Omicron: A talk of treasure

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In a world of Knights and Dragons and such an adventure begins

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



[19:00] Micah sat in the back of the pub, his hand next to his drink as he waited. His eyes scan the room constantly. His face shadowed by the dull light of the fire in the fireplace. The pub was noisy and stank of men and ale. He drummed his fingers on the table in impatience

[19:03] After a few more minutes of waiting a women sat down across from him. "Sorry I'm so late" she pulls a slip of parchment from a small satchel at her side. Micah took and and looked it over, his brow raising as he read on

[19:05] He places the paper down and clears his throat. "So, Falknen is it?" she rolls her eyes "Yes I suppose, but I prefer Jill"

[19:07] "All right. Jill. This quest is dangerous. I can not guarantee your safety" she grins and leans closer to him "Don't think I am in need of protection, I am well versed in the art of the sword"

[19:23] "I believe you" he smiles at her then looks down "Now about this quest. The whole point is to find the Dragon that has been dwelling in Death Mountain, and terrorizing nearby towns. Once we find it we slay it and take anything we find"

[19:26] Jill's grin widens "Sounds like a fair quest to me. What is my share?" Micah glares at her, then smiles "There is no pulling anything over you"

[19:30] The noise in the pub seems to grow louder but the two ignore it. "How much do you think is fair?" she thinks this over. "I think what ever I can carry should be fair" Micah nods

[19:32] "What all lies within our path?" she looks at him with a concerned look

[19:37] "Well. all i know of is the Misty Woods. It leads all the way up to Death Mountain." he scratches his chin. "And there should only be minor beasts along the way"

[19:37] Jill laughed a little and clapped her hands "Yay! when do we get started?"

[19:38] Micah stares at her a little concerned "Calm down would you. I don't want a bunch others to hear about this"

[19:39] She quickly moves her hands to her mouth "Sorry, I just haven't been on a quest yet. It seems very exciting"

[19:40] just then a man behind them stumbles over very drunk. "did I hear summin abou a quest?" his words very slurred. He places a large hand on Jill's shoulder

[19:41] Micah glares up at the man "Frankly its none of your business sir"

[19:42] "is tha so ya little brat?" his hands move lower down Jill's body, trying to feel her up.

[19:43] Jill grabs the man's hand and flips him over her shoulder and he crashes into the table. Then two of his buddies jump up and walk towards Jill.

[19:45] Micah Jumps back from the table and quickly pulls out a dagger, stabbing the man in the hand "Oye, Hands to yourself mate" the man screaming in pain. his two buddies then turn to him and shove aside some chairs, knocking over another mans drink

[19:45] The man stands up and balls his fist, socking the other man in the jaw "You gonna pay for that dult?"

[19:47] Soon every man in the pub is flipping tables and smashing chairs over each other. Yelling at each other over any little thing

[19:48] Jill steps back to avoid a chair and looks to micah "they're all mad" Micah nods and then shakes his head. "This is why I detest Ale. nothing but water for me."

[19:51] A rather small man stumbles in their direction, then attempts to swing at them. Jill stick her foot out and the man's foot catches it and he falls face first into the ground.

[19:53] Suddenly the door bursts open and two Knights of his Majesty's Royal Army walk in dressed in full armor "Enough!"

[19:54] The whole room stops moving. some men were in middle of punching another man. Micah jumps and slowly tries to sneak away.

[19:55] "Who started this tussle!" and every man proceeds to point in Micah's direction, even Jill. he glares at her "What?! I'm just being honest"

[19:57] The two Knights follow the fingers and smile "Well well Mr Frost, it seems every time there is trouble. You are its source" they walk forward and grabs his arm and walks him out. the other knight grabs Jill and follows the first Knight

[20:08] Jill looks over at Micah "How do these guys know you so well?"

[20:09] Micah stares straight ahead "Why don't these fine gentlemen tell you"

[20:09] The two Knights laugh and keep walking them towards the catsle

[20:10] Jill humphs "I don't see what's so funny. It was a simple question"

[20:12] The Knight carrying her stops laughing "It's because Mr Frost here has been in trouble with his Highness for almost all his life." The other Knight stops laughing and shakes Micah "This time your going in the dungeon boy. Maybe then you will learn your lesson"

[20:18] Micah glares at the Knight "You know you didn't even ask me if I did anything. you just assumed I did"

[20:19] "Oh please" the Knight smirks at him. "Even your girlfriend here ratted you out"

[20:20] Jill kicks the guard in the shin "I am not his anything jackass, I'd appreciate it if stopped assuming things" the guard feels nothing as he is protected by the armor

[20:21] "Well missy. We were just going to let you go, but now you have assault of an officer. You can join your boyfriend in the dungeons"

[20:22] Jill sighs "oh well, I guess this puts a pause on our plan, eh?"

[20:25] Micah grits his teeth, not saying anything. He was used to these morons, and sadly they remember everything they hear.

[20:26] Jill and Micah's mood get worse and worse as the castle gets closer and closer

[20:28] As they are pushed through the castle, onlookers shake their heads, recognizing Micah. This happens until they reach the lower levels

[20:29] Jill notices everyone staring at them "How do they know you?" \\

[20:31] Micah glares at the floor "Let's just say I have been here many times before" they reach the dungeons and Micah sighs "although not in these parts

[20:31] "

[20:33] The Knights walk to the back and unlock a cell "I think a couple nights aught to do" then they both toss them in. he locks the door and walks away.

[20:34] Micah walks over to the bed and sits down "Why do they have to be such stuck up assholes?"

[20:35] Jill follows him to the bed and sits beside him. "Maybe they get paid to much?"

[20:36] He lays down and faces the wall "Doesn't matter, we have to think of a way out of here" he sighs

[20:39] She scratches the back of her head and shrugs and mumbles to herself *Whatever* then thinks for a second. She lays down as well, and he moves further away from her and she frowns. "Well I am all for thinking of a way tomorrow"

[20:40] "Yes" is all he says and he closes his eyes and says nothing for the rest of the night

[20:41] Jill crosses her arms and closes her eyes as well mumbling something along the lines of *Stupid idiot*

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