the protector of gangman city

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it's a 3 page short story about an assassin women.

Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



SIlent footsteps tap at the ceiling above me. I stand tall and thin back pressed close to the paper wall behind me. I silently ready my twin daggers and slowly creep up the dark wooden stairs. I come to the top of the stairs and see the person I heard above me was nowhere to be seen. I stand up tall again and keep my blades at my side, my braids flowing softly around my body as the open window near by lets the chilly wind from the north dance around my body. My cloths are their signature crimson, a backless dress with a strap around my chest and slits up the sides to my hips. I wear bands up my legs to mid thigh and flat black shoes. My name is Anna, The best assassin in Gangnam city.

It all began long ago, so long now I feel as if it were a faint dream a child stirs from in their sleep and soon forgets as sleep again overcomes them. I was younger than ten when the clan I was adopted into fell. The Homura clan took our land and our heritage. I never got over that day. The main problem were the boys of the Homura clan. They always seemed to get in my way.There were four boys, and four of the five dragons from the temple of the 5 dragons claimed a boy as their kin and taught them the dragon essences. The temple of the dragon has the earth, wind fire, water, and death. The four boys got all got marked by the element dragons. No one had gotten the mark of the crimson dragon or, death dragon.

The wind howled from all around me and I again hear the faint footsteps of feet all around me. I knew I would have to avoid detection. They seemed to be all around me, All but that open window. I look over the window slowly to make sure no one is below me or above me. The bottom of the building is about twenty feet from me, filled with zen gardens and wonderful bushes cut in wondrous shapes like dolphins and dragons. I jump off the window sill to the ground about twenty feet below, landing silently. I begin my walk through the gardens, using the moonlight, trees, bushes as cover as I move. My goal is in sight. The endlessly tall tower where the king lives.

The whole thing started very long ago. Take an artifact from the Temple of the five dragons. It was a strange request, But I complied. How foolish I was back then. I began to walk through the halls of the temple looking for a golden eye. The basement was dark and smelled of incense sticks.A wooden apple sort of smell. The walls were clean and made of a polished stones,a gentle white and the floors a deep black. I remember my soft footsteps tapping on the stone floors, gently, as if a mouse were scampering across the floor.The symbol of yin and yang painted into a paper screen on the other side of the room. Candles flickered and danced around,they were freshly lit and that should have been a warning for me that someone was there. I started toward the eye when a voice echos off the clean stone walls like a brass gong. It was from the other side of the paper wall. Out came one of the boys from the Homura clan. He spoke again “Where are you going to run to now?” I stare at the boy, daggers drawn and looking up and down his person for weapons and judging his strength. He wore a blue hakama with gold trim and black arm braces and shoes. His hair was done in a ponytail at his back, hair brown like mine. When I failed to respond, he called again in a gentle, yet strong voice “Are you listening to me?” I stood still my blood pulsing with rage. Behind me the other three brothers attacked and I was subdued. Something happened to me, maybe a drug , but the next thing I know I am sitting in a unfamiliar room with the same brother that was standing by the paper wall in the corner watching me, his silver eyes never seeming to blink.

“Where am I?” I ask as I sit up. I watch the man walk to the window and he says three words that break my world,

“You are home.” I look at him jaw set tight and eyes full of disdain.

“This will never be my home!” I growl lowly at him. He kneels his face about a foot from mine

“Then why has the the crimson dragon marked you?” I looked at him like he was confused and he simply touches my left shoulder and I look at it to see the red dragon mark.“We were going to kill you in that temple, But you fainted and starting glowing. We saw the mark appear and knew killing the dragons of deaths kin would be the end of us all.” He stated simply and stood going back to the window.

“That does not make us family, you know this right?” I say in a snarky tone annoyed at this whole thing. He laughs softly

“For someone who runs the streets I thought you would be more aware. The king has sent guards to that temple on their weekly patrol. Once he found there was a fifth dragon child he feared for the city. The last mark the crimson dragon placed was on a selfish man who abused his power and tore the valley apart. We were there when his guards found the mark. We escaped but he has called war on us, the other dragon children for saving you.” I stare at him again having a hard time really being able to understand what he is saying. He must have picked up on my utter confusion and turns to me again “We must fight together if we hope to stop the king. The fate of our lives depends on it , please let down your anger to our family, and to my brothers and I. We need you.”

The guards pass by without so much as a glace at the tree tops. I am now eighteen and have spent three years mapping out the kings home.  As I move from tree to tree I see four other figures. Without much effort I see they are the 4 other dragon children. I dart ahead and they split off in two groups of two and run off to the north and south of the building. I approach the entrance to the palace and see guards to no surprise. I simply wait for them to turn to talk and then pass them silently.

“Why did you save me? Surely having the king kill me would not be your doing and you would have me gone for good.”

He sighs “If only it would have been so easy. Dragon children has a sort of connection that runs deeper than blood and bones. The dragons themselves work to keep the world in order, and as such anyone marked by the dragons have the same ideals. The dragons themselves are very close and as such the children of them are as well. “You should know my name, I am Lee, I bare the mark of the water dragon. My brother hantro is wind , Riki is fire, and Smith is earth.I feel a strong wind at my side from the open window and I blink and all 4 boys stand bowing to me. I shake my head

“No need to bow.” I turn to look at the other three boys, Riki has long red hair that he wears in a bun on his head, dark brown eyes, and wears the same kimono as the rest but a bright red is the color. He was taller the me I’d guess about five foot eleven and was very well build.He looked younger than the rest. Hantro has silver hair long and tied in a low loose braid. He is wearing a tight pant and top, all painted with silver and white. I guess baggy cloths could be a problem for wind slingers. He also had silver eyes and was very tall and pale. Smith right off the bat was the oddest as he had short hair that was brown but went pink at the tips. He had feathers for a neck tier and wore a strange kimono with the bottom cut like cape with a bird print that was blue and green in color. He looked very flamboyant. He was slim but had sharp features and green eyes.

I walked along the paths to the castle doors only hiding when I hear voices or strange sounds. My brothers and I have been in this palace many times and know the ways in and out. Tonight would be the last time I hoped. My job was to distract the guards. I walk to the gates and stand there with a smile

“Anyone home?” I taunt and the guards give chase. I run at a pace that Is not my full speed. I can stay ahead of them but just out of reach. I have them chase me for what was five minutes max before I hear a whistle and look above me to see the brothers riding a wind current. I smile knowing that’s my cue to leave. I break out to a full sprint and lose my pursuers with ease. I meet them in a secluded garden and the five of us ride back to our home as they tell how they ended the king's reign. It would seem I was one of the five protectors of Gongmen city.

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