move on and forget what happened on this night! We take this to our graves! No one must know what happened here! Agree?”

We all respond “Agree”








“Hey Kylie!”Ariana yelled at me from across the yellow hallway.

 She stood there wearing her old time white puffy summer dress and curly blazing red hair.

“Good morning Ariana” I mumbled giving her a wave.

She quickly skipped over to my side of the hallway and gives me a big teddy bear hug.  MMMM she smelled like freshly handpicked strawberries in the early spring.

“Well don’t you look super excited for homecoming you twerp! I in the other hand am because I’m going to finally be the queen”

She cheerfully yelled at the top of her lungs so that everyone had to stop and stare at us like always.

“Stop being so loud everyone is staring at us like we’re some lunatics and I am excited for homecoming”

I tell her so she can shut up about it.

“Oh stop it you know you love the attention and great lets go dress shopping today after school”

She happily says giving me a big grin.

“Uh ok” I agree.

“See you after class bitch”

She yells happily skipping down the yellow hallway making her red velvet ribbon like hair spring up and down her shoulders.

I check my phone and see that I still had 3 minutes before class starts.

I slowly start to walk to class saying hi to people. When I feel someone grab me from behind and give me a kiss on the neck.

“MMM you smell like vanilla babe”

Raphael whispers in my ear.

I laugh “ha-ha thanks babe it’s this new perfume I bought I thought that you might like it”

“We I love it”

He picks me up by my hips and kisses me. His soft full pink lips touching mine mmm he tasted like cherries or was that me? I don’t care nothing can ruin this perfect moment.

“Get a room you sex monkeys”

Sophia yells clingy herself to Cody.

“I let you guys borrow my backseat”

Cody sarcastically yells.

They start walking off to their classes. I check my phone and notices there’s like a minute left till class.

“Well babe there’s less than a minute left till class. I should start heading to biology”.

I playfully played with his blue black hair. Oh god was he beautiful and his golden honey eyes just glowing.

“You want me to walk you babe”

He asked still holding me by my hips.

“No babe I don’t want you to be late. I love you”.

He hugs me and whispers in my ear “I love you too”.

He quickly runs off to his class. *RING* the homeroom bell rang like a fire truck sire.

“Fuck I’m late”. I murmured to myself under my breath.

I start to run through the ugly shade of purple so I wouldn’t get any more trouble than I already was. Right before I go into room 505 I catch I glimpse of someone starring at me at the end of the hallway. I couldn’t see their face. They had a black hoodie on. Oh well!

“Well Ms. Le’Storre thank you for finally deciding to join us! Please take a seat next to Mr. Stone” Mr. Powers coldly said to me and pointed to a boy I had never seen around before.

He was a bit pale he had semi-long black hair, but did I love his cat shirt.

“Hi I’m Federico Stone” he introduces himself and extends his hand for a shake.

“Well hi Rico I’m Kylie Le’Storre nice to meet you” I smile and shake his hand.

He laughs “Ha-Ha Rico?”

“Ms. Le’Storre first you come in late to my class and now you are rudely interrupting my lesson if what you have to say is so important then why don’t you come up here and please tell us all”

Mr. Powers growls at me and gives a cold stare. I hear a giggle in the front of the class.

“Ms. Lively what seems to be so funny”? He yells at Christina Lively Ms. WannaBeSoPerfect.

“Sorry nothing” she replies and stares at me.

Oh My God no one understands how much I hate this class and everyone in it ugh someone please kill me already. I thought to myself.

Then I felt Rico get up from his chair.

“Sorry Mr. Powers it was my fault” he apologizes and gives me a wink.

“It’s fine Mr. Stone. Just don’t let it happened again or detention for both of you” Powers snarls and continues with his lesson.

I start to doze off. I look outside the window looking at the empty street. Then something catches my eye. The same person from the hallway was now standing outside at the bus stop. They stick their middle finger up at me and point at me. Then they slide their finger across their throat like if someone was slitting it. I go blank and start to shake my palms start to sweat. I faintly start to hear Federico “Are you ok? Hello? Kylie?”

The words finally start to come out of my mouth.

“Yeah…I’m fine” I mumbled.

I quickly turn around and look back at the street but it was now deserted no one was there now.

The bell starts to ring to point out that the class was over.

Everyone starts to pack up and head out the classroom. I just sit there and think to myself

Who could have been the person in hallway and in the bus stop?

And what could they want?



Rotten Strawberries? (Ariana)


Today has felt so weird like if someone was watching me or something.

Every time I turn around to see if someone is staring at me no one is looking at me it’s kind of weird.

 I’m really starting to get paranoid or something.

My phone starts to vibrate.

New Text Message: Watch where you’re walking you can hurtsomeone.


I look up and see him smiling and waving at me.

“Oh god was he hot”. I thought to myself

I skip towards him and throw myself onto him.

“Whoa! There speedy Gonzalez” he playfully says.

“Ha-Ha what’s up Ralph” I ask him.

“Not much just shoving these books into my locker and you shortcake?”

“Nothing I was heading over to the bathroom” I respond.

“Ahh I see so I guess I’ll just see you at lunch then” He says.

“Yeah I guess so” I hug him.

“Well see you later hothead” he grabs his backpack and shuts his locker.

I check my phone and notice there’s only one minute left to class I guess I better just check in and ask to go to the bathroom later.

I get to classroom 505 and I get greeted by this short old lady with white hair Mrs. Frost “Ariana just before the bell rings like always” she smiles at me.

I get into class and take an empty next to Sophia all the way in the back of room. I notice acute blonde hair boy on the seat next to mine he looks at me and smiles.

“Hey there fireball late to class like always” she says laughing at me.

“Oh shut it” I slowly respond to her taking a pencil and paper out like it says on the board.

I look around the classroom it was so boring piles of old books from like the 16th century, a life size poster of William Shakespeare and Mrs. Frost small messy desk on a corner at the front of the desk. “God was she a messy old lady” I thought to myself.

Five minutes later after the bell rings she gets up and introduces the lesson and tells about cats, but I really didn’t understand what cats had to do with anything. About 15 minutes to some story I ask to go to the restroom she replies

“Yes dearies go on right ahead but just don’t take too long in there”.

As I walk into the bathroom I notice someone starring at me down the hall. I don’t give much attention it to it everyone stops and stares at me every once in a while I mean who wouldn’t it’s me!

I go inside and apply some red lipstick to my lips I also apply some of my new VS mascara that I had just bought the other day. “God was I hot” I thought to myself.

I start to get the sensation that I needed to pee.

“What the hell I’m already in here why not?”

I go into the last stall. I lift up my dress and pull down my white laced VS panties that matched my bra.

I sit on the cold seat that gave me the chills and made the hairs on my arms curl up.

I hear someone come inside. I stay quite. I try to look under the stalls. I could only see black boots.

“Who wears black boots? Gosh no fashion sense” I thought to myself.

A minute later the person leaves. I get done peeing.

I cleanup and pull my dress down I head over to sink to wash my hands.

I get out of the stall and right when I turned I look up to the mirror and in big red letter “I KNOW THAT YOU KILLED HER”.

 I stand there trying to process everything. God I was scare then I remember something from my childhood eight years ago.


*********************8 Years Ago**********************

“Hi my name is Marie” a small blonde girl with the cutest pink dress excitedly introduced herself to me.

“I’m Ariana want to play tea party with me” I ask and offer her a cup of tea.

“Would I ever” she happily takes a sip of tea.

We play for hours until we hear someone call out her name.

Before she leaves she asks me “can we be best friends?”

I reply “forever” I hug her and smile.


I ran out of the bathroom with tears streaming down my face. I look up and see the hooded person standing there.

“HEY YOU” I yell at them.

I look down and see that they had the same ugly boots from the girl that went in the bathroom. I run towards. But she quickly runs around the corner and gets away.

I stand there for a minute thinking who could have been that person and how the hell does she know.

I go back into the bathroom and erase the message she had left me on the mirror so no one else would see it.

I run out the bathroom and quickly run to class I had to tell
Sophia about what had just happened.

I run into class and Mrs. Frost looks up and asks me “are you ok? You seem like you’re scared as if you saw a ghost”.

I quickly and politely say “no I’m fine thank you”.

I take my seat next to Sophia.

“Ariana are you ok?” she asks me.

I look at her and take a deep breath “Someone knows”.

She looks at me a bit confused and laughs “They know what?”

“They know what happened two years ago in the summer” I whisper tears running down my face.

I look her. Her eyes widen she hesitates for a second the looks at me we a concern on her face and asks “Who is it”

“I don’t know” I reply.








“Ah” the cold water felt so nice going down my warm sore body the 3 mile run and upper body workout in gym.

After a couple minutes of just standing there and letting the cold water just rain over me I felt a pair of eyes looking at me.

I turn around and see Jake “Hey there don’t you look nice” he winks at me.

I laugh “Take a picture it’ll last you longer”

I look at him and wow his chest looked so great.

“Have you been working out Mr. Bertoloni” I ask flirtiously.

“Yeah everyday 4 hours. Thanks for noticing” he smiles and gets out of the showers.

I get out of the showers as well.

I watch him dry his body while I dried mine.

“So you’re dating Kylie Le’Storre?” he asks me.

“Yeah…” I respond.

“How is that working out” he asks looking kind of sad.

“It’s going pretty good I guess. I mean she’s a very sweet girl and she’s freaking beautiful” I quickly reply

“Well that’s good im happy for you and her” he responds in a mad tone.

Submitted: January 20, 2013

© Copyright 2020 theAiliketurtles. All rights reserved.

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