A Boy and his Demon: On the Run

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A boy witnesses the destruction of his village and goes to extraordinary measures to start a path for vengance

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013




[23:34] The boy hid quietly in the bushes as men rushed past. He could still see the flames from his village rising over the trees, and he started to cry silently. There Had been no warning or cause.
[23:35] The girl was up in the trees, seeing a fire blazing in the distance, wondering if it was a forest fire.
[23:37] The boy had nothing but the shirt on his back and the tiny knife in his hand. His mother had handed it to him and told him to run. He had not known why, but he heard screaming and obeyed. His tears streamed down and streaked his soot covered face.
[23:38] She hopped down from the trees and made her way over to the flames, seeing the fire in the distance. "[What happened..]"
[23:40] The boy made a small "eeeep", as something dropped down in front of him. He hunkered lower into the dirt. He thought of praying, but it was clear God had abandoned him  
[23:41] She looked at the flames, seeing the remains of buildings within it being burned. "I wonder if everyone made it out okay.."
[23:43] The little boy gripped his knife, his knuckles turning white. He could not hear the person in front of him, but he could guess it was one of them. Probably looking for him. He gripped the knife harder the tears coming faster
[23:44] She shrugged and turned on her heel, walking away. "Hopefully they did."
[23:46] The person walked past him and he jumped out with a scream "YEeeeaaah" and tackled her to the ground. "Thought you killed us all. Well guess again." He raised the knife over her.
[23:47] She blinked at him, looking at the boy then at the knife. "H-Hey I didn't do anything!"
[23:49] "LIAR! You work for them why else would you be here." He glares at her. "This is your fault. They are all dead!" he raises the knife again, crying still.
[23:51] "Work for who?! I just came to see what happened!" Fear filled her eyes. "I'm being honest!"
[23:53] He stares at her, panting heavily. Then he raises the blade and sinks it into the dirt next to her head. "I'm not a murderer like you!" he stands up and tries to walk but collapses to the ground, sobbing "Gone, all gone. Everyone is gone. How could you do this."
[23:55] She flinched, then looked over to him, and put her hand on his shoulder. "h-hey, come on, Let's get you out of here to some shelter.."
[23:57] "DON'T TOUCH ME!" he jerks his shoulder away from her hand, and crawls away. He shivers in fear then quickly stands as he hears voices coming closer. He runs over and grabs his knife and continues to run.
[23:58] "W-Wait! Come back!" She hears the voices, and sighs, jumping into the trees, following the boy. "I'm trying to help!"
[00:00] He looks up still running. "W-w-why are you following me. Leave me alone. Have you not done-" he is cut off as he runs head first into a tree and falls to the ground unconscious
[00:00] She flinches as he hit the tree. "That look like it hurt.." She jumped down, to the boy, shaking him. "Hey, kid, are you okay?"
[00:02] He lay there, a small trickle of blood falls down his forehead. He moans a little but is still knocked out.
[00:03] She frowned, and picked him up. "You are really clumsy, let's get you out of here." With that, she left the area heading back to her home.
[00:04] He was limp in her arms the entire time, his head lolling back and forth as she walked. He he started whimpering a little, but other then that he did nothing.
[00:05] Once they reached her house, she laid him on the couch, covering him with a blanket, and going into the bathroom and grabbing some bandages, and patching his wound.
[00:08] He awoke with a scream "Mommy!" then quickly stands up. He immediately falls back onto the couch, his head very light and fuzzy, he started to pant in fear.
[00:09] "Hey hey, shh, shh." She patted his head. "You're safe."
[00:11] He glares at her "y..y.you!" he moans with pain. "where am I? and who are you?" he holds his hands to his head. "wha..what happened?"
[00:12] "In order, You're at my house, I am Kelly, and you ran face first into a tree." She sat on a chair, looking at her, her fingers entwined in each other.
[00:14] The boy reaches for his knife for comfort, but did not find it on his person, and he starts to panic. His eyes go wide with fear "who are you really?"
[00:17] "I just told you, I am Kelly, I live in the forest, right here."
[00:18] He calms down a bit, but is still very nervous. "Kelly? you aren't from the village, why were you there?"
[00:19] "I saw the flames from a distance, and wondered if the forest caught on fire, to my surprise it was a village."
[00:21] He sat up slowly and started to cry again. "my..my...my village is gone, and so is my mama and the baker ah..ah..ah.and the teacher and my friends, and the old lady down th..th..th.the street and..and..and..." He can't continue as the sobs take over
[00:23] She walked over to him, and hugged him softly. "I-...I am sorry... I never had a mother either, or a father, anyone really.."
[00:32] He is too light headed and exhausted to push her away. "Le..le..lea..leav.." he gives up trying to speak and relaxes in her hug.
[00:32] She sighed, and hugged him still. "You should rest, you've had a rough day kid."
[00:33] He takes a deep breath "No" he slowly pushes away from her. "I...I ..I need to find the jerks who did this"
[00:35] She looked at him, "I can help you, but you need rest. They won't have gone far by morning."
[00:37] He slowly stands "I need to find the old witch lady. I know she can help me." he looks at her his eyes now full of sadness. "I'm sorry for earlier, I would greatly appreciate your company"
[00:38] "B-But you're still hurt.
[00:38] "*
[00:39] He looks around for his knife but still can't seem to find it. He shrugs "I can get myself there just fine"
[00:40] "Okay, I know a few things wrong with that sentence. One, you have no form of protection, to you are injured and can pass out any time, and three, you don't even know if they are still out there!"
[00:42] He glares at her "Why must you hinder me" he clenches his jaw and presses his hands into his face in an attempt to stop himself from crying "Fine I will rest for now, but tomorrow I leave and you can not stop me"
[00:43] She sighs, 'At least you're resting. I can make you some food in the morning, then I'll come with you."
[00:44] his shoulders sag and he drops himself back onto the couch, frowning until he passes out, sleep smoothing out his face
[00:45] She smiles softly at him, kissing his forehead to give him a small luck charm as he slept to ward off evil. "Good night, small one."
[00:47] He awoke in the morning with a small gasp, as the sunlight hits his eyes. He frowns and looks around confused, then the memories flood back to him, and he sighs.
[00:50] She had a series of plates sat out on the coffee table next to the couch, ranging from pancakes to omelettes, and walked in. "I Didn't know what you liked.."
[00:51] "I'm not hungry..." he looks at her the sad look from last night was on his face, which was still covered with soot and streaked from tears
[00:54] "St-Stay here." She ran into the bathroom, warming a rag with water, and walking back out. "C-can I was your face?"
[00:55] "If you insist, I see no need" he sits and stares at the food blankly
[00:55] She walked over, and placed the rag on his face, washing away the soot and tears.
[00:57] He scrunches his face as she cleans him up. when she is done he nods to her "Thank you, I guess...."
[00:58] "N-No problem....Say, what's your name anyway? I never got to ask.."
[01:00] "my name? my name is Richard." he stares sadly at her. "May we go now? Or will you force me to eat?"
[01:00] "You will be able to go farther if you eat..and Hello Richard."
[01:02] He sighs and picks up a plate of omelettes, and starts eating them. "they are good, thank you"
[01:04] She smiled, nodding. "Thanks.." She looked at the floor, sighing. "I'm sorry.."
[01:04] He finishes the whole plate then looks up "Sorry? what ever for?"
[01:05] "I don't know what it's like to lose a family, or a home. I'm an orphan?
[01:05] ."*
[01:06] "I see" he frowns at the floor "Well it is not your fault" he stands "Shall we get going?"
[01:07] She nods, "S-Sure." She looked at the dishes, "[Hopefully I can clean those soon.]"
[01:08] He starts to head for the door, then looks back and grabs the dishes and walks them to the kitchen. Then runs water over them before again heading for the door. "Coming?"
[01:09] She blinked, and smiled.
[01:09] "Yes, of course."
[01:10] He walks out the door and slowly walks through the woods, eventually making his way to the remainder of his village. he walks through not saying a single word, but the pain on his face is evident.
[01:23] She looked around seeing the burned things near her. ~Woah..~
[01:25] he continues through and walks down a small path. they walk for a about half an hour before the come across a small stone hut
[01:26] She looked at the hut, tilting her head. "Is this...where you lived?"
[01:27] He turns to her and shakes his head. "No, this is where the witch lives." and with that he knocks three times. After a few seconds an old creaky voice calls out "Enter!"
[02:02] She looked up at the hut, tilting her head. "This will be interesting."
[02:03] He quietly walks in, the heat from her fire in the back hits him like a wall. He nods to the old women in an old rocking chair near the fire "Hello Sheba, I see you survived" his eyes dead as he tries to show no emotion
[02:04] She walked in, not bothered by the heat, looking around.
[02:08] The old women cackled "Those fools wouldn't dare test me. Come closer Kelly of the forest. Now why have you come bothering me." she huffed. The boy stares into the flames "I have come to make a deal"
[02:09] She blinked at the old woman, her eyes looking at her. "H-How do you know me..?"
[02:11] The old lady turns her beady eyes to her "I know many things orphan girl." then she turns to the boy "What kind of deal boy, one with me?" he continues to stare into the flames "Not with you....."
[02:12] She looked at the woman, confused.
[02:15] "She is a witch, and I want to make a deal with a Demon" he turns and looks at the witch, she stares back unfazed
[02:16] "W-Wait, With a demon?! Are you crazy?"
[02:19] He glares at Kelly "Don't patronize me I know what I am doing!" he turns his gaze to the witch. "Can you do it?" the witch sighs "I can boy, but do you really understand what you are doing?"
[02:19] She looked at him, and looked down. "I can't believe you're going to this level.."
[02:21] "How dare you judge me! You have no idea what it's like, and you never can! I will do what I must" he turns to the witch "Do it now"
[02:22] She flinched at him, and closed her eyes, to hide the pain he just caused her.
[02:25] The witch closes her eyes and the door closes itself behind the girl, and the fire slowly dims to a small flicker. A glowing circle and a pentagram forms around the boy and a voice echoes through the stone hut, soft but powerful *Who calls me?*
[02:25] Kelly stays silent, not looking, or wanting to bother.
[02:28] "I..I did, I want to strike a deal" the boy whispers. A tall blonde man appears before him dressed in a white tux with a red tie. *Oh? what kind of deal?* the creature grins
[02:33] The man looks at the girl. "Are you offering her?" he moves closer to Kelly. "If so, I accept" he grins at her
[02:33] She blinks at him, "W-Wait, w-what?"
[02:35] "No. The deal is for my soul. You may have it to do as you wish" the demon walks back over *Oh really? what do you want in return?*
[02:36] She sighs in relief. ~That was close.~
[02:40] "I want to find the bastards responsible for the destruction of my village and the murder of everyone in it." The demon grins *Very well. I will be yours until we completely destroy everyone responsible. then you are mine. Anything else master, or shall we begin the process?* the boy looks up "What is your name demon?"
[02:44] the demon chuckles *Laven, now let us begin* the demon walks over to the boy and grabs his face. The boy is a little nervous, but it's too late to back down. The demon smiles then leans forward to kiss the boy on the lips. As he does a glow encircles them both and the pentigram on the floor glows again, brighter.
[02:46] ~This is...intereesting...~
[02:49] When the demon steps back the boys left eye glows with a green pentagram and the demons right hand glows as well with the devils mark. *Well we are now bound* he grins and the boy moves his hand shakily to his glowing eye
[02:52] She looked at them and crossed her arms.
[02:54] The fire starts to burn brighter, and the witch sighs. "Oooh you got yourself a cute one. Lucky boy" she grins at the demon the glares at them all "Now, GET OUT!" The boy walks towards the door. "Are you still coming Kelly, or do you despise me now?"
[02:54] "I-I'm coming."
[02:57] *Oh good, I have a nice view along the way* and the demon follows his new master out the door. *Well master, what first?8
[02:57] *
[02:57] Kelly looked over to the demon, then looked down to the ground, staying silent.
[03:02] "First we shall investigate the ruined village, then we shall go from there" the demon followed close by *Very well master*
[03:03] She followed them, not saying a word. "I'll just...stay out of the way."
[03:03] Richard looks back to her "Are you all right Kelly?" the demon pauses still smirking.
[03:04] She nods, quietly. "Y-Yeah, I guess, it's just....my stomach hurts.."
[03:06] The boy looks at her with concern "Do you know why?" the concern effecting his voice. Laven walks up to her *Perhaps I can help?*
[03:07] She looked up at Laven and back to Richard, before falling to her knees holding her stomach. "O-Ow..."
[03:08] Richard gets down to his knees and puts an arm on her shoulder "Kelly...?" The demon stays standing and says nothing
[03:10] She waved her hand, chuckling. "It- It's okay, I just.." Before she could finish speaking she threw up, blood and vomit coming up, along with something that seemed to be like a small dagger. "Wh-What the.."
[03:12] "What on gods earth?!" the demon just smiles knowingly while the boy tries to comfort her
[03:13] She coughed a bit more blood up. "W-Well that was...Interesting."
[03:15] Laven then bends down and grabs the blade *It appears to be a reaper blade master* we wipes it clean on a cloth he produces from his pocket.
[03:16] She looks up to Laven. "Why was it in me?!"
[03:22] *Probably because it chose you at birth my lady* he hands her the dagger *You are very special. I would hold on this one if I were you master* The boy looks up "huh?"
[03:22] She took back the dagger, looking at it. "That...is weird.."
[03:24] *You must have come from quite a family my lady* he stands back up straight and walks to stand behind Richard
[03:25] ~That's where you're demon..~ She stood back up, wiping the vomit and blood from her mouth.
[03:25] Wrong*
[03:27] The demon smirks *If you say so* The boy stands up with her "what do you mean?"
[03:28] She sighed, and wiped her face. "What now, Richard?"
[03:33] "huh? oh right back to the village" and he starts walking again with his new servant following him
[03:33] She nods, and follows behind him, eyeing the demon at times, trying not to stare
[03:37] Laven keeps looking ahead and smirks *Do I intrigue you girl?*
[03:38] Her eyes widen and she looked down. "J-Just never seen a demon before.."
[03:43] *We are truly not that different* he smiles *at least normally* then they arrive at the ruins of the village
[03:44] She looks at the ruins, sighing. "Must have been a beautiful village.."
[03:46] The boy stares glossy eyed "It was, it really was." he shakes his head "Laven, see if you can you find out where they went, the ones that attacked the village" The demon bows a little *As you wish* and walks off to find clues
[03:47] She sat down on some stones nearby, and stared at the dagger. "How did this not cut me open from the inside.."
[03:48] The boy walks to a charred building and gently places his hand on one of the burnt beams "This was my home...." he quickly turns away and walks to the edge of town, and glares into the forest
[03:49] "I..I'm sorry..But i can assure you, they didn't go in the way of the forest, at least not close to me."
[03:52] The demon suddenly appears behind him. *Master. I have found the direction they went, but I suggest you find a place to rest before we follow them* the boy nods "all right then"
[03:53] She looks over to richard, her eye twitching slightly, and standing up. "back to my place?"
[03:57] The boy nods "That sounds good to me" the two follow Kelly through the woods
[03:58] She walks through the forest, to her small home with in it, walking it, and sniffing the air. "Home sweet home.."
[04:01] The boy follows her quietly and the demon grins as he walks in *How homey, So do I sleep with master or with the girl. Or will I be kicked to the couch so that those two can share the bed. Oooooh*
[04:03] She looked over to the demon, glaring. "The boy will get my room, I will sleep on the couch, you choose wherever I guess."
[04:05] Richard walks over to the girl "That is hardly necessary, you may keep your bed. I will sleep on the couch again. He looks at Laven "Do you even sleep?" the demon smirks *Wouldn't you like to know*
[04:06] She looked at Richard, "If you insist, where is the de- I mean Laven, staying?"
[04:08] *I have yet to decide. I may just watch over you both, to keep you safe* he smiles for once
[04:09] "I don't need a body gaurd, thanks."
[04:12] *Well if I must be honest, i would only be watching over my master, you are a bonus so to speak* the boy ignores them and lays down on the couch
[04:12] "Right.. Please try not to do something...weird." She walked upstairs into her bedroom, and closed the door.
[04:17] He chuckles then grabs a blanket and drapes it over the boy. *Goodnight master sleep well* and tucks him in
[04:20] She laid face first into her pillow. ~What the fuck brainn..~
[04:23] "Laven. Am I insane for doing this, wanting revenge?" the demon says nothing for a few minutes *I think what you want is justified, and although your chosen method is bold and extreme, it is also brave, and one of the only choices to get you anywhere* he looks over to the boy *Does that answer satisfy you master?* the boy does not reply for he had fallen asleep
[04:25] She yawned into her pillow, falling asleep
[04:26] The demon smiles at the boy and sits and waits for the dawn to come.
[04:30] ((End ))

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